Sunday, April 28, 2013

Waterfalls list

Annjoo : at new low ... 1.19.

MAS : Back to go below 70cents ... a recent shot up to go above 80cents was for last distributions of funds exiting MAS ... and now, we shall see 50cents?

Sendai : shot up from 1.10 levels to 1.40 levels ... in short goreng period. back to 1.09, low ... will it break 1.09 for the new low?

Smartag : No longer smart as the stock plunged, broken 0.125 ... and at 0.10 now. i do remember it was hotly spoken in i3 forum when it was at 0.20 levels(i think). Since I no longer in the forum, i do not follow on what's happening to many who might bought into it due to someone harping on it? Hope they have exited with a cut-loss.

with KNM posted recently ... many more in new low, tho KLCI at new high. Will you bottom fish?


Friday, April 26, 2013

Stock Watch : KNM

KNM : Going back to the low ... will it breaks below 0.44?

Dear YungShen

Sorry for late reply. I do not have time to look into other things. Busy listening to political talks. Anyway, here is KNM for you.

First of all, KNM was a very speculative stocks years back when I was new in KLSE. I ride the roller coaster and out of hell ... in KNM. You may find one of the old post, and I learnt about speculative stocks since then. So, I will avoid such 'empty' stocks ... and focus in trading only good fundamental stocks, or at least some biz-related to the counters, not purely speculative.

OK ... how do we know it is speculative? Hmm ... most of the time, these stocks will be gorenged up with extreme high volumes ... making it one of the most actively traded counter of the day or even for a week. Then, a check on its fundamental, most of these counters making losses after losses ... with a simple research, one may find that some GOOD news were speculated in the media ... and perhaps, when the CEO was out to 'sell' some good news to investors ... it is time to get OUT. If one is in market, we just know a counter is speculative. And when we have the knowledge, we no longer talk about which one is speculative but we check on HOW and WHEN it will be manipulated again. UMA will not give any effect most of the time. UMA is for the formality of events.

So ... KNM is speculative, no doubt.

KNM has nothing much to do with world's crude oil prices. No correlation here, tho if you read some analysis in some papers or some people might tell you that ... that is what the market operators want the retailers to believe. In a way, when oil prices surge ... they could use that as a good factor to push the prices up by providing this good-news, making the sentiment bullish again in the stocks they want to operate.

Can KNM making a turn-around and shoot back to RM1 or RM2.50? Not in near future here, not fundamentally. We are asking if they want to goreng KNM again ... and when will KNM being used again? No one could tell on that ... but yes, it will be gorenged again ... until one day ... the music stops.

What should we do if we are stucked in such counters?

Cut-loss .... though huge ... slap ourselves, be wiser ... and learn to check on fundamentals, learn how operators manipulate stocks ... learn some basic technical analysis(for entry/exit), plan our trades ... while reading more news/annoucements. Time is money ... focus in our own learning. These should keep us very busy for at least 3-5 years. One of the pointer I always share is letting others to know how operators using some forums(i3 too) to spread news/rumours ... so that more gullible punters will believe in stories they are cooking(were u there to listen to JCY's stories ... when a person named Lamken told everyone it will be privatised at around RM4 ... it was at RM1+, ok?) ...

Do something different from what you are doing now. Admit mistakes, growing wiser is the only way we could continue to learn. We all learn in different manner, and basically ... learning to trade take a long time. NOTHING is easy ... and after 5 years plus, I do still consider myself as a novice(perhaps advanced level?)

Ok ... I could not advise what you or anyone should do with their counters or stocks. But, when we in 'lost', we could always re-start ... with a new mindset. A total re-haul needed.

Good luck


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Good morning ... nice Sunday morning, to rest for a while before another 2 classes today.

01 每天列出3件最重要的事
02 比別人早10分鐘到公司
03 開口前先想幾秒鐘
04 發脾氣之前先數30個數
05 不確定時,挑最難的事做
06 給每件事規定完成日期
07 坐第一排的位子
08 觀察走在你前面的人
09 比別人多堅持10分鐘
10 記住身邊每個人的名字
11 搶著做事,即使是打掃衛生
12 在背後讚美別人
13 重視身邊的每一個人
14 聽別人把話說完
15 給別人的比別人期望的多一點
16 批評人之前,先進行讚美
17 隨身帶著紙和筆
18 醒後2分鐘內記錄夢的內容
19 列出自己的10條弱點,並一一改正
20 重要的決定最好隔一天再發佈
21 睡前5分鐘向自己提問
22 每天保持微笑去上班
23 絕不把工作帶回家
24 和家人一起吃早餐
25 通過朋友認識新的朋友
26 每天讀半小時書
27 定4個短期目標,選1個核心目標
29 把目標寫下來,並每天大聲念10遍
30 立即行動!立即行動!!立即行動!!

Got this one from facebook. Nice one.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Should we short the FKLI?

Good morning ... DOW down 80 points, at support 14,500 levels. KLCI at resistance and pending to correct. I m still waiting for a sharp dive ... ahead of election. Will it even dive?

I will not be buying into stocks as it is at high risk level. So, I m staying sideway again.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Success : Focus and Consistency

DOW down 100+ points ... so, I do expect KLCI to retrace ... yup, only in the morning and it crawls back ... and we might be seeing new high again. Interesting KLCI ...

Maybank : Down to 9.58 but back to 9.68, in green now ... I do expect MayBank to correct from current level, but it is showing the harimau-bank is still ... going strong?

Nothing to write about stocks ... so, just listening to some motivational clips, to stay up and going.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If the Barclays Premier League was a classroom

If the Barclays Premier League was a classroom.

 ►1. LIVERPOOL is a child who is very proud of the academic achievements of his grandfather.

►2. MANCHESTER UNITED is a boy who just performs in the final exams and tops the class.

►3. MANCHESTER CITY is a spoiled child who spends money on expensive books but is never interested in reading them.

►4. ARSENAL is a boy who used to be top of the class but dropped down because he had to sell his books due to financial problems. He tries hard but fails to come out on top.

►5. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR is a girl who gets decent marks on 1 specific subject. She always finishes behind Arsenal.

►6. CHELSEA is a boy who fails and blames his teachers then his family finds a new teacher for him every year.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gold is losing its glitters

DOW down 265 points ... gold continued the sell-down. GLD trading at 131.31. So, I shall be watching gold and FKLI for today as I have exited KLSE.

ZhaoJin : A gold-mining counter which I traded last year when it came down to HKD10. Today, it might dive to HKD8, a cheaper price that last year. Be patient ... this is one opportunity for trading.

As HKSE's babes valuation is much cheaper than KLSE, I shared with my e-stock analysis group about HKSE last night in the e-meeting. Well, the risk is there ... and high if one does not know much about it. In general, do not touch what we don't know.

Chart taken from :

Privitisation : I got a few e-mail stating their intention to follow my blog and how to subscribe. Ok, I will NOT privitise it yet ... wait for August, the 5th anniversary of my blog ... and then, more analysis will be placed in a close page at Yes, I do need to move over there ... tho I am very comfortable using blogspot. This blog will still be there to update more of my blah-blah.

Public-talk : I will be giving a public-talk ... about general election and my personal view. It is free and just for sharing with those interested. I will invite my friends too, if they are interested. This Saturday noon 3pm. Those interested, do contact me.

Ok, I do have 8 hours of classes today. Need to reserve my energy for a long teaching day.

Have a nice time seeing market to correct.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Gold : An Opportunity?

Today, Gold ETF in HKSE and SGX gapped down to support. 

In my view, this is an opportunity. So, instead on sitting out of KLSE ... we can check on these insturments for trading purposes. Technical rebound is expected.


Privitising my blog

KLCI still steady ... HSI dived with many gold-mining stocks down substantially. The risk in having GOLD as 'safe haven'?

Gold went below 1400 ... great. No longer safe having gold, right? Few articles written about gold now ... and same old stories ... do read if you wish to buy that gold-bar soon as it is cheap?

I am thinking of privitising my blog soon ... moving this blog to and only for those subscribers  That will encourage me(i hope) to write in, or else it is being abandoned. It is quiet there ... as I could not even find some time to sit still, writing this blog.

Yes ... my blog will be 5 years in August. So, i should move there in May?

So, i will just do that ... the contents will be analysis about stocks and anything related to financial that I am looking into. I have another 2 weeks to promote my

It will be RM10 per month for a person. Like my writing and analysis, do support my

I have paid for the site, the maintenance and all I need now is TIME to place some input. Being a blogger, I will certainly blog ... it is just me, just my pleasure.

So ... e-mail me( or message me in Facebook if you are interested. Thanks.

Note : I am still in considering mode.


Maniac Monday

As I was off for two weeks, now is back to classes and the craziness resume ... aghh ... need more coffee.

It is a month to go for exams ... then, we will be slightly free with number of classes reduced. I do need next month ... as I could focus in the election-play, buying some stocks again ... and trade FKLI, which I am still in learning stage.

FKLI : I have created a FKLI page for my stock-watch members. Not only to show my trades, profit or loss, but also to let others to see how I am learning ... in very slow pace. I think I do need another 3-5 years to be able to trade FKLI well, before I will consider FCPO or perhaps, HSI-futures?

Stock-watch : I do have few enquiries recently. To brief those new ones, it is only to show my trades ... buy/sell. So, I will only tell others when I took a trade ...and when I sell, it is up to others to sell or hold. When I cut-loss, it is up to others ... if they want to cut-loss or hold.

For example, recently I have traded HuaYang twice due to breakout. And the most recent ones, I took at 1.91 but sold at 1.99. Some decided to hold and some sold at 2.08, some at 2.20 ... the highest I know off is RM2.22. I believe some of them still holding to it. Fine ... that is becoming their trades, as I have sold and will be looking for something else(example Sunway in mind now).

For example, recently I took SKPetrol at RM3.17 when it broke-out ... but it failed and came back to below RM3.15, which is the cut-loss point I have given to all. Those discipline ones would have cut-loss and I cleared the next day at cost price RM3.16-3.17 once I noticed wekaness. I think some may still hold on to it ... at RM3.12 now. I am checking at RM3.08 at the moment(touched that on Friday) but won't take a trade with KLCI at high-end ... and oil down on Friday(commodities like oil, gold were down).

There is not much of learning in my stock-watch. The learning is with my tratles, and e-stock analysis. Yes, I do have e-stock analysis, where the learning is through weekly e-meeting with the group(most from my last year e-tratles group) ... and discuss on the what and why of the trades are taken. Also, on what is next in mind ... so that we could learn to trade independently.

I hope I have explained a little about my stock-watch as it is becoming a FAQ? Hmm ...

Well, I am out of KLSE ... and checking HKSE's babes, especially those mining stocks. I like to take a trade in ZhaoJin again. Great.

Other than that, I will be too busy ... with classes.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunway South Quay

Lake Inspired Lifestlye 

 At LaCosta, a pristine 28-acre lake surrounded by natural greens forms a tranquil backdrop to an inspiring lakeside lifestyle. Lush sky gardens and landscape podiums blend effortlessly with contemporary architecture. Relax on the sands of your own private beach pool in the city, or change pace and head for the award-winning entertainment, leisure, and hospitality attractions that Sunway Resort City offers. All right at your door step, as are leading educational and medical facilities.

I went to pyramid to gather some information about buying properties. This one attracted my attention as it has a 'beach'. And I could walk to my fav shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid or a transit bus. It is very nice ... smallest unit is 1300 sq ft ... and the price is ... errr ... RM950k, cheapest unit, with maintainance fees at 33cents per sq ft(RM400 per month). 2 car-parks, facing the lake too. but it is lease-hold.

How much should I be paying per month? Assuming I m grabbing it today ... 10% discount plus 7% bumi-discount and extra RM10k discount(for today only?) ... taking the maximum years the bank allowing(70yrs old), i will be paying RM3800 per month!! Wow ...

So, when I told the sales-person and the banker that I m just a lecturer with income less than RM5k per month, it is not possible ... I do need RM8k net income to be able to take the loan .... and this is only the basic.

So ... nice to see, not able to afford. But gained some shopping experience and will look for something i could afford, such as below RM300k?


但愿 by 巫启贤

Eric Moo : Ai Na Me Chung




As far as the day to open a door to listen to my wish cries
Long period of singing a deep affection slowly with the breeze soaring
On a distant dream light warm hurry
Hell on Frisco Bay The Youyou heart no longer depressed into tears waves

I hope life is not bleak
Hopefully peace another one-way process
I hope dreams come true
I hope lovers will be part
I hope the world's sufferings will not last
I hope the world does not scars
Hopefully earth to stay a little true
I hope the world does not hate
I wish the world did not dispute
Hopefully earth happy to eternity

Google translate : Not so right. Will check later.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

GOLD ; A safe haven?

GLD : A gold-ETF, dived .. close below USD144. it was at a high of USD174 last Sept ... when gold hitting a high.

Gold price droped USD84, more than 5% in a single day last night.

So, it is still worth to check if gold losing its glitter ... or it will shine again. Do check on prices of silver or SLV(the ETF tracking silver's prices)

Note : I will be looking into the gold-mining stock, ZhaoJin again. It is below HKD10 now.


Friday, April 12, 2013

KLCI at NEW high 1716

KLCI : Reached a new high 1716.47 this morning ... a historical day today. Closed below 1700 and we have it at support now ... can it sustains? We shall check ...

FKLI : I have created a new group, FKLI, for the stock-watch group ... those interested to see my FKLI trades as I am skipping stocks till election is over. The risk is simply too high.

cohort-9 : Tmr will be an interesting session with this batch as I have more than half of them are newbies. I will be speaking about RRR and Trading Plan. Without that, we could be too emotionally charged, as volatilities increase.

those who wish to join my stock-watch group, do contact me at


Attitudes to be successful

1. Gratitude : I do feel thankful to many individuals and people who have helped me, directly or indirectly. Thanks a lot.

2. Forgiveness : We have forgive others who hurt us, intentionally or un-intentionally. Then, we could find find in ourselves and find our own happiness.

3. Credits : Credits should be give where is due. If the person done well, we should recognise their efforts.

4. Responsibilities : We should take responsibilities for our actions and our failures. We made mistakes along the way.

5. Compliment : Always remember to give sincere compliments to others efforts. That will motivate the person to do much better.

6. Read : I do read whenever possible ... as by reading, it increases my knowledge about a subject or situation.

7. Journal : I do not have a journal, but this blog could be considered as my journal, in my quest of increasing   my financial knowledge.

8. Talk : Yes, I am very focus to spend my precious time in talking idea, trading idea ... financial idea .. business idea and open to listen to more great ideas.

9. Want other to succeed : I do think that 'success' is subjective ... but whatever want to achieve, we should encourage and help the others to success. If one wish to trade well, it will be my pleasure to share trading ideas to help newbies to be a better trader/investor.

10. Share info : I always believe that we could learn better thru sincere sharing of information. This blog is meant to share my experiences on trading/investing ... and the information I gathered. Only if I have more time, I could certainly share more ...

will continue later(maybe)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

KLCI at NEW high

10.50 am : This is to record that KLCI reaching 1706 this morning, and we are in historical NEW high, after the announcement of GE13 ... on May 5th 2013.

Congrats to our boleh-land index.



Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Streching your ringgit ; Financial Mindset

#1 : Making your financial plan

#2 : Making do between paychecks

#3 : Save a ringgit a day

#4 : Keeping credits in check

#9 : Coping with debt

#13 : Living within your means

About 8 years ago, I struggled to change my financial mindset. I was in debt and to be honest, I do not even have RM1k in my bank a/c. You may not believe that ... but I know it myself, I struggled to get out of debts, paying bills ... and could not afford anything much.

But, the determination to change all that ... buying into books to learn and more, I have done just that. After 4 years in markets and working on financial improvements, I have done just that ... out of debt, buying in stocks and properties. Working hard to increase my income, managing my time ... and maintaining my 'living within my means'. In fact, I prefer my frugal, simple living.

If our income is RM50k per annum, we know that we could not afford anything much. My income was less than that when I was in KK 3 years ago. As I have doubled my income after a year in KL, my 3rd year in KLSE ... I used my profits to clear my credit-cards and loans. Last year, I bought this simple apartment. A year later ... now ... it has almost doubled in value.

I still work very hard ... from morning to night. I have to sacrifice my weekends, no entertainment ... no time for 'friends' .... and it is all about improving my financial situation. With high income, it comes with high expenses ... high responsibilities.

Being 5-years in markets, today I know a little about markets. I am no longer a newbie, but still consider myself as novice(advanced level?). What is interesting is ... I will be able to start from nothing ... and into something. that is amazing. From know nothing about stock-markets, with determination and persistence, I managed to survive ...and do well.

Can I increase further my income next year? Yes ... by doing biz. Pushing myself into un-comfortable zone, my 'old' followers could see that I have advanced so much. Yes, I will continue to fail ... being laughed at, being ridiculed ... but being a 'norm' is certainly not a way to success. I just hv to be myself, read more books for idea ... apply them and check on my results. Even if we do mistakes, at least ...we tried.

Do check all the clips they shared here. i hv spent hundreds of hours into such materials. It is the only way for me to get out of the 'living between paychecks" and 'debt' ... into personal financial freedom.

I do believe I will be financially free ... in 3-5 years to come. And I m planning my next 5-year financial goals. One of it is to acquire another property for investment purposes.

Will share my goals ... do read my posting 4-5 years ago where I shared my 5years plan. One of them is to able able to teach Trading/Investing. Hmm ... I was so new in market back then, ok? That is called determination. If one is not determined or persistent enough, the motivation will die off ... our goals could just be just those forgotten resolutions.

Another of my goal is to be in biz ... and opening up tuition centers now, I m realising one of my goals. I do have fews ... in order to see myself financially free ... who dont wish for that, right?

Hope the writings above to motivate many to start to THINK about how to change our mindset(financially). Nothing should come first ... ... not markets, not properties ... not anything.

MINDSET ... get that right first, everything will come in place. Believe me, I am living example.

 Be motivated. Be inspired.


Time is precious

Time = Money.

I hardly could find half-hour to sit here to blog ... tho I m having college break for past a week!! The crazy marking is killing me. Drowning. Stressed. So, this blog is still a place I could hide myself away ... and making some noises. Haha.

I bought the WTF? book ... a property book. Yes, I m searching for a property to buy, with budget below RM300k, nothing much one could buy in Klang Valley. Being a third property ... we need to come out with 30% down-payment = RM90k(cash). So, that will take me a few more years to accumulate that amount, working hard ... converting TIME into MONEY ... and struggle to complete the tasks in hand.

It is in most of us ... busy busy ... and always could not find time to do what we wanted to do(such as spending time, relax ... and listening to songs?).

KLCI at nice 1688 ... may we all in markets prosper well.

1.13pm : KLCI still in green ... FKLI too.

Steel-counters : ON the move today, following timber-stocks. LionInd and Kinstel up more than 10% in active trading. I grabbed one of the steel counter too.

Harta-wa : On profit taking mode, I grabbed 1.35 yesterday and sold this morning 1.40 when I noticed weaknesses.

HuaYang : Broken 1.91 yesterday, shared in my stock watch group and glad many followed to buy at 1.91. I sold all 10k units at 1.98 but it went to touch 2.02. Will check for next entry.

WCT : Dropped to 2.35 ... sold WCT-wc at 0.47 yesterday, bought 0.45.

Many more trades shared in my stock watch group as I am busy trading too, while doing my paper works.

Air China : I bought AirChina at HKD6.20 yesterday, shared in my stock watch too. At HKD 6.50, see if market is recovering from the hiccup of bird-flu.


Monday, April 08, 2013

Top 100 companies in KLSE

Taken from : Today's THE STAR

1. Maybank : better DY than PBBank(2) ... and CIMB(4). PER at similar levels, 14.

2. Axiata(3), Maxis(7) and DiGi(11) are trading at PER 20plus. Still good DY.  I prefer TM(22), personally.

3. SIME(5) with PER 13, IOICorp(12) with PER 17, KLK(18)'s PER is at 18, and FGV(25) trading at PER 16. With SIME's DY highest, could we favour SIME?

Finance, Plantation and Telcos ... three main heavy weightage in our KLCI index. Finance is going into new high but Plantation index is lagging. There are so many stocks in out top-100 which trading at above PER20.

Look at the list for single digit PER, one could check Tenaga(8) and YTLPower(34) as the blue-chips. Well, Tenaga is still surging to new high as of today, speculated that the hike of tariff will be in place after election. Buying into Tenaga is one of the safest investment ... just hold, average down every RM1 down. Do that consistently ... and hold. That is a simple trading strategy for heavy-weights. Sell every levels of 20% profits.

Single digit PER ... hmm ... DRBHCom(56), HapSeng(71), UOADev(81), Sunway(66) ... even MahSing(86) and WCT(85) ... these are few of my likes.

So, keep these Top100 list with us. Delete off those losing money companies or those with high gearings. Also, those without dividends and PER above 20. Try to scope for the stocks in cheaper level during election selling. Just hope it will sell at cheap rate.

PER = price of the stock/earning per share.

The number of shares issued shown it these pages too.


Sunday, April 07, 2013

Resources to help us

It is Sunday ... yesterday we do have our monthly tratles meeting. Due to many taking sideline stance, not many came for meeting. But, we do discuss about some breakout stocks such as KLCCP, Harta and SKPetrol. And also HSI dropping 600 points, I was busy doing shopping list and to buy(and hold) into a HSI-stock ... but too many dropping nicely to support, oversold.

i3-forum : I was told by a tratle yesterday that 'X and Y' still having fun in the forum, insulting ... making fun of me. Hmm ... as I do not read forum there, I think we should let them be. It is their lives, their choice. So, I will maintain focus in my own life, my own trades and my groups.

stock-watch : Not many are trading as the fear of GE is great. But, the current theme ... construction-properties ... and now, bird-flu with O&G ... we could go for that. And HSI ... so, I m sharing some HSI stocks with the stock-watch group, in case of some of them might want to take the risk.

FKLI : I might want to create another group to discuss FKLI. It will be closed-group only for members. Well, I dislike noises ... and difficult to focus with many things being shared. It seems that AmFuture rate is cheap. Do check them out as I just opened one.

HSI : ZhaoJin, AirChina or Harbin. Which one should I pick? One day, when I am retired from my full-time teaching job, and trading ... I will learn HSI-future trading. They do have those 'mini' ... but I hv yet to explore such instruments.

Being independent is VERY important in our own trades. Doing our own searching for opportunities could increase our knowledge ... learning more about the fundamentals and technical will increase our knowledge and trading them(in real) will increase our experiences. As I m into my 5th year in trading, I have tested and traded many type of instruments ... stocks(in KLCI, SGX, HKSE, US) ... ETFs ... warrants.

Learning corner : Resources

So, getting good resources to read, acquiring our knowledge is very crucial to our trading mindset.

1. Books : Buy those basic books written by local-writers ... that is the first step. Then, after a year or so of reading these materials, move on to more advance books.

Example : i do read simple Milan's and Pauline's books. Ho Kok Mun's, Andrew Chia's, Othman Yong's Adam Khoo's series of books ... these are just few to mention here. Get hold to some of them ... invest in buying some of these books ... and read-read ..a few times. It is not easy to understand the terms and concepts by reading only once. majority newbies taking this FIRST STEP too easily, casually ... and could not build the strong market-understanding foundations. Do not be stingy ... buy those books. For my tratles, one may always borrow the books from me. Just motivate ourselves to learn .... more. I still treasure my Jess-Livermore's book.

2. Magz/Papers : At initial stage, I do read many type of magz ... consistently reading every pages of The Edge(now only read the headlines and pick only related to my trading idea for the week) ... now, I do buy Focus(to support Clement?) ... I do still have Personal Money, Malaysian Biz, Share Investment .. to name a few. If you are a total newbie, buying The Edge/Focus will be a good start ... but DO NOT read those papers to buy/sell any stocks. Try to read as much ... to get the feel of how market re-act to what written there. Do follow The Star(biz) in daily basis, if possible. Be consistent. Write down what we have learnt ... and for over a year, you will get what I mean. Majority of those in market is not consistent, not discipline to acquire knowledge ...

3. Websites : A portal like i3-investor is very helpful and good(minus some bad vibes and noises in the forum). Check out the dividends page(my only visit to i3) ... gathering information from few of these sites. Theedge-online, The Star-biz, NST-biz and many more. One of the most important site is our bursa-malaysia site itself. That should be our daily readings for update/info.

4.  Blogs : There are few blogs written about KLSE ... if u r reading my blog, u might end-up getting frustrated with many of my blah-blah ... and as u r losing patience, you might get upset. So, move away if one find a blog is not worth the time to even look into it. But, I m talking about a few blogs ... to read to acquire some knowledge shared. By the way, I assumed that #1 and #2 being done for 1-2 years first ... not reading blogs first. And having a strong mental, good mindset to learn is very important. Mind you, 80% of those in markets losing money in markets due to lack of good mindset(trading/investing).

Example : I do not read blogs anymore ... but at times, it is worth looking into Dali's writings ... or AlexLu's technical views. Ben Gan's is short-simple, AlphaChart has not been updating much ... or Remnant's too. So, not many good blogs around to read. I do not know any new blogs as I do not read blogs anymore.

5. Broker reports : I do read many broker-reports at initial stage to gather much needed information, how analysis being done ... and understanding some businesses. Do read as many ... but NEVER really bother to check their buy-sell call. In fact, we should be contrarian and do the opposite. Imagine that these reports being circulated to retailers ...and for them to read to trade. Hmm ... you trade, they earn from brokerage fees, right? I do still read selected broker reports ... especially those analysis on sector(s) rather than individual stock.

6. Public talks : Do attend some of those talks ... free talks or even pay for the talk. Be willing to pay some fees to acquire right and good knowledge. I will travel to Johore this May for the investing-expo. I have to be selective as a few days of traveling and away costing me a lot of $$$(cancelation of classes ...a weekend, I could have 10 hours of classes. Calculate the rate and amount. ouch).

Note : I will give a public talk(free) about markets during election. Will fix a date and confirm that later. It needs to be soon ... next week?

7. Trader's group : There are many such groups. I m only focus in my own closed groups(tratles and stock-watch) and will stay in the chat-box to keep each other informed. But, some writings in some groups may worth reading. Yeah ... expect noises from many retailers ... in open public group. So, I prefer my closed-group.

7. Trading Journal : i do use my personal trading journal as my own guide. We all should write our own trading journals, in details about our trades.

Example : Why do I buy Harta-wa at 1.13 on Wednesday? Why sold at 1.24 on Friday?

This should be written in a journal on the WHYs. We do not need to tell others, just for our own references and we could use it in future. Not many in markets do such donkey's work as they view it as tedious and/or they are not informed of the importance. A good trading course should mention on these. I do share these in module-4 with my cohorts when we speak about risk-reward ratio, trading plan ... and reflection on our trades.

So, we were reading about the bird-flu days ago ... we saw supermax and topglove moving ... and Harta was lagging, pending breaking RM5. Then, we check on the Harta-wa ... which is trading at low premium, with long expiry date. Of coz we do know the good fundamentals in Hartalega and also knowing that the whole glove-sector has been lagging behind KLCI. It needs good news to move. And now we have one ... We check aorund for some news related and check some charts. The minimum wage policy is affecting the sector too. We check USD and rubber-prices. We check some broker reports ... search some news related to the sector. Ok ... the noises started ... many more moving in. In our chat-box, someone mentioned Supermax days ago ... so, quietly we grab the laggard Harta-wa, in my view. Pending breakout ... RM5 ... Harta broken into new high, Harta-wa gapped up, touched 1.30 and I queued 1.24 at resistance. The volume increase is high, gapped up to resistance. These are pointers I shared with my tratles-group on what to look for, when to sell for profit and now, how to buyback next week if the trend prevails.

So, try to write a detailed trading journal ... the entry point, the exit point ... the reasons of trading and the emotions in play. Someday ... say, a year later ... we could reflect back and notice on our good/bad trades. That could be our own resource .... and only for us to keep.

8. A trading 'mentor' : A session of sharing with some experiences and listening to their talks. I am a mentor to many newbies... and those experienced ones in our group, sharing knowledge and experiences. That is how newbies will be more exposed to markets. There is no short cuts. Noisy forums could not help much for newbies.

i have to go .... long time didnt write so long. haha

have a nice weekend and hope my writing here could give some simple guidelines to MANY newbies out there. share this post with your friends if u think it will benefit them, minus the blah-blah. haha

I could be be contacted at if one wish to join my groups.


Saturday, April 06, 2013

HSI dropped 640 points

HSI : This is HSI weekly chart. As it is dropping to support now, it is worth to take a look at oversold stocks. It seems that the worry is the bird-flu, which spur our gloves-counters. Well, will take position in one of the glove-counters, that is the theme now.

Do look into good HKSE's stocks and since GE-fear around KLCI, it time to move out again.


Friday, April 05, 2013

KLCI to retrace or break 1700?

Sold some of the stocks today as KLCI at 'danger' zone ... and posted at instead of here.

The technical point of short-term view is not good. It is pending to correct. So, I chose to clear some of my stocks but still holding to a few(refer to my stock-watch page).

e-mail : I m too busy to reply to many e-mail. Sorry ... I know I need to spend some time doing that. Thanks for being patience.

Those who wish to join my stock-watch group, do e-mail me at


Thursday, April 04, 2013

KLCI touched above 1700

This morning ... KLCI touched above 1700 ... 1700.55 to be exact. That is our historical high level so far, thanks to the disolution of Parliment. So, if BN to win(expected) ... KLCI could be seeing 1800 this year. Great bull year ahead ...

It closed 1685, slightly in red. KLK, SIME .. then IOI pulled KLCI up ... and UEM moving higher too ... Sunway breached RM3. So, the johore-construction stocks will moving?

Anyway, this is just to record the NEW HIGH, registered this morning so far. Could be closed above 1700 today? We shall see later

TuneIns : Moving above 1.45 today. Do check it out.

stock-watch : I hv replied to 2 requests and another 2 to reply tonight. Please send any request to if one wish to join my stock-watch group.

This is shared by Joey Yap : Yes ... be a good person. Be a good human. It is NOT easy. Be a person who do not complain, who do not judge ... do not compare lives ... do not discriminate. Be a person .. humble and simple. Be good. Do not critise a human. Do not ignore the needy ones. Do not gossip and spread rumours. Do not be jealous of others happiness or success. Be supportive. Be positive. Do not harm living beings. Do good deeds. Be willing to share. Do not create hatred. Be the loving person. Be real ... and make the world a better place to live.

A reminder to myself.



Those were the years(part 1)

Game & Watch : This is the early version of PSP ... before 'Tetris' too. I do remember we kids(bro/sis) will be fighting to play it ... can't remember who bought it for us, or was it borrowed item from neighbours? We were poor ... so, certainly we could'nt afford these items?

Anyway, I do play 'Parachute', 'Octupus', 'Mickey Mouse' and a few more.

Last night I was in mood to recall those years ... 1980s or when I was younger. I really can't remember much.

TV is like ... only TV1, TV2 ... then only came TV3 with HK's series ... such as Shiong Hoi Tan, Mong Chung Yan ... Bro Chow was very popular then. I do listen to Alan Tan's hits ... and Jacky Chan's kung-fu movies were like ... Snake in the eagle's shadow. Those were the years ... the earlier years before Jacky was those lovey-dovey Taiwanese movies ... by Chin Han, Ling Fong Chiao(Jacky's wife), Lin Ching Hsia ... and I was listening to Yin Hsia's songs!!

Computer games were new back then ... Space Invaders!! We were form 3, went to a friend's house after school for the game. Great memory ... tho it is actually in green colour!!

Tho we kids were not well-off, but those once in a while ... going for movies(no popcorn and such) was our fav ... besides, once a while, we will be to Lake Garden for a play. Those were tough years, with not many toys to play with.

To be continued ...

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A KLCI chart for keeping

KLCI reaching a new high ... breaking 1700 soon?

This is one great candle-stick that we could not see for long to come? More of such volatility expected as election nearing. The bottom-top is 60 points.

KLCI boleh. Malaysia boleh.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bull Day

KLCI up 16 points at the moment. Funds buying BAT and Tenaga?

So ... we are in bullish mode now, charging to 1700 soon ... at 1683 now. How is that?

Hmm ... shorting FKLI?


Monday, April 01, 2013

KLCI to retrace

KLCI hitting resistance 1678 .... quite un-expected such a strong rebound last week, from Mon to Thu and Friday it took a breather.

So, I posted this to the stock-watch group this morning before market opening, for them to be aware that KLCI is to retrace this week after such a strong rebound(due to JP upgrade our KLCI? wow.)

At the moment, KLCI down about 11 points.

Will be too busy to write. Those wish to join my stock-watch group, do contact me at