Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stock Watch : SeGi

SEG : Borken support 1.68 yesterday ... at1.61, touched 1.67 this morning. Technically, it will rebound. Reported not so good profit so far.

Digi : Was discussed last night e-stock analysis, and asked all to watch if there is a movement, need to go in. Glad one of them told me he went in. Will see the rebound sustainable?

UEMLand : Broken 2.35 and going higher. Someone in my stock watch bought too. I have asked them to check on 2.60 level to sell. It is sell, not a buy now.

TM : Still resisted at 20MA. No buying for those missed the low.

YTL : Bought 1.63 ... still going storng at 1.67 now. Keep till momentum losing, sell for RM500+ profits. Good.

MRCB : Another stock which I place in stock watch and disccused in e-stock analysis group. Glad that many bought into her, some around 1.27 and another batch went in when it broken 1.31. I Grabbed 1.32-1.33 too. Need to check 1.45 to sell.

SPSetia : Rebounded from the RM3 levels I have given to the stock-watch group. It went to RM3.50 which I asked them to sell ... it dived back to 3.15 levels before rebounded off to 3.35 now.

FKLI : I did not short yet .... as this is bull running. We do not go against market directions ... tho I have been side-lined for a month or so, last week I started to move into buying some stocks for trading purposes. It is profitting me OK ... quick trades, profit ... take it.

It is Mac now ... those who wish to join my stock watch or stock analysis group, do contact me at



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