Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stock Watch : CSL(code : 5214)

CSL : Trading at 50cents level, unwanted after being goreng-ed since IPO. The sharp shot-up to RM1.80 plus level with huge volumes attracted many punters, newbies, forum-kaki ... and trapped by the operator(s). No escape at the moment ... even if we got it at IPO value but did not sell when it surged, we will need for it to be goreng-ed again ... back to RM1 level?

It is still worth watching as these China-stocks are speculative in nature and the risk was very high. The more recently listed China-stock is CAP .. which surge to RM1.20plus, from IPOabout 80cents. What a trap ... and it is trading below 40cents now. Check it out to understand how risky trading these China-stocks.

Note : I was discussing XinQuan with my e-stock analysis group last night. XQ is also a China-shoe-stock, which still moving at 90cents levels. Will other China-shoe counters move too?


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