Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pre-election rally on ...

Tuesday ... yesterday in last minutes, KLCI pushed up and closed 4 points positive. Interesting ... FGV, Tenaga ... Maybank being used. KLCI consists of 30 counters, so it is easier to be pushed --- up or down. Technically, it is holding above 1650, making it to rebound off this support ... and we are expecting it to go to 1665 levels now. FKLI closed at 1664 yesterday, following the last minute surge. Those who short-FKLI have to cover their positions. Election is nearing ... the so-called pre-election in place ... more analysis, if I have time to share will be written in my 'quiet' new site ... ... will be extremely busy for another 2 weeks or so(due to coming trial exams etc etc).

Election : Till today, everyone is talking about it ... and this time they said election will be surely in April. Heck ... these un-neccessary speculation, giving markets its jitters ... and trading should be short.

Lahad Datu : How is the situation now?

Property : Last weekend, Sunway Pyramid was having a mini property expo ... I was asking about a project, by Andaman ... where they guaranteed you the rental for 10 years?? Wow ... that is a good point, no need to worry if we could rent out the units or collecting rentals. So ... what is the catch? To begin with, it is OVER-priced. RM300-400 per sqft and lower end quality finishing ... it is not worth the amount, and if we are going to sell it next time after 10 years ... it may not appreciate as much, or perhaps have to sell much lower price!! I went to Serdang to take a look ...

Another similar project by them which completed(3 units left) was South City's Academia condo. It looks more like a flat or an apartment rather than RM300k-RM500k condo!! And the huge South City Plaza was virtually ... empty. Last Sunday, there was a soft-launching in the bowling alley, and thought of joining for the game ...haha. Anyway, the emptiness of the huge mall ... giving us the similar feeling when we always visit Summit Mall in USJ1(they improved since CapitalMall taken over, actually).

Now, how do the banks calculate how much loans they could provide? As a 3rd property, we could only take 70% loans. Assuming RM300k units, we need to come out with RM90k cash as deposit, or we may use our EPF's second account. If our salary is an average RM5k, 80% of that is RM4k loans allowed. Well, are we eligible for the loans?

Dental : Yesterday I went for my 4th visitation. Terrible ... spent another 300 bucks to mend some decaying teeth. Well, lack of oral hygiene ... and time to pay the prices.

Girl : It has been a week now since my little girl knocked her head(was in kinder!!) and the bruised was quiet serious. My wife sent her to second doc for check-up yesterday. It is 'pain' to see our little ones in such situation. But, I am not angry with the kinder ... accidents happen. We could only take pre-caution and reminding the teachers that she is not so 'normal' ... having learning disabilities and quite active in nature. Still thinking that a 'normal' school would be better for her, or else home schooling rather than sending her to OKU's special school.

Many more things I wanted to write about ... but these few things hanging in my head.

More classes the whole day/week ... and with e-meetings still on at nights, I am tired.

Got to run again ... and don't know when I could be back again.


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