Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learning takes time

Saturday ... just finished hours of classes ... and rest for an hour before our tratles-meeting. Not many attending the meeting now as many are sidelined and waiting for election. Well, when will be the annoucement?

Days ago, when Najib was reported to came out from Istana, market started to show fear and weaknesses. So, I went to short FKLI on that day as 1650 support broken. I have placed to everyone on Tuesday that KLCI is pending to move lower. On Monday's e-stock analysis, I shown the group the property and construction sectors showing overbought and signs of reversal. On Wed night, in the e-meeting, plantation index showing reversal too ... the finance index was supporting our manipulated KLCI. When PBBank coming down, the support for KLCI ... broken.

In the last 10-minutes, as it shown many of times ... KLCI have a sell-down. KLCI closed lower than the 20MA, at 1627 levels now. The technical chart of KLCI is not good ... should we be seeing 1600 again. So, we are in bearish view ... yet again. The rebound was not sustainable, tho it was reported that some 'foriegn' funds are nibbling on our KLSE's stocks? Arguements if the funds are genuinely from foreign was analysed in The Edge.

XinQuan : Sold all at 0.89 yesterday but it shot up to 0.91 before retracing. I grabbed at 0.81 and some days ago and posted in my stock-watch group. No one told me they followed the trade as I pointed out the risk. Majority of retailers are side-lined.

Digi : The only stocks I failed to clear for profits as I have sold all the stocks I bought about 3 weeks ago, playing on the short rebound with profits. So, I do have paper-loss in DiGi now. Will have to cut-loss as it has broken 4.55 support.

To be a good investor or a trader, it takes TIME. A complete novice entry will be to gain knowledge ... that is my tratles-trading course is for ... the novices, learning the terms and to accumulate knowledge. FA and TA ... many terms we need to familiarise.

I am reaching the average investor levels now, after 5 years in market. So, it has taken me some 2-3 years to learn the terms, strategies, set-ups and more ... and another 2-3 years now of experiences in trading/investing. In my humble opinion, a person will be able to move up another notch ... to become a good trader/investor ... after about 8-10years of doing the two lower stage : Knowledge + Experiences. So, in other words ... we do need years ... to understand how things work. And the more we know, the more we don't know, actually. The subject is too huge ... we do need to focus in what we know, and move from there. Focus ... and be persistent.

It will takes me another 3-5 years to be considered as a good trader and a good trainer too. Currently, I do have my cohort-9 going-on, and will take a rest before starting cohort-10, if there is still demand of me to share some knowledge.

In total, we need 10 years ... to be good investors. We are also assuming that one continue to learn and take losses gracefully, to identify the mistakes ... correcting them and move on. Not many will have that 'determination' and/or presistence. It takes discipline ... a strong goal and certainly takes a lot of time. The more we share with others, we could learn the finer pointers/details.

Illogical punters ... retailers who trade base on rumours, or readings from some media(newspaper, magazine, forums ... ) will be the losers, most of the time. Understanding how these media is being used to 'trap' retailers is also very important.

Without knowledge ... and experiences, we could never be able to stay long in market as it is the survival of the fittest. It is a zero-sum game ... someone win, someone have to lose. Most fund-managers will be getting the fat bonuses, while retailers in market will be feeding these fund-managers, manipulators, insiders, syndicates ... there is where our losing money goes.

I will try to find some time to read this week's article.

I was too busy to follow much of news ... may it be markets-linked or general news. Everyday, I do have average about 6-8 hours of classes. Then, at nights ... I do have e-meetings. Next week exams start ... I will be free from some classes but the crazy marking will start. I will be locking myself here, listing to songs ... watching KLCI ... while marking. It will be a whole week ... isolating myself in my own office. I need to get it done ... and go for a short break.

Sepang Gold-Coast is having a good offer ... and will be staying a night there, for a short break with family.

Philea-SPA : Going to Malacca again ... and this will be a nice place.

Sulu : Wat is going on ... the latest? The battle is over?

PI Bala : Passed away yesterday. Heart attack, I heard.

Time to read less ... and take a good break.

Have a nice weekend.


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