Wednesday, March 06, 2013

KLCI : Pre-election rally?

Wednesday morning ... another rushing day.

KLCI : still bullish ... check for the analysis. done.

DOW : At higher level now ... 14253. How is that? wow.

Apples : I am on apple-diet and I have taken 8 apples so far in two days. Four apples a day to keep all doctors away? Will update and post the results of my diet after 1 week. yup. By the way, Apple stock has not recovered, in fact it dived below 450 ... to 420 at low. It closed 430 yesterday. Apple peaked around 700 levels, so ... at current moment, market cap below USD400bil now, and no longer the 'most expensive' stock. What is going on? It was moving higher and higher ... making new higher but now we shall be checking USD350, half of the peak point. Buy?

MRCB : A good trade in the making ... many took the trade when I mentioned to them for 2-3 weeks ... and in e-stock analysis too. But those who prefer not to take the risk(of election) are advised to stay sideway. Taking profit position soon ... what is next?

KLCI up another 5 points ... great. Sold YTL 1.68 for third round. Too busy to watch, so buy these steady one, keep moving few cents higher each day.

got to go ...


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