Friday, March 22, 2013


Morning ... most, if not all, of us want to be happy. Indeed ... happiness is a commodity. We do spend lots of time ... to fulfil our needs, our wants ... and to fill our souls, in a hope of attaining happiness. What is happiness, anyway?

It is the most widely spoken word(besides money?) ... and there are many of us out there, seeking for happiness, yet we deny that we are seaching for it. The fact is there ... who are we kidding?

As I went through not so smooth childhood, I have always long to be 'happy' ... you know, the usual small boy who don't know what happiness is, without guidance or sharing. Is scoring distinctions in exam a happiness? Is having lots of friends bring us happiness? Is having that items we wanted to have ... could bring us happiness? All these are temporary ... seeking out deeper ... we all know those are superficial.

So, as we grow older ... seeing things in different aspect, from different angles ... perhaps we were trying to re-define our own happiness. Rushing into lives ... doing what others are doing could bring us a temporary thrills but that ain't lasting inside us. We all knew it ...the feeling of having that new ipad or iphone, perhaps a trip to a nice place ... or short moments with good friends. These are all ... fillng the gap inside us, just for a while.

I do know few of those happy ones who have 'God' in them. Yes, I do believe that is more lasting, even those we have nothing much, alone in empty space ... we are 'happy. So, having God with us could bring us those everlasting feelings of being loved ... and it is not explainable by words. It is a feeling.

1. Free our heart from hatred : It is something I have learnt over the years ... example, never use the the'hate'. Just say ... dislike or disapprove. It is OK to dislike something or someone. I do not have many I dislike, I accept most of people as I know how imperfect I am ... and at times, if I offended anyone, I will not hesitate to apologise. Yes, as I grew older ... I have changed so so much, more subtle, mellowed down ... and hmm .. I want peace? Love ... as we all understood it subjectively, is something we all search for ... but most of the time, we feel we deserve more? I m just as happy as God loves me and given me a beautiful family, to love and be loved. Forgiving others .. forgive ourselves .. and never to hate.

2. Free our mind from worries : I am not a worry-type but being humans, we do have our own worries. I do not worry much about what others say or see me, I m not worry about losing money in markets, I m not worry about many many things in office, I m not worry what to eat, wear etc etc ... but my worry perhaps is my family. I do worry of my health ... as I m working too hard, lack of rest and still taxing with loads of un-finished jobs, tasks, responsibilities ... and I do worry about my young kids, if they are to be without me. So, I m preparing for their future, making sure they will have enough for much of neccesities needed. I m also guiding my wife to manage the family financial. Yeah ... my worry is related to humans closest to my heart. Nothing else matter much ... so, no worry ... be happy?

3. Live simply : Oh yes ... I think I am a happy person as I am as I m such a simple person. I m not particular about many many things, except certain food I do not take(such as vege).

4. Give more : It is important to give generously ... in my sense, it is sharing of knowledge. Yes, knowledge is becoming very expsensive as it could help us making decisions.

5. Expect less : Always lower your expectation and one will be surprised that we could be very happy when our 'more than our expectation' happens ...

Have a happy day!!


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