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Car is an expensive item

KLCI is a bull run ... reaching 1670 now, incredible 4 days running ... and we are talking about 1700 soon?

Cars : Needs vs Wants

Days back, I read with interest someone written about Needs vs Wants and was thinking in my own personal context.


Ini foto saya dan saya buat kerja ini hingga saya bekerja sebagai pensyarah di Limkokwing University (2000-2002) semasa balik sekali sekala ke kampung. Selepas itu, ayah saya pun dah tak larat dan terpaksa upah kebun kepada orang lain. Saya... pernah miskin juga, semasa gaji saya RM2300 sebagai pensyarah rakan sekerja dah ada yang beli kereta Honda dengan installment RM1000 lebih. Saya cuma beli Kancil EX660 dgn installment RM361 sebulan. Saya sedar saya ada keluarga miskin yang adik-adik perlu ke sekolah dan masuk universiti, maka secara alam saya terdidik untuk korbankan kemahuan diri sendiri dan hanya mengutamakan keperluan (Greed Vs Need)

Mari saya tanyakan rasional mendidik nafsu diri. Kaya kita bukan kerana kita banyak duit tetapi kerana kita CUKUP. Pendapatan 100k sebulan jika nafsunya RM200k tetap kita jadi sangat miskin lagi.

Maka kuncinya ialah nafsu yang perlu dididik. Kita jarang sedar tujuan kereta yang hebat itu anda gunakan bukan untuk anda gunakannya sebagai kereta tetapi kepuasan nafsu diri apabila orang melihat anda hebat kerana memilikinya. Sama juga isu macam orang kaya kahwin artis, bolehlah rasa bangga berkokok bak ayam jantan. Jalan juga sudah jadi mendabik dada. Adakah kita beli kereta untuk diri kita atau untuk pandangan orang lain?

Itulah nafsu sebenarnya. Saya sering berpesan dalam siri ceramah saya, jika anda mampu beli BMW cukuplah hanya dengan Proton Waja, Jika mampukan Ferrari cukuplah hanya anda beli Mercedes.

Saya setuju kalau nak turunkan harga kereta. Woww...siapa yang taknak kan? Tapi jika nafsu tidak dididik, harini anda terpaksa bayar RM1000 sebulan untuk sebuah kereta keluarga, nanti jika harga dah turun, berapa ramaikah antara anda yang akan beli kereta keluarga pada kadar bayaran bulanan RM500? Atau anda akan upgrade kereta anda dan kekalkan bayaran balik RM1000 sebulan.

Soal harga kereta boleh turun saya yakin ada pihak dah buat kajian tentangnya. Itu kita serah pada mereka, pasti mereka bijak dalam urusan itu. Sekarang soalnya pada diri kita sendiri BAGAIMANA?


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As I am not a 'car' lover but prefer a bike ... I have no worry of driving a 'cheap' car. Even now, I m still riding my second-hand kap-chai. I view cars as a mode of transportation, to bring me from point A to point B, safely. If I could, I will ship my Kancil from Sabah, but as my two kids growing, the NEEDs of having a larger car is there ... and I bought my basic Proton 3 years ago. Taken 4 years loan, paying RM600 per month for the car ... it is a heavy hire-purchase item. Besides transportation ... most of us have to pay for monthly housing loans(or rentals) ... and food. These are three most basic of our needs.

Let us discuss on transportation. As I bought a place nearing to my office(about 5km), I do travel in a bike, to beat the jam and also much cheaper mode of transportation. More and more people opting to ride bike to work due to the hassle of jams, parkings, cost of tolls and petrol. But the risk is there as our roads are not really bike-friendly. If I could, I would love to cycle to office, but that is like ...inviting danger to our lives in daily basis. ouch. Our transportation system in Klang Valley is bad ... the buses and commuters could not be reached in many area, the LRT is not cheap, either. Driving is still the best choice for many of us, who do not wish to risk riding a bike.

Assuming our average wage/income is RM4,000 and to drive a 'better' car than Proton might cost us more RM1k easily. Then, we do need to think of the tolls ... it is costing me RM100 per month, with parking in malls or places. Petrol is about RM200 for me. So, for me ... the so-called cheap car costing me RM1000 per month. Those driving a so-called better imported cars need to cough up much more. And if u need to travel further than to offices, in daily basis ... driving do takes our TIME and MONEY. It is never cheap to drive a car in Klang Valley.

Now ... as driving a car is a neccesity, some prefer to buy more expensive cars ... well, more to fill their ego(pride? face?) ... but those financial savvy ones will think twice before paying more for a 'better' car. If our salary is only RM4, we couold not afford more than RM50k cars. That is my opinion ... and I could say, I could only afford a Proton ... and comfortable with it. Remember, the car need maintanince too ... the tear-n-wear. Well, it is always our own choice. Some won't mind driving a 'cheap' car ... but some will feel shy to drive a second-hand cheap car.

If we are spending RM1k for a car(for transportation purposes, not for showing off?), then with our RM4k salary it takes 25% of our income. If we are going to pay another 25% for house's instalment ... we are only left with RM2k for everything else. Utilities bills ... Astro, Unifi, Handphone, Electricity, Water, Indah Water ... that is like? Food ... and we are in tight situation ... financially. Trying to save RM400(10%) could be difficult.

Anyway ... everyone is feeling the pinch driving a car. Well, I m not sure if PKR will bring down the prices of the cars. Otherwise, we are so used to live with it. The jam ... the letters from bank reminding us about our instalments ... the back-dated utility-bills ... that is the squeeze in many of us under-paid employees, with the ever increasing cost of living.

Living below our means ... being simple and stay frugal. It is neccesary for me to be able to save 10% monthly, and to grow our saving in investing.

I posted a 2.0 cars before ... and for me to drive a Honda Accord, for example ... I must be financially free ... without worry of education for kids, without need to work so hard ... to meet ends.

I do hope our gov (BN or PKR) could consider an averagely low income bracket rakyat ... and reduce the prices of cars, petrol ... or abolish the tolls. That could help us a little.

Reflecting on what 'saiful', an odinary Malaysian words ... it is a need, not a want.


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