Sunday, March 31, 2013

TSH : High Volume Analysis

Morning ... I have not written anything much in ... and still feel more comfortable with my old-blogspot here. Well, I do know that i do need to update the more often ... even this blogspot is 'quiet', lack of my blah-blah in my daily postings.

Anyway, do check on my latest posting regarding 'high volume' analysis, using TSH as example. This is especially for those novices who need to understand how distributions and accumulations could take place.

Public transportation : I took my family for LRT and Monorail ride yesterday. Parked my car in KL Sentral, walked to monorail station and took it to Times Square. Well, I was late for Nicol's game(surprisingly, she lost) but had a dinner with a friend. Then ... we went to the indoor theme-park but it is too expensive and closing in an hour. We walked to monorial station ... took it to Hang Tuah station for a change to LRT, then have to changed to Masjid Jamek's station ... walk and walk ... to change LRT, taking another one back to KL Sentral. It is NOT cheap ... and the RM12 parking in KL Sentral is very expensive. Those taking LRT to work, and the walking during the peak period ... it is really a hassle.

Driving is becoming more convenient tho it is costly too. Do we have a choice?

It is Sunday ... time to be with family.

Nice weekend ahead.



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Car is an expensive item

KLCI is a bull run ... reaching 1670 now, incredible 4 days running ... and we are talking about 1700 soon?

Cars : Needs vs Wants

Days back, I read with interest someone written about Needs vs Wants and was thinking in my own personal context.


Ini foto saya dan saya buat kerja ini hingga saya bekerja sebagai pensyarah di Limkokwing University (2000-2002) semasa balik sekali sekala ke kampung. Selepas itu, ayah saya pun dah tak larat dan terpaksa upah kebun kepada orang lain. Saya... pernah miskin juga, semasa gaji saya RM2300 sebagai pensyarah rakan sekerja dah ada yang beli kereta Honda dengan installment RM1000 lebih. Saya cuma beli Kancil EX660 dgn installment RM361 sebulan. Saya sedar saya ada keluarga miskin yang adik-adik perlu ke sekolah dan masuk universiti, maka secara alam saya terdidik untuk korbankan kemahuan diri sendiri dan hanya mengutamakan keperluan (Greed Vs Need)

Mari saya tanyakan rasional mendidik nafsu diri. Kaya kita bukan kerana kita banyak duit tetapi kerana kita CUKUP. Pendapatan 100k sebulan jika nafsunya RM200k tetap kita jadi sangat miskin lagi.

Maka kuncinya ialah nafsu yang perlu dididik. Kita jarang sedar tujuan kereta yang hebat itu anda gunakan bukan untuk anda gunakannya sebagai kereta tetapi kepuasan nafsu diri apabila orang melihat anda hebat kerana memilikinya. Sama juga isu macam orang kaya kahwin artis, bolehlah rasa bangga berkokok bak ayam jantan. Jalan juga sudah jadi mendabik dada. Adakah kita beli kereta untuk diri kita atau untuk pandangan orang lain?

Itulah nafsu sebenarnya. Saya sering berpesan dalam siri ceramah saya, jika anda mampu beli BMW cukuplah hanya dengan Proton Waja, Jika mampukan Ferrari cukuplah hanya anda beli Mercedes.

Saya setuju kalau nak turunkan harga kereta. Woww...siapa yang taknak kan? Tapi jika nafsu tidak dididik, harini anda terpaksa bayar RM1000 sebulan untuk sebuah kereta keluarga, nanti jika harga dah turun, berapa ramaikah antara anda yang akan beli kereta keluarga pada kadar bayaran bulanan RM500? Atau anda akan upgrade kereta anda dan kekalkan bayaran balik RM1000 sebulan.

Soal harga kereta boleh turun saya yakin ada pihak dah buat kajian tentangnya. Itu kita serah pada mereka, pasti mereka bijak dalam urusan itu. Sekarang soalnya pada diri kita sendiri BAGAIMANA?


p/s SHARE jika rasa berfaedah.


As I am not a 'car' lover but prefer a bike ... I have no worry of driving a 'cheap' car. Even now, I m still riding my second-hand kap-chai. I view cars as a mode of transportation, to bring me from point A to point B, safely. If I could, I will ship my Kancil from Sabah, but as my two kids growing, the NEEDs of having a larger car is there ... and I bought my basic Proton 3 years ago. Taken 4 years loan, paying RM600 per month for the car ... it is a heavy hire-purchase item. Besides transportation ... most of us have to pay for monthly housing loans(or rentals) ... and food. These are three most basic of our needs.

Let us discuss on transportation. As I bought a place nearing to my office(about 5km), I do travel in a bike, to beat the jam and also much cheaper mode of transportation. More and more people opting to ride bike to work due to the hassle of jams, parkings, cost of tolls and petrol. But the risk is there as our roads are not really bike-friendly. If I could, I would love to cycle to office, but that is like ...inviting danger to our lives in daily basis. ouch. Our transportation system in Klang Valley is bad ... the buses and commuters could not be reached in many area, the LRT is not cheap, either. Driving is still the best choice for many of us, who do not wish to risk riding a bike.

Assuming our average wage/income is RM4,000 and to drive a 'better' car than Proton might cost us more RM1k easily. Then, we do need to think of the tolls ... it is costing me RM100 per month, with parking in malls or places. Petrol is about RM200 for me. So, for me ... the so-called cheap car costing me RM1000 per month. Those driving a so-called better imported cars need to cough up much more. And if u need to travel further than to offices, in daily basis ... driving do takes our TIME and MONEY. It is never cheap to drive a car in Klang Valley.

Now ... as driving a car is a neccesity, some prefer to buy more expensive cars ... well, more to fill their ego(pride? face?) ... but those financial savvy ones will think twice before paying more for a 'better' car. If our salary is only RM4, we couold not afford more than RM50k cars. That is my opinion ... and I could say, I could only afford a Proton ... and comfortable with it. Remember, the car need maintanince too ... the tear-n-wear. Well, it is always our own choice. Some won't mind driving a 'cheap' car ... but some will feel shy to drive a second-hand cheap car.

If we are spending RM1k for a car(for transportation purposes, not for showing off?), then with our RM4k salary it takes 25% of our income. If we are going to pay another 25% for house's instalment ... we are only left with RM2k for everything else. Utilities bills ... Astro, Unifi, Handphone, Electricity, Water, Indah Water ... that is like? Food ... and we are in tight situation ... financially. Trying to save RM400(10%) could be difficult.

Anyway ... everyone is feeling the pinch driving a car. Well, I m not sure if PKR will bring down the prices of the cars. Otherwise, we are so used to live with it. The jam ... the letters from bank reminding us about our instalments ... the back-dated utility-bills ... that is the squeeze in many of us under-paid employees, with the ever increasing cost of living.

Living below our means ... being simple and stay frugal. It is neccesary for me to be able to save 10% monthly, and to grow our saving in investing.

I posted a 2.0 cars before ... and for me to drive a Honda Accord, for example ... I must be financially free ... without worry of education for kids, without need to work so hard ... to meet ends.

I do hope our gov (BN or PKR) could consider an averagely low income bracket rakyat ... and reduce the prices of cars, petrol ... or abolish the tolls. That could help us a little.

Reflecting on what 'saiful', an odinary Malaysian words ... it is a need, not a want.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Stock Watch : New Lows

BJCorp : At 50cents .. holding.

MAS : 70cents still holding?

Sendai : Still supporting at 1.10.

Smartag : At 0.13 ... historical low.

Unisem : Low at 0.845 ... end of Feb.

YTLPower : Trading at 1.40 level now.

more to add in the list soon ..


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Malaysia in debt II

I was reading this week's The Edge this morning ... and this article worth reading. Well, I have turned into buying Focus for past weeks, rather than The Edge but this week article sound interesting.

"Malaysia's household debt-to-GDP ratio climbed to 80.5% last year from 75.8% the year before, making it one of the five most heavily indebted countries in Asia. Such high household debt could be a major threat to the economy should it falter, say economists."

Also read :

From Wiki : Household debt is defined as the amount of money that all adults in the household owe financial institutions. It includes consumer debt and mortgage loans. A significant rise in the level of this debt was a cause of the U.S. and European economic crises of 2007-2012. Several economists have argued that lowering this debt is essential to economic recovery in the U.S. and selected Eurozone countries.

CAP : Now you know why many Malaysians don't feel so well off, with this level of household debt. About half our disposal income goes to servicing debt. What are some of the factors driving the high household debt/disposal income ratio?

-High growth in consumer-driven spending
-Low interest rates encourage borrowing
-Ease credit by banking institutions due to financial liberalisation (translating into fat profits for the banks?!)
-Rising house prices especially in KL and Penang where the average house price to average income ratios are much higher
-and of course, low income/wages.

So, are we worry? We all should. With 16th years of DEFICIT budgets, our gov is bankrupting our country, and majority of Malaysians do not even know about it.

BR1M ... sigh ... it is like we ourselves in great debt, but we borrowed more money to give to others, to please them ... and gain popularity. One needs not to be an economist to understand the impacts. While many Malaysians 'happily' receiving the free money, many immigrants-turn-malaysians also queued to get the free-money, given generously by our gov ... well, with obvious reason : ELECTION.

Down-grading of Malaysia's debt rating

This is an old-clip ... but still a good reminder to ALL Malaysians. It is difficult as majority of Malaysians are ignorants.

Wake up, Malaysians.

Be educated.


Friday, March 22, 2013


Morning ... most, if not all, of us want to be happy. Indeed ... happiness is a commodity. We do spend lots of time ... to fulfil our needs, our wants ... and to fill our souls, in a hope of attaining happiness. What is happiness, anyway?

It is the most widely spoken word(besides money?) ... and there are many of us out there, seeking for happiness, yet we deny that we are seaching for it. The fact is there ... who are we kidding?

As I went through not so smooth childhood, I have always long to be 'happy' ... you know, the usual small boy who don't know what happiness is, without guidance or sharing. Is scoring distinctions in exam a happiness? Is having lots of friends bring us happiness? Is having that items we wanted to have ... could bring us happiness? All these are temporary ... seeking out deeper ... we all know those are superficial.

So, as we grow older ... seeing things in different aspect, from different angles ... perhaps we were trying to re-define our own happiness. Rushing into lives ... doing what others are doing could bring us a temporary thrills but that ain't lasting inside us. We all knew it ...the feeling of having that new ipad or iphone, perhaps a trip to a nice place ... or short moments with good friends. These are all ... fillng the gap inside us, just for a while.

I do know few of those happy ones who have 'God' in them. Yes, I do believe that is more lasting, even those we have nothing much, alone in empty space ... we are 'happy. So, having God with us could bring us those everlasting feelings of being loved ... and it is not explainable by words. It is a feeling.

1. Free our heart from hatred : It is something I have learnt over the years ... example, never use the the'hate'. Just say ... dislike or disapprove. It is OK to dislike something or someone. I do not have many I dislike, I accept most of people as I know how imperfect I am ... and at times, if I offended anyone, I will not hesitate to apologise. Yes, as I grew older ... I have changed so so much, more subtle, mellowed down ... and hmm .. I want peace? Love ... as we all understood it subjectively, is something we all search for ... but most of the time, we feel we deserve more? I m just as happy as God loves me and given me a beautiful family, to love and be loved. Forgiving others .. forgive ourselves .. and never to hate.

2. Free our mind from worries : I am not a worry-type but being humans, we do have our own worries. I do not worry much about what others say or see me, I m not worry about losing money in markets, I m not worry about many many things in office, I m not worry what to eat, wear etc etc ... but my worry perhaps is my family. I do worry of my health ... as I m working too hard, lack of rest and still taxing with loads of un-finished jobs, tasks, responsibilities ... and I do worry about my young kids, if they are to be without me. So, I m preparing for their future, making sure they will have enough for much of neccesities needed. I m also guiding my wife to manage the family financial. Yeah ... my worry is related to humans closest to my heart. Nothing else matter much ... so, no worry ... be happy?

3. Live simply : Oh yes ... I think I am a happy person as I am as I m such a simple person. I m not particular about many many things, except certain food I do not take(such as vege).

4. Give more : It is important to give generously ... in my sense, it is sharing of knowledge. Yes, knowledge is becoming very expsensive as it could help us making decisions.

5. Expect less : Always lower your expectation and one will be surprised that we could be very happy when our 'more than our expectation' happens ...

Have a happy day!!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Castle of Glass

"Castle Of Glass"

Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black where the sirens sing
Warm me up in a nova's glow
And drop me down to the dream below

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

Bring me home in a blinding dream,
Through the secrets that I have seen
Wash the sorrow from off my skin
And show me how to be whole again

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything else I need to be
'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see
For you to see

Been playing this nice song by Linkin Park repeatedly. Happy Birthday, Chester.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Greed Game

Morning ... no of classes will be reduced by half today onwards and for two weeks ... where I have to do tonnes of paperwork such as marking. Exams start ...

KLCI rebounded 4 points yesterday but we are still seeing 1600 level soon, rather than 1700.

My mind is not organised to write ... too many things clustered upstairs. Haha.

I just need to come out with shopping-list ... the 50cents list, the RM1 list ... and the RM2 list. Perhaps, a list of 20-30cents stocks too.

Time to be with kids today ... I am on half-day off today.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stock Watch : CSL(code : 5214)

CSL : Trading at 50cents level, unwanted after being goreng-ed since IPO. The sharp shot-up to RM1.80 plus level with huge volumes attracted many punters, newbies, forum-kaki ... and trapped by the operator(s). No escape at the moment ... even if we got it at IPO value but did not sell when it surged, we will need for it to be goreng-ed again ... back to RM1 level?

It is still worth watching as these China-stocks are speculative in nature and the risk was very high. The more recently listed China-stock is CAP .. which surge to RM1.20plus, from IPOabout 80cents. What a trap ... and it is trading below 40cents now. Check it out to understand how risky trading these China-stocks.

Note : I was discussing XinQuan with my e-stock analysis group last night. XQ is also a China-shoe-stock, which still moving at 90cents levels. Will other China-shoe counters move too?


How low will CPO go?

Nothing much to write as I will be too busy running again ... KLCI to find support at 1600 levels again?

CPO : I was reading this article ... as I hv to be selected with my readings due to time constraints, this is a good pick. It is take from The Edge. : I did not notice that there are many e-mail sent there. Sorry for my delay ... and will get back to many who are requesting to join the group as sson as I could find some space and time. That would be next week or so. Sorry for the delay ... I forgotten about it. Do like my page in facebook and that is the best way to communicate. I seldom read e-mail as I have hundreds there.

Got to go and classes till night.



Monday, March 18, 2013

KLCI broken supports

When KLCI broken 1650 level, I have alerted many and posted in

Today, we expect it to go lower ... check 1600 support again.

Will like to analyse YTLPower, new low.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learning takes time

Saturday ... just finished hours of classes ... and rest for an hour before our tratles-meeting. Not many attending the meeting now as many are sidelined and waiting for election. Well, when will be the annoucement?

Days ago, when Najib was reported to came out from Istana, market started to show fear and weaknesses. So, I went to short FKLI on that day as 1650 support broken. I have placed to everyone on Tuesday that KLCI is pending to move lower. On Monday's e-stock analysis, I shown the group the property and construction sectors showing overbought and signs of reversal. On Wed night, in the e-meeting, plantation index showing reversal too ... the finance index was supporting our manipulated KLCI. When PBBank coming down, the support for KLCI ... broken.

In the last 10-minutes, as it shown many of times ... KLCI have a sell-down. KLCI closed lower than the 20MA, at 1627 levels now. The technical chart of KLCI is not good ... should we be seeing 1600 again. So, we are in bearish view ... yet again. The rebound was not sustainable, tho it was reported that some 'foriegn' funds are nibbling on our KLSE's stocks? Arguements if the funds are genuinely from foreign was analysed in The Edge.

XinQuan : Sold all at 0.89 yesterday but it shot up to 0.91 before retracing. I grabbed at 0.81 and some days ago and posted in my stock-watch group. No one told me they followed the trade as I pointed out the risk. Majority of retailers are side-lined.

Digi : The only stocks I failed to clear for profits as I have sold all the stocks I bought about 3 weeks ago, playing on the short rebound with profits. So, I do have paper-loss in DiGi now. Will have to cut-loss as it has broken 4.55 support.

To be a good investor or a trader, it takes TIME. A complete novice entry will be to gain knowledge ... that is my tratles-trading course is for ... the novices, learning the terms and to accumulate knowledge. FA and TA ... many terms we need to familiarise.

I am reaching the average investor levels now, after 5 years in market. So, it has taken me some 2-3 years to learn the terms, strategies, set-ups and more ... and another 2-3 years now of experiences in trading/investing. In my humble opinion, a person will be able to move up another notch ... to become a good trader/investor ... after about 8-10years of doing the two lower stage : Knowledge + Experiences. So, in other words ... we do need years ... to understand how things work. And the more we know, the more we don't know, actually. The subject is too huge ... we do need to focus in what we know, and move from there. Focus ... and be persistent.

It will takes me another 3-5 years to be considered as a good trader and a good trainer too. Currently, I do have my cohort-9 going-on, and will take a rest before starting cohort-10, if there is still demand of me to share some knowledge.

In total, we need 10 years ... to be good investors. We are also assuming that one continue to learn and take losses gracefully, to identify the mistakes ... correcting them and move on. Not many will have that 'determination' and/or presistence. It takes discipline ... a strong goal and certainly takes a lot of time. The more we share with others, we could learn the finer pointers/details.

Illogical punters ... retailers who trade base on rumours, or readings from some media(newspaper, magazine, forums ... ) will be the losers, most of the time. Understanding how these media is being used to 'trap' retailers is also very important.

Without knowledge ... and experiences, we could never be able to stay long in market as it is the survival of the fittest. It is a zero-sum game ... someone win, someone have to lose. Most fund-managers will be getting the fat bonuses, while retailers in market will be feeding these fund-managers, manipulators, insiders, syndicates ... there is where our losing money goes.

I will try to find some time to read this week's article.

I was too busy to follow much of news ... may it be markets-linked or general news. Everyday, I do have average about 6-8 hours of classes. Then, at nights ... I do have e-meetings. Next week exams start ... I will be free from some classes but the crazy marking will start. I will be locking myself here, listing to songs ... watching KLCI ... while marking. It will be a whole week ... isolating myself in my own office. I need to get it done ... and go for a short break.

Sepang Gold-Coast is having a good offer ... and will be staying a night there, for a short break with family.

Philea-SPA : Going to Malacca again ... and this will be a nice place.

Sulu : Wat is going on ... the latest? The battle is over?

PI Bala : Passed away yesterday. Heart attack, I heard.

Time to read less ... and take a good break.

Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Emmanuel Kelly's Imagine


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say
I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

This is great, being shared. Do share.

He is from Iraq, war-torn country, in orphanage ... without 'perfect' limbs. A strong God-driven lady from Australia brought two of these brothers up ... and now, he is singing John Lennon's Imagine.

Breaking through normal human's discriminations ... the lack of courage ... and spirit, to show that humans are great, if we wanted to be.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

KLCI below 1650

Just updated the as KLCI shown significant changes. Do check it.

Time for e-meeting with the tratles group.

Thanks for viewing.


Small people, great people

Taken from : Clement Hii's FB. Many nice quotes there. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I do not try to explain to anyone many of things ever since I realised that we could never get our points across. If a person meant to understand you, accept you as you are ... that is good enough. Letting go of many more mis-understandings is very important to preserve our energy and focus in what we want to do.


Pre-election rally on ...

Tuesday ... yesterday in last minutes, KLCI pushed up and closed 4 points positive. Interesting ... FGV, Tenaga ... Maybank being used. KLCI consists of 30 counters, so it is easier to be pushed --- up or down. Technically, it is holding above 1650, making it to rebound off this support ... and we are expecting it to go to 1665 levels now. FKLI closed at 1664 yesterday, following the last minute surge. Those who short-FKLI have to cover their positions. Election is nearing ... the so-called pre-election in place ... more analysis, if I have time to share will be written in my 'quiet' new site ... ... will be extremely busy for another 2 weeks or so(due to coming trial exams etc etc).

Election : Till today, everyone is talking about it ... and this time they said election will be surely in April. Heck ... these un-neccessary speculation, giving markets its jitters ... and trading should be short.

Lahad Datu : How is the situation now?

Property : Last weekend, Sunway Pyramid was having a mini property expo ... I was asking about a project, by Andaman ... where they guaranteed you the rental for 10 years?? Wow ... that is a good point, no need to worry if we could rent out the units or collecting rentals. So ... what is the catch? To begin with, it is OVER-priced. RM300-400 per sqft and lower end quality finishing ... it is not worth the amount, and if we are going to sell it next time after 10 years ... it may not appreciate as much, or perhaps have to sell much lower price!! I went to Serdang to take a look ...

Another similar project by them which completed(3 units left) was South City's Academia condo. It looks more like a flat or an apartment rather than RM300k-RM500k condo!! And the huge South City Plaza was virtually ... empty. Last Sunday, there was a soft-launching in the bowling alley, and thought of joining for the game ...haha. Anyway, the emptiness of the huge mall ... giving us the similar feeling when we always visit Summit Mall in USJ1(they improved since CapitalMall taken over, actually).

Now, how do the banks calculate how much loans they could provide? As a 3rd property, we could only take 70% loans. Assuming RM300k units, we need to come out with RM90k cash as deposit, or we may use our EPF's second account. If our salary is an average RM5k, 80% of that is RM4k loans allowed. Well, are we eligible for the loans?

Dental : Yesterday I went for my 4th visitation. Terrible ... spent another 300 bucks to mend some decaying teeth. Well, lack of oral hygiene ... and time to pay the prices.

Girl : It has been a week now since my little girl knocked her head(was in kinder!!) and the bruised was quiet serious. My wife sent her to second doc for check-up yesterday. It is 'pain' to see our little ones in such situation. But, I am not angry with the kinder ... accidents happen. We could only take pre-caution and reminding the teachers that she is not so 'normal' ... having learning disabilities and quite active in nature. Still thinking that a 'normal' school would be better for her, or else home schooling rather than sending her to OKU's special school.

Many more things I wanted to write about ... but these few things hanging in my head.

More classes the whole day/week ... and with e-meetings still on at nights, I am tired.

Got to run again ... and don't know when I could be back again.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Malaysia is in debt.

AW : Do you know that Malaysia has 520 billion Ringgit of debts?

Do you also know that the Malaysian Govt guarantees Govt-Linked Companies (GLCs) another 116 Billion Ringgit for the loans taken by these GLCs?

That would come to 636 Billion Ringgit in total debts the UMNO-BN govt has to bear which means the rakyat has to pay in the years to come. ...

That would also mean the total debts had exceed the 1969 legislation of the nation's debt cannot exceed 55% of our GDP. World bank report says Malaysia is one of the richest countries in the world in the past but with Malaysia now behind our former competitors namely South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and China, where is our destiny in the future.

Do you also know that after BR1M 2.0, the BN govt had spent RM4billion which is also on borrowed funds? These were distributed to the rakyat in the following segment:-

a) 40% of the rakyat earning less than RM1,500 per month,

b) 58% of the rakyat earning less than RM3,000 per month.

Composition of Household Debt

The biggest portion of the Malaysian household debt goes to paying off housing loans followed by passenger car loans, personal use, securities purchase, and credit cards.

Malaysians take on increasing amount of housing loans because of rising house prices, low or negative interest rates, and speculative activities. Banks and other financial institutions have encouraged borrowing by offering low down-payment, some as low as 5% of the value of the property, while developers provide marketing incentives in the form of payment of certain transaction costs and interest- “free” financing during the construction period.

There are strong indicators to suggest that house prices and ability to service housing loans have been overstretched in Malaysia. A ratio of house price to household income of 3 to 4 times is internationally acceptable but this ratio has risen to over 6 times and over 8 times in Kuala Lumpur and Penang island respectively.

Next to housing loans, car loans form the second largest category of household loans. This is due to Malaysia’s misguided national car policy encouraging car ownership, to support Proton at the expense of a good public transport system. As a result, ordinary Malaysians are burdened with significant car loans that consume a large part of their income. In fact, car loans are stretched over a long period to enable borrowers to pay off their loans, such that the cars become obsolete no sooner when the loans are fully repaid.


So ... we have few credit-cards ... and using money beyond our means? And our inflation rate is 5% ... or are they claiming it to be 2%? 

We are in trouble if we still think that we are 'rich' and we could afford many more things ...

Time to be prudent. Be frugal. Be wise ... financially.


Scams in Malaysia

For information purposes.

1) The Cafe Scams - Island Red Cafe & Stevens Corner(strange, both in Pandan Indah) - Island Red Cafe collects members RM6,000 each and promised 5% return every month and even give you a name in the ROC as a shareholder but what's the point... when they run away ? Stevens Corner, the famous indian coffee shop follows due to drop of business since their renovation. They collect RM3,000 per member and promise return of RM150 monthly and plans to open nice fanchisee cafe called StevensTeaGarden. Someone mentioned they will make you sign an agreement that give them the rights NOT to pay you anything in future. If you really wish to join, ask for a copy of their agreement and consult your lawyer BEFORE paying them. Bet you will NOT get a copy. Both collect monies from new members with MLM recruitment schemes and pay the old members like Sunshine Empire. You never know when they will run away.

2) Sunshine Empire - This licensed and legal Company has an impressive office at the ground level of KUB building along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, near Menara Public Bank and AmBank Building. They also have a showroom office at the ground level in the next building. 2 or 3 months ago, Singapore's Straits Times and The Paper published big news reminding their people to be careful and NOT to believe in them. Hope someone can put up the link or google for it.(As expected, they STOPPED paying back members now and all investors LOST their money). Someone below has put a link to the Singapore news. In fact there are more to it. Although Singapore is investigating them, they did not stop their business as the business is legal and so far, no Singaporean have failed to receive their commissions as promised. Thus, the government cannot stop them yet. The news published that the founder, director and group president is someone named James Phang but he is NOT the owner. Isn't this quite strange ? At the end of the game, James Phang can just disappear from the Company easily and claimed that he was just "employed". Such trick always happened in scam businesses. Now, the Company has STOPPED paying commissions and interests to members with the excuse that the Singapore government has freezed their bank account while under investigation. Do you think their boss will be so stupid to keep much monies in the bank to be freezed ? They are all transfered away. It's just an excuses not to pay back to members and members are only paid "e-bonus-points" which is cashless. If they wish to convert to cash, they have to recruit new members to pay them cash and the recruiter less out trom the amount. So victims act like Vampires and "forced" to victimise other victims if they wish to get their monies back. And their victims will later transform to vampires and the scam carries on.....

3) MOBILWALLET - This Company owned by 2 young men, Stanley & Rey Gan, office in Queens Avenue Park has collect multi-millions the last 2 years. Claimed that they tied up with Telekoms, Utility Board payment like Water & Electricity bills, even Maybank got fooled by them. Advertisement Billboards everywhere. They STOPPED paying back their members few months ago and the members cannot do anything because they are made to sign an agreement unaware that they have to claims if the company stopped paying them by CHANGING terms and policies.

4) Water businesses - Oxygenated and alkaline water products - Some of these are bottled water and some are filters or equipment that claimed the trick. One of the better known Company that sold "oxygen" water is SITO(supposed to stand for Selangor International Trading Organiszation and claimed Selangor State Government owned some share in it). The key person and founder is a Dato Robert Ong from Rawang but his name is no longer in the business now. Their products are sold for RM2 to RM3 for a 350ml bottle and now concentrating mostly in the Indian market. Their Chinese and Malays market are long gone since a year or 2 ago. Their customers are made to believe that their water has more oxygen and able to give miraculous effects for the body. Water is H2O, how to put more O into it ? Anyone knows how much oxygen do we breathe into our body everyday at FOC ? Latest news is that this SITO Company is going to create new label to market under a new Company since the SITO name has already gone bad. Someone informed that this Company is owing alot of money(due to refunds) to ex-stockists but just refuse to pay them. (Latest news, SITO shifted to another place and their MLM business has closed but planning to start again with a different name, beware !!) Alkaline Products - Can anyone explain how it can work for the body ? The stomach's gastric liquid is so acidic that water of any pH that goes through it will not make any difference.

5) Car Fuel Booster - K-Link, the famous scam MLM Company that sold the footpatch TAKARA, later the "cock-ring" and energy-card launched the patrol-saving pills last year. Got so hot that even grocery shops are selling for them. Recently many of these cars that used the pills are rushing to the workshops to clean the residual. Few months ago, another MLM Company launched a fuel booster gadget, claimed that saves up to 20% fuel, that is attached to the cigarette lighter. Started off well using binary plan but businese begin to fade now and most users find it NOT effective.

6) Perfumery Products(eg. Lampe Berger & Bel Air)(more details later). Lampe Berger is not so hot now in the neighbouring countries but there are still new victims every month in Malaysia. Must thanks to those who have contributed and kept the thread alive here in Kopitiam. Bel-Air have closed in Malaysia. LB is almost zero in Singapore. This perfumery product from France with over 100 years history are just bottles and fragrances(check the factory's website) but the Company marketing them in Asia claimed "aromatheraphy" products. Hong Kong TVB aired a program that exposed their scam but their members claimed that HK's TVB already apologised to them(no evidence, of course). Note that the biggest strenght in a MLM Scam is their members will go all the way to lie in order to defend for their Company. The reason is simple; these members fear that they will not be able to make their money back if the Company collapsed. Knowing that the Lampe Berger products are moving slow, they add a line of skincare products named Estebel, also claime to have over 100 years history in France.(Hardly anymore Chinese newcomers, they are now tapping the Malays in Malaysia). Mostly only Bumis active members now but their top earner Steven Yeam have already left and started a new MLM Company(see No. 21 below).

7) Energy Products(eg. stone pendants, bracelets, mattress and pillows). They use all sorts of gimmicks and demonstration to make you into believing them. They will do some tricks and demo to prove that these products really produce energy BUT is there any tricks in their demo ? So what if there really produce energy; is it good or strong enough to help the body ? Are those simple products made of some simple materials worth RM300 to up to RM3000 each ? The effect is actually PLACEBO which I will elaborate in a new thread soon.(more details later)

8) Hi-Tech products(names like bio-tech, nano-tech that claimed millions of dollars of research involved, eg Bio-Young and XKL few years ago). Most of these will claimed a professor behind them(even with name and picture of a person) or used words like "U.S.A. formula", "German Technology" or "Nanotechnology" but with no further details. If you ask for more details like the professor or factory's address, the answer will be "trade secrets".

9) Investment Schemes - SWISSCASH is the King of all. Swisscash is nearly over now but there are many similar and smaller ones that are still on.(Now, it's closed or stopped paying back members)

10) GoldQuest - This Company that claimed to be HK-based started with some non-value gold-plated coins that are sold for over RM2,000 have several names and changed products several times. QuestVacation, QuestNet, etc. They have several offices in Amcorp Mall, PJ and their key person(in fact, the owner), a Malaysian Indian was arrested last year in Indonesia for having involved in a very big Phillipines scam. Most of their overseas offices are closed or inactive but their Malaysia business is still hot, with some "energy" products.(Can someone please provide a link which showed the news that their boss was involved in a big scam in Philippines and was arrested last year ?)

11) Numerology & Fortune telling - A Company named Visiber is using MLM to sell fortune telling classes using your birthday based on Numerology fortune telling. Prpspects will be told that they need to buy a certain "number" between 1 to 9 in the form of pendants or bracelets made of silver with stainless steel or platinum plated, and sold from RM600 to RM20,000. Customers, or rather victims are mostly females from rural areas. Very hot in Penang now and a number of spin-off Companies have started.

12) MJ-Life - This Company boost of a very big background with many many years of history which is NOT true. Their people or associates may be long in business but nothing to do with their MLM launched recently. Why do I consider it a scam or bad ? New members are told to pay a sum of money(up to RM1000) and you get NOTHING for it. You only get a membership can entitle you to enjoy all sorts of special price and discounts when you have medical check-ups in their centres. They will claim all those check-ups cost more if done elsewhere. It's not true. Only the naive and those new to medical check-ups will fall victims to them. Most members who paid the money ended up with nothing.

13) Seaweed Venture Scams - 1 such Company is located in Taman Maluri, Cheras. They will ask you to invest a few thousands ringgits for their venture of growing seaweeds in East Malaysia and you are guaranteed returns. To gain your confidence further, they will tell you your investment money is secured by "insurance" or "unit trusts" & "trustees". When you ask for further documents to prove, they will give all sorts of excuses or just ignore you because they know they cannot get you. These Seaweed scam is one of the hottest now, warn all your friends about it before they are victimised.

14) MXM(previously MGM) - This is a master scam owned by a Dato Kam(Pathlab) tapping the younger group, very successful 2 or 3 years ago but since they moved to their big 10-storey office at Phileo Damansara and changed name to MXM, their business dropped. They collect members RM3,000 to RM4,000 with credit card monthly easy payment and in return you get a hospital benefits insurance from Pacific Insurance worth only a few hundred RMs together with some you-don't-need medical check-ups from their associate Company Pathlab. Also talk about fitness, lifestyles bullshit that is all worthless.

15) Gano Excel/I-Touch Life/GEW2u - This company from the north, a copycat of DXN selling Lingzhi capsules created a new Company called Gano iTouch to cash-in on the internet like e-Cosway after their Company went down the drain since the last 2 years, selling Linzhi and some no-value energy pendants and alkaline water gadgets. They provide free transport every weekend from KL to visit their Alor Star office. It did not work well and recently in mid-2009 changed name to GEW.

16) NuLife(HK) - This Company started by some HK people has been in Malaysia for more than 10 years but they have flopped in HK and Malaysia due to bad management and a product scam making use of a prosecuted American named Dr Jeffrey Bland, found guilty of false products claim. Since this case in the US leaked out and many Malaysians found out that the real boss in HK is a Steven Tang(he cheated many Malaysians in another scheme about 20 years ago) their business went down all the way. Now they claim Malaysian partners cheated them and start a new Company in Malaysia. Watch out, this new Company will come out with some investment scheme idea that will get many to lose their money.

17) Arowana Fish Breeding, Oora from Germany, Biofuel(Kompleks Maluri) etc - These are some newer scams. Arowana fish venture ask you to invest some money and give you fixed return. Biofuel will tell you their Indonesia connections(just like Sunshine Empire before using Taiwan) & Oora from Germany(I never trust those cruel Germans) that market some bio-chips and a gadget that claims to give energy and therapeutic effects of accupunture, tai-chi, yoga, etc depending how you set the toy-like gadget, wear it on your body and you get the effect later. They could not explain or provide any demonstration to prove their effectiveness. Only doctors and papers claim that I will never trust. The health effect is actually PLACEBO, which I will elaborate in a different thread.

18) Easy-Pharmax !! - How could I missed this out earlier. I thought I mentioned this until I got e-mails asking me about it. This is easily in the TOP 3 during the last 2 years. Owned by a Dato Yeap(another Dato !!) Members are tricked to invest up to RM40,000 with the false promise that the Company will use e-commerce and online selling to dispose their goods and recover their monies. It won't happen, of course.

19) Gold Investment Scheme - This is an old trick but back again by several Companies promising a GURANTEE FIXED RETURN income like many other schemes. Try to ask for a copy of their fixed return agreement and consult your lawyer. Common sense tell you any business that promises a fixed return to UNLIMITED numbers of investors, higher than bank interests must be a scam.

20) Score-A or Skor-A: This Company sells you an online program of past Malaysian examinations papers for primary and secondary school students for self-testing for up to a few hundred RMs per membership. It actually cost them nothing. Members are told to invest in a few units, again using MLM with the promise of getting rich. The same program can be purchased from Utusan for just a fraction of their price and you can get better programs.

21) NEW SCAMS : a) GRI(Global Royal International) - The boss behind this scheme is multi-billionaire James Pang(the big scammer waiting for trial in Singapore because of Sunshine Empire). Before Sunshine Empire, he operated NOP and SwissCash. This time, he is using a lot of representatives and MLM leaders since his passport is held by Singapore government and he cannot come to Malaysia. I am told that anyone who is bold enough to call himself a MLM leader in Malaysia can visit his rep in Malaysia or Singapre and they will be given at least RM5,000 as some expenses subdsidy if you are willing to market for them. b) One Community Worldwide - Tapping a mostly Bumi market and owned by Steven Yeam(SYN) and Willie Lim of Lampe Berger previously(the Chinese no longer trust them). They are selling a negative ion mattress for RM25,000 !! The same modal, I have seen before for RM2000 from Korea. If you cannot afford RM25K ??? You can buy therapy package for RM300. Don't believe in such product ? You can go for some chlorostrum(virgin cow's milk from nowhere) c) English-Learning Program Online - ESL(an online English learning program) You are asked to pay RM100 for one or 2 years usage of online learning. Started by a Malaysian Indian man by the name of Dr. Edward, this program has changed names at least 2 or 3 times since the last one year due to poor response and a lot of "technical problems". I consider it a scam because you are paying money for nothing tangible to direct-selling company through MLM and their program has been very "unstable" as my source put it.

Note : These was shared in FB and I think it is good to share with many. Well, these are not new, read about it years back ... but a good reminder to be shared(for those ignorants, uninformed ones). Saw TKW shared this piece to i3-forum too ... good and thanks.

Someone shared with me about GVF = Global Venture Financing. Yet another forex scams ... mushrooming in Malaysia, from our neighbour. Be aware.

Yet another long week ahead. Have a nice week.


Friday, March 08, 2013

Berjay's Group

BJCorp : Low at 0.51 ... and back to that level again.

Nice clip for the boss, VT. Happy B-day.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

KLCI at resistance

KLCI reaching resistance level now ... many stocks reversed or hitting resistance too. So, it is time to take profits for those buying into last week. I have sold MRCB and YTL yesterday

DOW still in green .... today is THU, will be extremely busy to write. so, I just drop few lines to remind some that it is at resistance. MRCB and YTL are at resistance too.

Nice picture of Mt Kinabalu, SABAH ...

Got to go ... and do trade cautiously.


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

KLCI : Pre-election rally?

Wednesday morning ... another rushing day.

KLCI : still bullish ... check for the analysis. done.

DOW : At higher level now ... 14253. How is that? wow.

Apples : I am on apple-diet and I have taken 8 apples so far in two days. Four apples a day to keep all doctors away? Will update and post the results of my diet after 1 week. yup. By the way, Apple stock has not recovered, in fact it dived below 450 ... to 420 at low. It closed 430 yesterday. Apple peaked around 700 levels, so ... at current moment, market cap below USD400bil now, and no longer the 'most expensive' stock. What is going on? It was moving higher and higher ... making new higher but now we shall be checking USD350, half of the peak point. Buy?

MRCB : A good trade in the making ... many took the trade when I mentioned to them for 2-3 weeks ... and in e-stock analysis too. But those who prefer not to take the risk(of election) are advised to stay sideway. Taking profit position soon ... what is next?

KLCI up another 5 points ... great. Sold YTL 1.68 for third round. Too busy to watch, so buy these steady one, keep moving few cents higher each day.

got to go ...


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stock Watch : SeGi

SEG : Borken support 1.68 yesterday ... at1.61, touched 1.67 this morning. Technically, it will rebound. Reported not so good profit so far.

Digi : Was discussed last night e-stock analysis, and asked all to watch if there is a movement, need to go in. Glad one of them told me he went in. Will see the rebound sustainable?

UEMLand : Broken 2.35 and going higher. Someone in my stock watch bought too. I have asked them to check on 2.60 level to sell. It is sell, not a buy now.

TM : Still resisted at 20MA. No buying for those missed the low.

YTL : Bought 1.63 ... still going storng at 1.67 now. Keep till momentum losing, sell for RM500+ profits. Good.

MRCB : Another stock which I place in stock watch and disccused in e-stock analysis group. Glad that many bought into her, some around 1.27 and another batch went in when it broken 1.31. I Grabbed 1.32-1.33 too. Need to check 1.45 to sell.

SPSetia : Rebounded from the RM3 levels I have given to the stock-watch group. It went to RM3.50 which I asked them to sell ... it dived back to 3.15 levels before rebounded off to 3.35 now.

FKLI : I did not short yet .... as this is bull running. We do not go against market directions ... tho I have been side-lined for a month or so, last week I started to move into buying some stocks for trading purposes. It is profitting me OK ... quick trades, profit ... take it.

It is Mac now ... those who wish to join my stock watch or stock analysis group, do contact me at



Monday, March 04, 2013

Financial Freedom?

Morning ...  what are the 'latest'?

Lahad Datu : A nice small town, abandoned ... as some distance away, some battles going on. Read that 2 + 5 policemen got killed so far. So sad. army is moving in ... more bloodshed expected. Hope they could get some peaceful settlement. May peace prevail ... but men with their egos, they like to make claims!!

Will it affect the markets?

New lows : BHIC reaching new lows .. Biosis, Amedia and Smartag too. Sendai ... and many more nearing to new low such as YTLPower, MAS ... KNM ... many more.

Market is still in cautious-mode, despite it shows some buying coming in. The uncertainties of GE and Suluk, making many retailers in anxious-mode ... should we be moving in to capture that small rebound? Or is it moving to 1680 levels again ... and we do not want to miss the 'rally'? pre-election rally, anyone?

Ice-cream advertisement :

Last week was 'different' ... I m trying to do something not common for a week, such as going for an hour lunch(normally just 10-15 minutes) and do some reading(Dilbert!!) ... then for weekend, I did not on my pc ... no blogging(haha ... minus the Sat and Sun blah-blah ...) only checking on my FB using ipad. Went for nice dinner with family ... BangkokBeat was nice ... and one of our fav restaurant, Bubba-Gumb(I like prawns). Saturday morning ... before my classes, we went for jogging in the playground. Great ways of doing something different!!

Financial freedom : I was glad to share with my wife a simple conversation about 'money'. Just merely 3-4 years ago, she will be stressed due to 'lack' of money to use. Today, she is slighly more educated about money. As I am slowly teaching her about personal finances, she will be given the 'freedom' to use ... some allocated amount of money. I have increased the 'ceiling' substantially. So, she feels she is financially free now. Great feeling ... when you do not need to think of buying that fav fish to cook as it is 'costly' ... or wanting to buy some clothes/shoes. Once we learn to be simple, and understand that we actually needs very little items, we will not continue to spend more and more on items.

A good example is ... my kids toys. My boy is so privileged. Always wanting to buy something new and more toys. Yes ... he is failing to appreciate what he is having. So, I have told my wife many of times ... it is not the money that we could afford(or not) ... it is the characters we are building in him. He got so many toys that he can't even appreciate anything much anymore. All he wants is a new one, see? Slowly, I think my wife start to get my points ... after few years of trying to explain simple concept of lives.

I am glad ... when patience paid off. I have to be patient ... and to teach finances to 'normal' people is difficult. Buying into many things is not living ... it is in-fact giving us the un-neccesary stressful situation. Having the control of our urge to buyings ... and knowing that we are trying to balance our living, into a more simple ones ... could make us a happier person. I do hope to teach my kids that ...

How do we measure 'financial freedom'? As our expenses should be relative to our abilities to earn ... we should still place maximum amount we should be spending one certain items such as food, clothings/attires, entertainments, gadgets, etc etc.

Example : If one is earning RM5k, a once a week dinner of RM50 is ok ... then if we are earning RM10k, once a week dinner of RM100 is ok too.

So, in her view, we are achieving our financial-freedom .. thats feeling is great!! In my view, we have not achieve that ... as I do still need to work whole day and whole week ... to exchange my time with 'money' ... to earn, save and invest. One day ... I do know, if I am persistent ... I will feel financially free too ... without needing to worry much about financial ... for my kids' education, health and wealth being.

Live below your means ... as the most common words telling us. I will maintain that.

Have a nice day and week ahead. May not be able to write due to tight schedules and wanting to do more un-common things.


Friday, March 01, 2013

Little voices

KLCI jumped 13 points yesterday, giving many a bullish surprise. KLCI is above 20MA now, and we are on the road to recovery, to 1650 next and 1680.

I will have 8 hours of classes today, so I do need to reserve my 'energy' for that loong hours later on. So, I done somethin 'different' again ... by going for breakfast in a bakery shop!! Days ago, I took an hour off from my busy schedules ... to have a nice lunch, in an 'empty' restaurant ... and reading Scott Adam's Dilbert book. Haha ... and I find it as very nice, worth the time spent by being with myself.

To This Day by Shane Koyczan

To This Day

When I was a kid I used to think that pork chops and karate chops were the same thing
I thought they were both pork chops
and because my grandmother thought it was cute
and because they were my favourite she let me keep doing it not really a big deal

 one day before I realized fat kids are not designed to climb trees
 I fell out of a tree and bruised the right side of my body I didn’t want to tell my grandmother about it because I was afraid I’d get in trouble for playing somewhere that I shouldn’t have been
 a few days later the gym teacher noticed the bruise and I got sent to the principal’s office
 from there I was sent to another small room with a really nice lady who asked me all kinds of questions about my life at home
 I saw no reason to lie as far as I was concerned life was pretty good
 I told her “whenever I’m sad my grandmother gives me karate chops” this led to a full scale investigation
 and I was removed from the house for three days
until they finally decided to ask how I got the bruises
news of this silly little story quickly spread through the school and I earned my first nickname
pork chop
to this day I hate pork chops

I’m not the only kid who grew up this way
surrounded by people who used to say that rhyme
about sticks and stones
as if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called
and we got called them all
so we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us
that we’d be lonely forever
that we’d never meet someone to make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their tool shed
so broken heart strings bled the blues as we tried to empty ourselves so we would feel nothing
don’t tell me that hurts less than a broken bone
that an ingrown life is something surgeons can cut away
that there’s no way for it to metastasize it does
she was eight years old our first day of grade three when she got called ugly
we both got moved to the back of the class so we would stop get bombarded by spit balls
but the school halls were a battleground where we found ourselves outnumbered day after wretched day we used to stay inside for recess because outside was worse
outside we’d have to rehearse running away or learn to stay still like statues giving no clues that we were there in grade five
they taped a sign to her desk that read beware of dog
to this day despite a loving husband she doesn’t think she’s beautiful
because of a birthmark that takes up a little less than half of her face
kids used to say she looks like a wrong answer that someone tried to erase but couldn’t quite get the job done
and they’ll never understand that she’s raising two kids whose definition of beauty begins with the word mom
because they see her heart before they see her skin that she’s only ever always been amazing
he was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree
but not because his parents opted for a different destiny he was three when he became a mixed drink of one part left alone and two parts tragedy
started therapy in 8th grade had a personality made up of tests and pills lived like the uphills were mountains and the downhills were cliffs four fifths suicidal a tidal wave of anti depressants and an adolescence of being called popper
one part because of the pills and ninety nine parts because of the cruelty
he tried to kill himself in grade ten when a kid who still had his mom and dad had the audacity to tell him “get over it”
as if depression is something that can be remedied by any of the contents found in a first aid kit
to this day he is a stick of TNT lit from both ends
could describe to you in detail the way the sky bends in the moments before it’s about to fall and despite an army of friends who all call him an inspiration he remains a conversation piece between people who can’t understand sometimes becoming drug free has less to do with addiction and more to do with sanity
we weren’t the only kids who grew up this way to this day kids are still being called names
the classics were hey stupid hey spaz
seems like each school has an arsenal of names getting updated every year
and if a kid breaks in a school and no one around chooses to hear do they make a sound?
are they just the background noise of a soundtrack stuck on repeat when people say things like kids can be cruel?
every school was a big top circus tent
and the pecking order went from acrobats to lion tamers from clowns to carnies
all of these were miles ahead of who we were we were freaks
lobster claw boys and bearded ladies
oddities juggling depression and loneliness playing solitaire spin the bottle trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal but at night while the others slept we kept walking the tightrope it was practice and yeah some of us fell but I want to tell them that all of this
shit is just debris leftover when we finally decide to smash all the things we thought we used to be and if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself
get a better mirror
look a little closer
stare a little longer
because there’s something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit you built a cast around your broken heart and signed it yourself you signed it “they were wrong”
 because maybe you didn’t belong to a group
or a click maybe they decided to pick you last for basketball
or everything maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth to show and tell but never told because how can you hold your ground if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it you have to believe that they were wrong
they have to be wrong
why else would we still be here?
we grew up learning to cheer on the underdog
because we see ourselves in them we stem from a root planted in the belief that we are not what we were called
we are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on a highway
and if in some way we are don’t worry we only got out to walk and get gas
we are graduating members from the class of fuck off we made it not the faded echoes of voices crying out names will never hurt me
of course they did but our lives will only ever always continue to be a balancing act
that has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty. —

Name calling : I was called 'pai kuat' during my schooling days nicked by a Math teacher as I was very thin. I felt embarrassed and the laughters could drown a young boy.

There are still many being bullied and name-calling is a mild manner. Silently, many will keep many things to themselves and seeing their world to be dark.

Not until we grown up, we get bit matured that we could let-go, laugh things off and seeing things positively. We are being ridicule silly because we are 'different' may it be physical or we are not following the mainstream/trends.

Always remember that we are all born equal. We should not discriminate ... The colours of our skins, our so-called status, our political views, our nationalities, our wat-have-u. In God's eyes, we are equal. But we would be discriminating others? What culture is that?

Make the world a slightly better world to others. That is when we could say that we have 'lived'.


I worte the above in my facebook after listening to the 'poem', creatively created. Do listen. We may not mean it, but at times our words will hurt others, un-intentionally. There might very 'bad' people who enjoy insulting others, but I believe they are the minority. When we were kids, nothing we joked or said ... meant it. But, somehow ... when it is an adult(parents, relatives, teachers, friends ...) insulting a young child, that is an abuse. We see physical abuse as major 'crime' but the 'emotional' abuse could be more harming. These kids losing their self-esteem, to be part of the society ... playing a role in the community and being involved in the 'normal' activities. Yet, many of these 'abused' kids will end up ... sadly, ALONE.

Many of things bottled up ... and with further suppression, their voices would not be heard, in the midst of noises ... and every word they said will be 'ridiculed'. The insult could do damage to a person's characters ... moulding them into 'hatred' individual ... and they do need to open-up, getting some supportive ones to understand what they are trying to convey ...

Many of them do not manage to see lights, as they have been hiding in their shells. The 'comfort' of dis-comfort .. they lived with it.

Be-frienders : I worked as a volunteer with be-friends PJ 20 years back ... and it was an amazing experience. I do hope I could find time ... one day, and help more in distress, who needs their voice to be heard.

got to go ... for my 7 hours of classes.