Thursday, February 07, 2013

Stock Watch : MRCB

I have just analysed KLCI and some charts with my tratles. One of them is MRCB. At what level should we be buying?

MRCB : Closed at 1.25, heavily traded today ... is UMNO cashing out on her, preparing for election? This is GLC and politically-linked.

cohort-9 : Those interested to join my basic technical analysis and stock-trading group, please contact me. With election nearing ... we need to know how to protect our capitals .... and profit from the rebound.

Technical Rebound : i will be giving a talk soon after CNY. This is a must learn at this moment, when KLCI dipping lower. Catch the rebound!!

Penang Trip : Still not sure if I m driving up next week ... supposed to go for a trip in Dec but was too busy. Went Cameron, instead. Otherwise, I may go to Malacca ... but I prefer Penang. I could also meet few of my readers/stock-watch group ... those from Penang.

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