Monday, February 25, 2013

Stock Watch : JCY

JCY : At 50cents now, dropping another 9% today tho KLCI in green ... up 4points now.

When JCY at RM1.60, strong resistance and also its IPO level, I posted JCY ... and stating it is a sell. It was insane, as it moved from the low of 30cents to RM1.60 ... due to Thai-flood news? Really? To add to the fuel, many broker houses upgrade the sector and JCY. Great 'push' ... so, someone in i3-forum(can't remember the nick?) helping to push it higher ... stating a 'privitisation' in card with target beyond RM2 easily!! Since I was being 'banged', I just keep to myself. But, I just wish to help those many igorants who like to read forums and those buy/sell calls from some 'gurus'.

Technically, I highlighted shooting-star. That is a technical signal to sell. And recently when it broken 60cents, it is breaking strong support ... so, another sell point. Today, we shall check 0.485 ... and once broken, see you at 40cents ... that will be a good level to watch.

Worth to watch as they will 'push' it up again. Election is coming ... sell?


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Jackie Lee said...

Good analysis bro. Keep up the good work.