Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Small is good

I was so tired that I 'over-slept' this morning ... with whole day ... hours of classes, readings ... moving ... and e-meetings at night, I hardly have time to rest. So, each time when I sleep around 12.30am, I would be very tired. Need to change that ... sleep 11.30pm after the e-meetings? And wake up 5.30am ... for some quiet readings? Ok ... I might need to get an alarm clock as my biological-clock is failing me. zzz

I am currently staying in 930sq-ft apartment ... and it is considered as 'small' here. With two growing kids, many toys around .. there is space constraints. To me, either we reduce the no of items we are having, live with what we have at the moment(no more buying into more un-neccesary items) or we have to en-large our space. If I am alone, I will choose the small apartment around 300sq ft, not like those cage-apartment shown in the above link(HK). But ... I am not alone, I do have my wife and two growing kids. We do have space issue now.

One of the way we could increase the spaces are to have 'built-ins' cabinets and such. Well, with an intention of getting a landed-house, we do not plan to spend any money into building thouse built-up. The apartment is fetching good price at RM250k(bought RM155k a year plus ago) and I m thinking to sell it off and get a house, instead. Well, houses are not cheap these days ... so, we shall wait ... and live with what we have. Hope I could clear more items and place them in 'store-room'.

Another item Malaysians want it big is their 'car'. Somehow or rather, the size of cars increase ... over the years. If we are single, we can drive a Kancil/Viva. But when we have a family, normally a 'sedan' is preferred. Well, I have chosen the most reliable car --- Proton. Actually, Proton Saga 1.3 is not bad at all. It is one of the cheapest car around I could afford. Driving cars in Klang Valley could be an expensive experience ... the monthly instalments, the petrol, the maintainance, the tolls, the parking ... and the jams. Ideally, we should be staying near our working place and perhaps walk/cycle to offices.

If we are getting a larger car, we need to pay higher instalments(as it is more costly la), paying higher for petrol and difficult to park!! Wonder why we need big cars? Hmm ... to put more items and bring along with us?

It is not easy to be simple persons ... living with only items we need, occupying our time effectively and making  our time the most important commodity. It will be nice to live in not-so-hectic place(out of cities) and away from the jams. Balancing that will take me another 5 yrs or so ...

In the mean time, continue to focus what in hand, work hard to achieve our goals(financial) and increase our knowledge(financial) ... then, maintain our 'small' house and 'small' car. One fine day ... we will know we are 'rich' ... in knowledge and financial. Most important point to remember is to help others too.

great day ahead.


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