Thursday, February 21, 2013

Slowing down

In yesterday's e-meeting with the tratles group, only 10 of them attended. Well, not many in market now as most of retailers waiting for the election to be announced or waiting for the election results. We can't deny that the results of the GE will affect the market sentiments ... and our stocks. So, to be safe(than sorry), staying sideline is one of a good option.

DOW down 100 points ... after reaching above 14k peak ... as the air is thinner now. While KLCI is retracing back to support 1610 level, it may have a short technical rebound ... may be to 1625. But, I do not see that as an opportunity. Too busy for short-trades, too busy and risky in such environments. Hence, I m giving any technical rebound a miss.

TM : It is interesting as it is below RM5.20 now, and I will like to check her at RM5. I told the group last night ... if there is any technical rebound I m seeing, it should be TM. For more details in the analysis, do visit ... click on 'blog'.

It is back to work and these coming weeks will be 'crazy'. I could not handle anymore new items in my hectic schedules. Just need to focus what in hand and trying to cope with many things to be done and just do it.

Averagely, I do have about 8 hours of teaching per day ... plus another few hours of completing some paper-works or teaching-related materials. I will be at this state of craziness for coming months ... till June.

I am going to take a break ... after June. Yes ... I will take a pause in some of the things I am doing. If I am still holding to my full-time job, that is OK as I m used to it. Then, with exams over by then, tuition classes will be slashed into half. Also, by then ... the e-learning group is 'over' and I won't be starting a new one till next year. As for the cohort-9 which starting this Saturday(a good timing as the election-play will be with them) ... till May ... I hope to take a break too .. till Sept, to start another trading-class(cohort-10).

The e-stock analysis will continue ... it is weekly analysis ... after all, I do analyse market in frequent basis and sharing with this group how I analyse will help many to understand. Hope they will continue after June and new batch will be joining in then.

The tratle's monthly meeting shall continue too, and that is only once a month, so it is good.

What will I do with my 'time' I am trying to find?

To be with my family!! Read, play and sleep!! Serious!! Haha.

Well, also to write more in less blah-blah here ... hmm ... with election over by then, I do hope to take a trip back to Sabah.

Time to get back to work and another 9 hours of classes to go ... one hour meeting and rushing for some papers. Arrghhh ...

1.40 pm : Done with 4 hours ... another 4 long hours to go before dinner and another e-meeting with the e-tratles group. Tiring ... but keeping the momentum is important.

KLCI down about 9 points. I have covered my short(short 1608, cover 1590.5). Taken the short 2 days ago, I think. I do post these in my stock-watch group too as nothing much to trade, the group is quiet too. Except for TM which I am interested, many else too risky for the trades. Will take a short position again.


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