Saturday, February 16, 2013

Penang Trip

It is great to be home ... and a start of more things to do now.

pic0 - yinson

On the way to Penang, I saw few Yinson's tanker. They stopped at Tapah's R&R.

The Penang trip was good. Ixora hotel is good too. It is next to Pacific, Megamal. But we need to travel to the island. If we are taking the bridge, it is near the hotel ... and it will be RM7 for the toll. Otherwise, we could go to to butterworth and take the ferry. That will be RM1.30 toll and ferry is RM7.70.

地点:Chew Jetty, George Town,Penang. 姓周桥 GPS:5.4123,100.340453


We did not manage to go to see the 'arts' ... so I bought a whole postcard-set of those nice murals ... 10 all together. Here is one of them sent to my facebook.

For more :

Visiting usual places such as Kek-Lok Si's Pagoda ... driving all the way up, parking was RM2.

Food : Penang's char-keuh teow ... tasted a very nice one at Sri Pinang's food court. Great. Going to Penang, food is one of main attractions.

Bukit Mertajam : It has been like 20 years plus since the last time I visited BM. Nothing much there.

Meeting : I met five Penang market-kaki ... and I do post a question everyone should consider to answer. Election is coming ... how should we prepare ourselves to benefit from the expecting sharp corrections? Thanks for taking time to meet me, guys.

Ivory : They told me that Ivory is opposition's counter. Worth a look, then.

I was told that today in Penang they have a festival ... but I could not stay back as I do have classes today. Too bad ... next year, may be?

As for markets, I have cleared my equities in KLSE, only considering to short FKLI at higher level. Nothing much to buy ... as we may have last pre-election push-up, which I viewed as too risky to be in the water. we might get bites by the water snakes ...

have a nice weekend.


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