Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Penang trip

It is almost 7.30am ... I will be driving up to Penang and will be meeting with few of my 'loyal' readers. Hotels in Penang Island were fully booked ... and it is not a choice but to stay in Seberang Jaya.

So, tonight I might be planning for a meeting with those who could see me in hotel and tmr I will be going to the the Island and planning to meet few there in the noon.

Nothing much in mind ... just to chit-chat with some of them ... and giving opinions on election-feared market. Sharing on ideas what we could do ... to protect ourselves and prepare to profit well in this 5-yr once events.

Those interested to meet, do contact me or leave a number for me to call.


4.35 pm : At Ixora ... wifi is free and quite good. Checking KLCI up 9 points ... waiting for moment to go short again. It is at 1633 ... 1650 is a good resistance level. I am giving away the current technical rebound as I am viewing risk as high.

SPSetia : Given to buy around RM3... and RM3.50. Many of them have sold much earlier and before CNY. Today it is up 7%. Cool.

YTL : With RSI at 16 level, it is worth to take a look. Strong support at 1.45, how low could it go from current level?

MPHB : Closed at 3.24 ... another one worth checking! 1600 lots sell-down during closing.

going to BM tonight ... bowling, anyone?

10.40pm : Went to BM ... quite disappointed with the bowling alley, only 24 lanes and not many people there. Weird .. I though it was the largest bowling alley in Malaysia? Hmm ...


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