Friday, February 22, 2013

KLCI at support

It is Friday ... where many people will be yelling TGIF ... and ready to party or have a nice planning for the weekend?

Not for me ... I am more excited to meet the new tratles coming in tmr for first class, Module 1. So, I do need to mentally prepare for it tho I have taught for 8 times, since Sep 2011(cohort-1). It is my cohort-9 ... well, I hope I will continue with cohort-10 but I will be taking a break after cohort-9.

KLCI closed 1614 yesterday ... what a turn-around as in the morning, it was losing more tan 10 points and I have covered the short. Phew. Now, we might see some rebound but that will not attract me much to take a trade ... and over the weekend, anything can happen? Will be discipline and maintain sideline.

JCY : Trading at 555 now. The strong shooting star shown before it gapped down with long black candle, trapping many retailers. If one is to follow a year ago when the thai-flood stories giving JCY a huge boost and it went all the way up to RM1.60 ... well, the noises in forum trapped many who are following the 'buy' call. Understanding how retailers being trapped is important so that we do not get trapped, but we could only 'avoid'. Not many will want to tell you the truth in trading or about markets as truth hurts.

Gold/Silver : Retracing now ... and it anyone interested to buy physical silver, someone is selling. Being a trader, paper gold-silver will be prefered.

9.40 am : KLCI open green ... u about 7 points, now slightly red? Axiata shot up due to div 15cents and 12 cents special div proposal.

time to go ...


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