Thursday, February 28, 2013

It is Thu ... trying to catch up with many things to be done. Too busy ... to write.

KLCI up another 3 points, we have DOW at high level. But, CPO below 2400 now. ouch.

With election is nearing, many are sideway ... more changes of words from politicians from both side. Too busy to follow the latest development. Well, someone came back from India and making statements. Arghh ... more coming up to get some recognitions. We do not know what-is-what ... we will never really know the so-called 'truth'. The submarine ... the cows ... those sodomy-cases ... the Mongolian lady or Mr Teoh's death. We will never know the real truth. This is fact.

Anyway ... I m in the rush again ... just dropping few lines, checking that I am still around. Haha.

A quote to share ... I do like these quotes. They are good reminders.

Got another 4 hours of class to go ... and another e-learning session at night!!



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