Sunday, February 03, 2013

It is Sunday ...

Don't really feel like doing any work ... it is CNY mood ... terrible. I could not focus in work ... it is Sunday. I have to cancel classes and push many things ... hoping to settle slower ... to enjoy the moment.

Year of 'snake' ... I am not superstitious ...but I don't know if it will affect me(or mental) when I read about those fung-shui or those books ... stating that it is not really a good year for the 'goat'.

The GE is nearing ... and time to capitalize on the fear-election. PKR vs BN ... it will be a close fight, whichever government, we hope for a peaceful election ... a good prospering country.

Happy CNY ... and I will take a break, to be with family ... to do my back-dated works, updates many things needing my attention ... and hopefully to catch with some nice readings.


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