Monday, February 04, 2013


It is almost Monday ... kick-off Liverpool vs Man City.

There is always always two sides in many things ... in some, many sides. You could see that in politics-views ... in religions-views ... in opinions-wise ... where everyone has their own piece of mind. So, it is ok to support a team ... but I won't agree in looking down in our opponents, pressing others down ... to make ourselves look good/better.

I do have many friends loving Man Utd. In fact, one of my best friend is a die-hard MU fans. So, it is ok to have our own political views. Whether it is BN or PKR, we rakyat want to do well in our livings.

Many of times ... we discriminate. We want our opinions to be right. But, I guess it is OK if we are wrong ... to admit that and making our own judgments.

Whether it is a BUY or a SELL, it is still two-sided coin.

In my opinion, and from past 2008 experiences ... it is better to stay aside and keep cash.

We could never know what will happen next ... but indices or stocks could not push up with the fear-sentiment lingering.

Be aware.


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