Thursday, February 07, 2013

CNY mood ...

As we are seeing reds in KLSE ... more seeing reds in place when we are going to give ANG-pow( ANG = red in Hokkien) ... decorating our homes with those red items ... wearing red shirts, red dress ... red shoes ... anything related to RED.

Painting the town red?
Really like this song ... and she sang it well.
While I am in extreme busy situation for today and tmr, and also in extreme stressful situation with due-dates ... I will still drop everything to enjoy the red-ness ... while checking on opportunities in reddish market.

angpow : It will be costing me more than half-month of my salary this year. But, it is a good sign ... showing that I could 'give'. Great.

teeth : I have taken off 3 teeth(wisdom and molar-2) for past 2 weeks. I am seeing blood and more red ... ever since that red-blood donation. Another to go after CNY. ouch. Well, it is costing me RM150 for each tooth.

tyres : Well ... changed 3 tyres ... as I might be travelling to Penang next week. Each costing me RM125. ouch.

mom-in-law : As I could not fly to KK(again), I m flying my in-law here, instead. I will like to bring her to Penang and more ... see where she likes to go. Well, my mom-in-law helped me a lot when I was very tightback in KK 7-years ago ... so, I am grateful.

updates: Next week one week break ... besides some travelling, going places ... I do need to do many more updating, especially my and also the e-learning. With cohort-9 coming in after CNY, more things to prepare. Exams is next month ... so, many more classes ahead.

Got to run again.
Do expect KLCI to dive lower ... good RED day ahead.

p/s : I am wearing red.

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