Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY : Day 2

Morning .... 2nd day of CNY. No stock-markets today ... and no intention to check on stocks. Getting lazy for a week ... and getting back to do some back-log works, while being with family.

e-mail : I was deleting many of my e-mail in my ... so many junks there and I have to un-subcribe to many pages I was following. Many more to delete ... with about 5k e-mail ... deleting 1k plus so far.

facebook : Well, using my facebook as my 'dairy' now ... posting clips I m listening or things I am reading. It is also to remind myself to be resilient, persistence, positive ... and move on.

Penang trip : I should be in Penang from Wed to Fri. So, I m thinking of seeing those from the north and few of my regular-kaki on Thursday noon. Do contact me if you wish to meet ... up in Penang.

Investment :Properties

I was told that the apartment I am staying is reaching RM250k now, and someone selling for RM280k. Serious? Just a year ago, I bought at RM155k(reno around RM20k+) ... so, if I could really sell for RM280k, I won't mind!!

Before I bought this parcel, I was almost got a deal ... buying into court-10 around RM195k. I have even paid the deposit then ... but the seller chicken-out. Today, it is priced around RM350k(RM330 psf). Wow ... so, I am actually still looking for opportunities into property.

Well ... the prices of properties in Subang Jaya have appreciated substantially. We could not get anything below RM200k. Perhaps ... we could look for those in auction-lists?

There are many developments going on in my area ... vicinity/nearby. I view that positively. Many shoplots here not doing well ... and many with stickers for sale/rent ... and I started to view on that too ... as they will be building extension of LRT with new shopping-complex and offices coming up. More homework needed.

Kwasa Damansara is another good choice. Will write more about these as property buying is next in my mind ... say, 3-5 years to come. But, we need to be ahead ... and do homework now. More to learn about buying properties and especially those auctioned ones.

How about RGPT?

Need to go.


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