Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday blah-blah

Nice morning ... was too busy the whole week, days after days ... and taking a short break will be good.

Yesterday was another crazy day ... I slept early on Friday night(too tired too) as I planned to donate blood on Saturday. We need to sleep at least 5 hours to be able to donate, and not suppose to take aspirin etc etc. I am a regular donor, so I do know well what is needed and precautions to be taken, keeping myself fit enough to donate!! That is 450ml of blood type A ... dirty blood from my dirty body.

I wish to promote blood-donation to my students last week but was too busy. There are things I wish to do, but I could not now due to my tight schedules ... with my center is opening, there is nothing much I could do but focus in the opening of my centers.

Yes, I am busy with my tuition centers and will be creating a blog to write about it. Talking about very busy ... running my own center, while having so many things to do ... while trading ... is certainly challenging my time-management and organizing-skills.

I am still much more comfortable writing here ... and struggle to use the new dashboard. The familiarity ... and comfort zone ... but I will update some of the pages there.

One week come, next Sat ... I will be trying to organise a public-talk ... to some of my readers who may want to know my stories ... like, how I started to trade and learn well ... it is my story, and my blog is also about my trading-stories ... i am glad to be able to blog, being a blogger ... and away from those nuisance human ... who do not even understand who we are.

Someone told me that my blah-blah blog is still featured in i3? Really? It is up to the i3-admin. I won't bother much anymore as I prefer to blog MY way. haha ... let those making noises continue ... we need to learn to move away, and stand up to what we like to do.

Song of the day ... nice old songs by Wen Chang.

文章 望天


11.30am : Went to do some morning marketing. Mydin USJ has been a great change in new year. Renovations are going on, new shops, new set-ups ... great. They are competing with up-coming new Giant-mall next door. With Da-Men(by Equine capital ... they changed name to Global Oriental ) coming up too, 3 more condo projects is up ... plus the Empire-Remix in place ... USJ1 becoming a vibrant place ... to stay.

I managed to grabbed my apartment at below market price(RM160k ... discounted to Rm155k) last year when the market price was at RM180k. Today ... it is being priced around RM200k. Sigh ... such a steep price for a cheap medium-class apartment? Certainly over-priced!! But ... the prices of apartments-condos ... houses still climbing ... and now we do not see cheap RM100k prices anymore.

Recently, a colleague of mine looking for an apartment near my place and it was priced at RM280k ... furnished and some reno done, still extremely too high of a price. As I said, it is ridiculous ... as we need to pay 30-40yrs of bank-loan for a condo costing RM400k? I certainly can't afford anything above RM200k ... so, I will have to move out of Klang Valley, once I retired. Hopefully a small place like Taiping is still not too expensive to retire?

Dropbox : Learning to use drop-box ... a mobile HDD or something like that. Really such a donkey, dont even know how to use simplest IT-applications!!

O&G : Yesterday I do have a meeting with our second batch of tratles. We discussed on some counters in play such as Alam, Perdana, PEnergy, Coastal, Pantech, SKPetrol, PChem ... but I think I missed Dayang ... didn't discuss KNM or Scomi(too speculative).

3.55 pm : Just came back from a tuition class, and realised that I missed a weeding-lunch(my colleague!!) ... ouch. Hope he could understand ... as he is kinda good friend, we used to go bowling together 2 years ago ... I have stopped bowling due to my tight schedules ...

e-stock-analysis : I do have few more asking to join my Monday's e-meeting with those who wish to see what stocks I m analysing for the week but it is full. I am trying to expand the capacity and will get back to those interested. Thanks.

need to take a nap ...


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