Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Blah-blah

Liverpool : It is almost 11 pm ... Liverpool is trailing  and this is the only match I took a glimpse, we are not good enough for this season too ... surprisingly Rafa is back to EPL, heading Chelsea. I do not follow the whole season of EPL ... eliminating 'negative' emotion from my system. Perhaps, I could afford to fly to watch Liverpool vs MU .. at Anfield, one day.

Birthdays : This month is a b-day months for our family ... my sis on 1st Jan, my son on 11-Jan ... and today is my Aunt's b-day ... and end of month is my youngest brother's. So, it is a busy feasting for us family, getting together.

Kids : Been busy with schooling, std one for my boy and second-kinder year for my girl. Well, registration for std one needed to be done this yr for my 5yr-old girl and we have to apply for the 'special' school.

New Items : The only new items I bought for new year are this new desktop(good speed) and a new comfortable sofa(two-seaters). I do need to get a new pair of spec ... oh yes, if I need to include, I do change some of my clothing. Nothing much for a simple me ... and another long year to work .. and fulfilling my goals for the year ...

Election : This is being the most anticipated event of the year ... and especially for those in KLSE, it is the election-fear ... high valuations fear ... and more. Tho many believe 2013 will be good for equities, I wont be so optimistic on KLSE ... it is over-valued. So, with such ... it is only logical diversify away from KLSE. Well, we might be able to trade SGX and SET soon ... and it will be good to look at some blue-chips in Thailand. Keeping in mind, some un-rest or crisis in Thai could give us an opportunity to buy into some good stocks. Will start to do some homework on that ...

Focus : A new magz ... challenging The Edge. Since I do not have time much to read, I will buy Focus for few issues ... before deciding if I prefer Focus rather than The Edge. By the way, I like TM ... and not Astro.

HKSE : Still worth buying into ... seriously.

FKLI : Another way to profit when market expect to retrace during election period ... to short FKLI.

cohort-8 : I have about 16 of them with me for cohort-8, and I am done with them after 3 months!! Even that ... no one could trade by going through a basic trading course. It is not really logical. This batch will be remember for TM-trade as I was trading TM 'with' them .. when sharing in the class. How I cut-loss when I bought at RM6 and RM5.70 ... only to buy at RM5.50 ... and average-down at RM5.40 ... waited a month ... and sold for good profits at RM5.80 and RM5.85.

cohort-9 : So ... now, I could focus back to my KIV list in cohort-9, which some waited for 2-3 months now ... and some quit-ted even before started the class(waiting too long syndrome? hmmm ...) ... need to start do some 'advertising' on my new batch ... and wish to limit it to not more than 10 this time. Also, I have improved in many aspects!! Certainly more rooms to improve ...

I do wish I have time to relax and write a nice lengthy blog. I could not find the inspirations to write when I am always in a rush ... and with tonnes of things to be done, each day ... and more. I have not been updating the as much as I wish to. Hope I could manage to wake up 5am ...

It been a good day today ... to bring my aunties for nice dessert. That is how I 'relax' ... spend some time with my family, tho she nagged me about travelling Kesas-highway from Subang to SriPetaling, to-n-fro ... and the toll is Rm17.20 ... and it is so expensive treat ... blah ... used to it. haha

We will be amazed with what we are capable of ... if only we give ourselves a chance to try ... and with persistence ... determination ... perseverance ... motivation ... we could be amazing too.

have a nice week ahead.


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