Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stock Watch : UEMLand

UEMLand : the chart

Broken RM2.15 recently, given to my stock-group and it broken to higher ... as I was too busy, I queued RM2.35 and many in the group who jumped into also sold at 2.33-2.35. Some got it lower than me. Another good trade done. Jan is always a good month to profit. Yeah ... too busy to trade UEMLand-cp, could only share with some of them to take a look.

I was watching GenM yesterday ... ouch ... it flew off today. Incken moving much higher ... insane and crazy now. Missed.

Got to run again for short lunch.Listen listen listen ... to your heart. We all should listen to our inner voice, rather than so much of noises around. So, I do share with others NOT to follow the noisy forums and such ... but listen carefully ... to your heart


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