Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It is 10.30 am now ... busy busy busy ... rushing for classes and MayBank ... yes, Maybank.

ASB : One of a good way of saving for me is to get a loan from MayBank(this time ... the rate is only 4.9%), deduct directly from our bank account to pay the loan ... and obtain higher than 7-8% per annum of interests. It is a sure-win investment ... but it is my saving, not investment. I m paying myself 25% of my salary every month ... accumulating the bullets ... it is for 'emergency' ... and yes, if market is to collapse, this savings will be readied to be push into markets!! When market will collapse ... waiting ... and waiting ... for election to come. And once I grabbed a 10-15% profits, I will move it back to my ASB saving accounts. Great way of saving-investing? That is my 'saving'. GREAT!!

EPF : Another way of us being forced to save. Every month, about 10% from us, 10% from employee ... going into our EPF account. While I have not used my a/c 1 to buy a house(will exercise that in 3-5 years time, and buying a bumi-lot ... with discounts 5-7%). But, recently we are allowed to use our EPF to invest/trade by ourselves!! So ... what should we do again? Wait for the collapse of a good stock ... buy in huge amount ... wait for rebound of 10-15% and take profits. Then, put it back in that 'saving' account. EPF is paying us about 5-6% only ... or perhaps will be lowered. So, I m doing very well ... GREAT.

KLCI down about 6 points, finally. Broken the uptrend line, at 1680 crucial level. Further correction might be expected too ...

I don't know why I could not upload a picture here using this notebook. Will only upload when I am home.

I do have a full-time job .... otherwise, it will be my pleasure to write about what in my mind ... regarding my financial movements ... increasing my financial-knowledge is my greatest move in my life so far ... it is GREAT.

Alam : Bought 0.855 when closing ... was too busy, otherwise, would be abole to catch the momentum at lower levels.

note : Alam sold at 0.895, 0.915 and 0.935 ... all done. Great!

Pantech : Catching the momentum now ... great to be 'free' for few hours to trade.

Cohort-9 : Next Saturday, 26th Jan,  I will have a preview to those in my KIV list of cohort-9 and also open to those interested to join our tratles-group. The preview talk is free .. and to meet my readers too. Those in my e-tratles and stock-watch group are most welcomed. At least I could meet them in person, and this will be one of the few Saturdays I am 'free'. Contact me if you are interested. see ya.

Got to go ...


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