Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday blah-blah

It is nice ... to be able to take a short rest this morning, to have breakfast at home while talking to my wife. Well, as always ... I will share with her the importance of having the right mindset regarding 'money' as majority around us are not aware of its importance ... most of us always think of we want MORE money ... higher salary, extra bonuses ... so that we could buy XXX and more of YYY, thinking of having ZZZ.

In my believe, it takes a GREAT effort to get out of the norm ... and persistently educating ourselves, financially. The word 'saving' is not something we like ... we prefer 'spending'. Of coz i could identify with that ... as I WAS one of those idiots ... trying to squeeze every dollars, to purchase something we may not even need!! The luring sales ... or sales-persons ... enticing us with those gadgets and latest 'toys' ... a serious way to have balance-check each time we intend to buy something, rather than impulsive. Today .... after 7 yrs of brain-washing myself, I m living as frugal as I could ... and finally managed to clear my debts(credit-cards and personal loans) ... and 'forced' myself to save 25% of my salary.

Earn ---> spend ---> save ---> invest ---> earn more --->  spend lesser ---> save more ---> invest more ---> ... and so on. One day, in years to come ... we will accumulate enough 'wealth'. I do still need another 3-5 years of such continuous cycle to reach my 'financial freedom' goal ...

Gamuda : Broken 3.80 ... uptrend should continue. One could consider Gamuda-wd, for higher leverage play.

Public-meeting : I will be seeing readers and those who are interested to know how I started my 'trading adventure'. I will share my stories ... interested? Contact me ...

Got to go ... seeing the contractor ... and have tratles-meeting today. we shall speak about constructions and O&G today.

have a nice weekend.


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