Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Plantation in reversal

It is Tues ... crazy days ... one thing after another to look into and 'settle'. Many things to update and monitor ... so, I m too busy to trade. Taken two trades on 'breakout' yesterday ... and wanted to share in my e-meeting with my e-tratles last night, but it is too lengthy. I was re-wind and repeating many of the criteria or conditions for trading. It is a MUST. We must cultivate good habits in trading ... in order to be 'in the game' and coming out with profits. After all, 80-90% of those out there losing money ... even in such bullish markets, right? Also, many of them 'stucked' in many lousy-stocks(losing money counters, waiting for somebody to goreng it up ... one fine day)

It is 8.40pm ... I have done all my queues to sell ... and I have to keep moving after this short post.

---post a chart ---

PPB : Reaching a selling point.

RSawit : Some of our tratles bought into her at 0.80-0.84 levels, I missed ... so, I waited for breakout or retracement.

Last night was interesting talk with my e-tratles as I analysed for them HOW we see KLCI index, relating it to Plantation index ... and using KLK as a leader stock, to show them the laggard such as RSawit ... and to trade her(before it flies ...).

So, sharing with others how I trade and zooming in on what stock to check ... to taking real trades, and going through the whole trades with others, sharing the trading-plans ... and reflecting on our trades. These are being shared. It is NOT easy to share with others what you are looking into, focus in our own trades, tho with a whoole group ... like checking on our trades. And ... to keep the discipline, not to bulge ... not to be distracted ... that is not easy. We are just human ...

Do listen to this simple basic clip :

Got to run again ... don't know if I will have a time to drop few lines later.

Note : KLCI is overbought ... and retracement is expected.


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