Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of Jan

Thursday ... so fast ... I did not even have a pause ... seeing reds.

Yesterday around 12.30pm was a weird hour, I have tooth-ache. Why a sudden? So, I was looking for a dentist!! Arrrrghh ... walking around, finally I found one ... but I need to wait for the dentist to be back. Sigh ... taken off two of my teeth, and more to come. I have to cancel classes but decided to continue with my 4.30pm class. Well ... I should not be wearing a pink coloured shirts, not those red-tones colours, and I shouldnt give blood too ... and bleeding more blood. KLCI following that ... and I have to close my long-positions. Prefer to wait to short now ... wait till more to come ...

Will put my schedules and will like to attend this expo, taking a chance to visit Johore and Spore. It will be good to look for a property in Iskandar too.

Then, when I am home ... my wife told me the orphnage(in Rawang) called us ... to ask for some donations. I can't talk much ... so, I have to cancelled our tratles weekly e-meeting, and went to Mydin for some shopping. I was tired ... but the satisfaction found from doing what you love to do ... is great.

I did not pass the hats around for CNY-charity fund to our tratles group. Well, I know I will be TOO busy to do such things in such short period of time. But it is never forgotten ... I started this charity-fund last year during Raya ... and given to this orphanage home. So, I will be adopting this house as they are abandoned by many.

It is still my dream(personal) for me to form a fund-raising to be distributed to those really needing ones. Hmm ... what should I do this year or next ... ?

This is a good learning pyramid, shared during our meeting and a good reflection on my personal learning curve.

Missing boy : Body found ... sad to know they killed a helpless boy. Sigh.

Elephants : Someone poisioned those elephants in Sabah. Sigh.

Liverpool : Can't even beat a small team ... so, they are not good enough.

Well .. should not be reading newspaper ... sigh.

It is the end of the month ... of new year 2013. For Chinese, they are waiting for a new snake-year. SNAKE is such as curi-tulang ... or cunning to trick others. SNAKE is not getting a positive image ... unlike Dragon.

So ... what sector will be doing well in year of Snake? Green-stocks? Hmm ... buying 4-ekor?

Do learn to long-short FKLI as if we believe KLCI will be retracing much more from current level, holding on to stocks will give us ... heart-attack? haha.

Got to go ... classes till 6pm again.


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