Thursday, January 03, 2013

KLCI to break higher

KLCI : Yesterday's drop is to neutralize the last-minute pushed up during the last trading day. That is expected ... so, even as KLCI downed 10points, many counters are bullish.

I have started to buy into mid-small caps as it will give us greater returns into this last leg-rally, with election-fear forgotten for a while .... as DOW up 300+ points and giving a very bullish sentiment. Well, the fiscal cliff fear becoming a past, a joke ... dramatized and over-played by media, as usual.

HSI is doing well too as all my 3-HKSE stocks are profitting well now ... so, I will be sharing with my tratles some information on HKSE, for those who wish to diversify some funds away from election feared-KLCI. That was what I done about 6 months ago, when China-index down below 2000 level. Ridiculously cheap valuation in HSI is ... mis-priced. Well, the high valuations in KLCI is mis-priced too, wondering why we are buying into stocks with PER above 20? There are so so many over-valued counters in our so-called blue-chips. So, I shall move away from big cap ... and looking into strong uptrending stocks ... and some laggards one too.

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e-learning : i will be starting my first post today for those in my e-tratles group. Please let me know if anyone wish to join ... well, it is learning at your own pace, at home.

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