Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KLCI : Bear Day

This will be the next questions everyone will be asking and trying to predict(again). Can we really tell? We can't but we could do the preparations ... will it go to 1500 OR to 1700 from here?

As it was from 1602, a long tail might be forming today(if it could close above 1630+ ... very volatile. It really kills off many faint-hearted retailers, must be the panic selling at 1602 levels but I missed it. The two days are really good-show. 40 + 40 = 80 points ... cool.

When KLCI at 1680+ levels, someone will said we are seeing 1700 or even 1750 is not far away, telling us about CNY rally coming etc etc. Technically KLCI was overbought and MACD showing bearishness. Today, as it dives ... many started to come out to explain to you why ... the GE-fear news, foreign selling ... err ... read all u wish.

What is next?

4.50 pm : KLCI going to close with looong tail now. They pressed down so much, to kill of the FEAR emotions in the morning ... those buying will see the rebound to be well. Many hammers forming too ... so, good.

FGV ... what a show. I grabbed Axiata yesterday, was thinking to sell for profits and grab PChem or FGV, Then ... someone came to save FGV ... fishing for votes, ok?

Alam, Perisai, Pantech ... even TAS ... rebounded.



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