Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is car a neccesity?

DOW closed another 70 points higher, reaching 14, 000 feet soon. The air is getting thinner as we are scaling new heights ... we do need to be better prepared ... as when we are reaching 28,000 feet levels, we are certainly needs to weather the rough environment ... it is a new 'norm'.

A123 : Now trading in pink, google code of AONEQ, at 0.0370 ... WAS from USD10+ when I started to look at her(check my posts on her 3-4 yrs ago). It is certainly no longer green, and luckily I have cut-loss on her then. Green-sector is one of the most depressed sector at the moment --- no longer we heard governments talking about solar-wind powered energy ... those clean-indexed buildings, reducing of using of dirty energy resources(such as coals) ... and well, green-car is still a distant future for masses.

My younger bro is driving a green-car, those hybrid kinda cool vehicle. It is expensive, not for average wage earners like me.

BYD (code 1211): It is parabolic ... the 1-yr chart. This week, it is testing that higher again ... in 2008, when green-stocks was hot, BYD shot from below HKD10 to above HKD80, before reality seeped in. Well, WB bought into her, fuelled the needed craziness to have a piece of her. After all, WB could not be wrong, ok? Breaking that line, it is strong uptrend ... yet again. It went to about HKD13 recently. A 100% turn-around, ok? With very high PER(well, this is futuristic kinda thing ... long term investment vehicle), will you trust that more people will be driving cars with green-battery?

So, talking about cars, or transportation in Klang Valley(KV), rather ... it is a must for us to have our own transportation mode. Unlike Singaporeans, where travelling from a place to another is a 'breeze', it is a very stressful in KV. They are building those MRT and extension of LRT ... hopefully, many things could be done smoothly and we could be able to move from a place to anoher without our own vehicles. Well ... that is only a stressful dream in KV. We all knew that well  ... the increase in the populations, job opportunities ... and such, driving those from rurals ... or I shall add, those immigrants(will be localised each time nearing to election --- free citizenships?).

Ok ok ... I dislike driving in KV. So, having a kap-chai to travel to work(5km distance) is still the 'best' of choice. Not all could take the risk and the un-comfort of riding kap-chai, so a car is a neccesity.

Is car a neccesity? Yes, if you are staying in KV(or any part in Malaysia as our transportation system is NOT good at all).

Having a nice, expensive car to drive around is also becoming a status and attention grabbing!! As far as I read those financial books, they told us that car is a deprectiating 'asset'. Yes, once it is out of that show-room or on-the-road, its value starts to go lower ... and lower ... I do remember my best friend won a contest, an Alfa-Romeo 164, a total new one ... barely drove for a month and he sold for 30% depreciation(ok, Alfa does not fetch good sell-back price?).

I m driving the cheapest Proton(won't mind Kancil but my kids growing!!) ... I m a proud owner of the local car, the one that de-listed ... losing money company, remember? Oppss ... it was not de-listed. It was privatised, someone see the great future in Proton brands and bought over for a premium. Great. No no ... was it privitised or wat? I can't recall ... it is vague ... shhh ...

I have no intention to change my car or even buying a second car. Well, we all know too ... most household in KV do have 2(or more) cars. A second car becoming a neccesity too due to our poor transportation system and also our bad local plannings. My wife needs to use the cars to transport our kids ... and I have to come to work, so ... without a second car, how are we going to move around, right? I opted for the cheapest mode ... kap-chai. Since I m just using the kap-chai to travel from home to work, a second hand usable one is good enough. That is what I thought ...

... until someone told me, Hey ... you are a 'public figure' now, you see. You should not be riding on those cheap bike or driving the cheapest car around?  Huh ... now we are talking about 'status'. Like it or not, I have to 'accept' that ... facts? Wait a minute ... who placed such ridiculous status conditions? Who said I am a public-figure ... or someone 'well-known'? I m just a blogger ... enjoying writing here now ... and someone, somehow ... followed my writings. Not many .. but some loyal ones too. Those few ones that followed me for years ... and have somehow knew me 'personally'.

"If you don't know me  by now, you will never never never know me ... huuuuu"

o, for someone of us ... car = status. If you are driving some local cars, you are in lower bracket of levels of income levels. Instalments for a 1.3-Proton is around RM700 but an Accord worth something ... to show. Driving a BMW is a must to show you are successful(of coz, those like Benz, Audi, Volvo ... Porsche, Alfa ... name it). Is that true? Not really ...

Depending on how we define success ... that is subjective and I am not going to go there.

I still have a view that a car is just a vehicle to bring me from a spot to another spot. Well, some safety features will be good. So, I do hope I could maintain my so-called cheap Proton(it is NOT cheaper for normal wage-earners with salary below RM5k, ok?) ... for years to come. Another 3-5 years will be great ... but Proton after 3 yrs(mine) showing signs of wear-tear .. just changed the gear-box, the back wind-screen, repaired the power-window ... tyres. More problems cropping up ... soon.

Well ... time to work again. Wish I could be a 'free' ... and also freely to write blogs!! Will want a photograhy visual kinda blog in future ...

KLCI in slight green .. nothing much. Friday is another off day for KL-lites.

Classes till 6.30pm today.

Berhati-hati di jalanraya ... pandu cermat, jiwa selamat.


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Choy said...

Car is for our safety on the road. Shouldn't even consider a motorbike. I love bike, but gave up long time ago after a few accidents. There are many careless or reckless drivers around. I'm driving an old Ford Ranger (pickup truck) & feel safer though diesel consumption is high ~ 20 cent/km. Our body, especially our limps are more precious than $$. Getting old now, reflex is slower & more kiaSi.