Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Failing Education System

It is viral ... it is another sad day for our education system ... when the UUM-case being spread. It is another person, trying to 'ampu' the gov ... and to be elected by their 'boss' showing their loyal and un-divided support. sigh .. mis-placed priority ... personal agenda .. and degrading others, to look good ... it is not accept, support BN or oppositions. To me, it is a disgrace to 'lecturers' and our education system. I thought she was the lecturer in UUM, but she is not even a lecturer there ... an invited guest to host the events?

I dont know what SW1M stands for or what it is all about. It is irritating to have the digit 1 = one, in almost every word we are writing ... 1-Malaysia ... 1-XYZ ... then, came out some smart guys ... with idea of changing the letter I  into digit 1. There ... we have BR1M ... and now SW1M ... dont try to be creative now, I know we could think of many such abbreviations or acronyms ...

I do not wish to dwell too much into politics ... especially the election is nearing. You could see how many of us could be very emotional when we speak our mind about something closed to our hearts ... EXCEPT those politicians ... or those wannabe like Sharifah Zohra ... hmm .. these are endless. No point to bantah against her ... no point of politicking on this issue ... why those politicians are so free? There are many more urgent issues to look into and we do need those politicians to LEAD the country ... to benefit the rakyat ... and keeping to their promises.

Yet, we are flooded by trivial issues ... the media trying so hard to keep update with the wrongs of other political parties. It is fault findings ... and we are going through the circles ... we are too busy keeping up with our daily lives, and that is our majority RAKYAT.

KL112 ... we all took a pause, to voice out that we do care about our de-grading country. Our so-called 1-Malaysia where polarisation is very clear. Gov trying to deny the gap(race) ... but who are we kidding? Will you sit in an Indian restaurant in Brickfields, using your hands ... to eat with our friends, in an indian restaurant? How about having our muslim friends to join us in our activities? Why not?

Rather than posting so much about Rosmah((she is getting too much of pubicity for nothing ... she did not contribute to our country's developments, get it?)). So, we should not talk about the truck-pulling lady, or the cow-lady ... or now .. the SW1M lady, who is trying to swim in the heat of political scenes?

Well ... nothing much to check on stocks ... except for some breakout and those strong uptrending stocks like Tambun, Alam, Boilermac, Pantech, Incken ... many going into new high. Ride on such uptrending stocks ...

Note : This photo was with me for years ... when I started to write this blog, before the forming of the tratles-group ... and my wife put-up the photo of the 'turtle'?

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