Friday, January 25, 2013

Daily : Failure

An easy life may lead to loss of self. Therefore,
understanding responsibility is the foundation of character.
Adversity is a test of faith. Therefore,
diligence is the foundation of industriousness in daily affairs.

Have you ever fallen down? You have to stand up from the place where you fell.

In ancient China Xie An was ... read on ...

In world war II, both Japan and Germany were defeated. However, several decades after the war, they became strong and poerful countries due to their excellent national qualities. Taiwan was once an isolated island with low productivity in the past. However, the Taiwan people have worked earnestly and created a strong economy today. The Chinese were once ridiculed as 'the sick man of East Asia'. However, the whole nation worked toegther and is now well respected by the world.

Thus, it is not such a terrible thing to fail, and it is alright to fall down. As long as we keep moving ahead, we can achieve anything in the world. Our willpower can turn rotting wood into a blossoming plant and make fire with the ashes of the cannon. Even if we lose a business due to careless mistakes, we can always work hard and get it back again. So, we should never imagine a onetime failure to be end of the world. Just like the story of Xie An, if we are good and capable, we can retrieve whatever we have lost.

Read, Reflect and Act : It is not such a terrble thing to fail, and it is alright to fall down. As long as we can always get ourselves together and move on, dead wood can also meet spring.

Taken from : 366 days with Wisdom.


p/s : Been days I could not post a 'photo' using this notebook. Surprise!!

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