Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Busy days and weeks ahead

Wednesday ...

schools : My son started standard one this year. How time flies ... was a young baby, and now an active boy. Going into a so-called Wawasan School, where Malay-Chinese-Indian ... three schools in a compound. I sent him to Chinese school, named after Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

college : starting this week too ... so, tuition starts too ... very busy. : Launched 1st Jan ... but too busy updating my closed page, so hope to find few hours on it, to update on info, contacts etc etc ... I was told that the traffic is good and I need to pay more to increase the bandwidth. This blogspot is free ... wonder if I need to transfer to ... but ok, maintain it for a year and see how. Hope to attract quality readers ... and some advertisers too.

cohort-8 : This Sat will be my 'last' session with them. Some will still continue to be active-tratles.

e-learning : Started last week too ... need to get more notes and updates up. The first session was OK, tho I do think I could do better.

cohort-9 : For those interested to join our tratles-group, please do contact me .... and we shall meet in person at 26th Jan(Saturday 2.30pm - 4pm). I will only start my first class after CNY(long holiday break here).

KLCI : Moving to 1700 from 1688 level soon ... anticipating that.

election : No one tellling when ... so, KLCI has been fed-up with the guessing-game.

off again.


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