Sunday, January 27, 2013


To listen to radio online : Found a link.

Sunday morning ... to write about my simple talk yesterday. It is nice ... I was in relax mode, sharing how I started in 2007 till 2013 ... and my plans in future, as a trader and to teach trading!! And glad to know that there was a mixed group, those my e-tratles, from stock-watch and new readers who really joined me after the talk. ghee ... thanks. Well, we just need to be honest and logical with people, guess they could 'judge' it themselves. feel so appreciative for those who came to support.

So, with my cohort-9 planned to start after CNY, my focus could be back to my I could not do things by myself anymore, so I am seeking help from 2 of my tratles who are good in it-skills and also could help me in many minor things. Yes, I always feel so thankful that I got to know so many nice people who have joined our tratles-group and helped me and others. This keep me going ...

Apple : Worth for a rebound?

Dinner : Last night, after the talk ... I rushed to join my bro/sis for dinner at Solaris(Dutamas). It is to celebrate my youngest bro's b-day and also his promotion! He is working in one of the investment bank. Great.

QPR : Lost again ... to small club. What will Tony do ... next? Sell planes to save the club or perhaps, sell the club and focus back to biz in AirAsia?


Sweet Dreams : A song which my gal been dancing for few weeks till she found a new one .. below.

One great show ... incredible!

have a nice ... bouncy Sunday.


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