Thursday, January 17, 2013

American Time Bomb

Debt ceiling will be raised again!!

Morning ... it will be yet another very long day for me ... till mid-night as I do have e-learning tonight. Needing to update some posts ... yet, I m so tied up with so many things ... I do need stay focus ...and making things work. It is about time-management ... getting myself to be much more efficient.

Last night, I had a dinner with a reader(from North) ... he said he is glad to have joined my stock-watch, recommending his son to join my cohort-9. Previously he will buy due to some news/rumours ... and got stucked with many stocks, some with a huge losses. Then, he said he got to know me ... and decided to join my stock-watch recently. At times, you feel so glad that people appreciate your efforts ... to help others to understand why trading markets is VERY risky.

Next Saturday afternoon ... I want to relax, and have a simple session with some of my readers who wish to meet. It will be nice .... just to share with them how I started, answering some questions on learning to trading.

Got to go again Talking about billionaire ... here is a song. haha. We all have a 'price tag' ... it is not all about money-money-money ... as money could buy us happiness!! But ... without money, could we pay the bills ... and keeping up with the inflation rate? haha TEH

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