Tuesday, January 01, 2013

8 traits for Success

1. PASSION :Do it for love ... so, I blog as I love blogging. I teach as I love teaching. I trade as I love trading.

2. WORK : Work hard, nothing comes easy ... and have fun.

3. FOCUS : To keep focus in things most important to us.

4. PUSH : Push ourselves to the limit ... beyond our own self-doubt.

5. IDEA : Be creative and take actions.

6. IMPROVE : Practice, practice and practice.

7. SERVE : Help others to do well.

8. PERSIST : Pick yourself up ... move forward.

Instead of complaining, do something worth your time. Instead of critising, help others to improve. Instead of judging others, try to understand others circumstances.

As ... if we want to be successful, we should not mix with those negative humans. Get out of their negative vibes. Make that a resolution to save your MIND for being poisoned.

THINK(brains needed).


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