Saturday, January 05, 2013

1st Saturday of the year

This morning I will be free from tuition-classes but next week onward, Saturday will be back to be a crazy day. Hmm ...

I will be having breakfast with 4 of my tratles(seniors) for yam-char ... as it is very seldom I am free for breakfast!! Then, I will come back to update my Three pages to update : tratles-group, stock-watch page and e-learning.

Then ... i will be going for our first traders meeting of the year. Many interesting stocks to analyse and look into. Will also be discussing on change of strategies in our trading in coming months, ahead of the feared GE. It might be pushed to last minute ... in May or June, rather than the anticipated March. So, we need to re-adjust our trading time-frames.

HKSE stocks

I have been holding to three of my HKSE babes for 5-6 months now, and it is in profit positions now. Well, I will like to move more funds to HKSE rather than placing in KLSE. I have written in my blog months ago when I started to move funds to HKSE ... and buying more. The valuations there are much cheaper than many of our so-called blue chips(with many PER above 20). I thought as investors we should be buying when the index going to the lowest points(i have shown too that Shanghai index went below 2000 levels, the 2008 crashing levels ... ridiculous). I thought as investors we should be buying into blue-chips, trading at its lowest PER levels, with good dividends still in place and biz still doing well? That was what I thinking months back ... when I continue to buy into HKSE. Only few of my tratles showing interest back then ... is it too late to show them? Not really ... HKSE is just beginning its steam ... zrrommm

CNOOC ; Bought at HK14.50, at HK17+ now. Still her PER is single digit for such a giant. It is largest oil-counter around.

ZhaoJin : This is my 'gold' trade ... bought at HKD10 when gold prices was depressed some 6 months back, it went to HKD14 but I did not take profits ... at the moment it came down as gold retracing ... still at a good HKD12+ for 20% appreciation(paper gain is NOT a gain)

Qinfa : It is cold-winter in China ... so, normally it Sept ... I will look into coal companies and Qinfa has been my choice for 3 years now. It will rally to recover by DEC-JAN ... as winter is cold. With CNY is nearing, more demands will be there ... and most probably I will sell at HKD1.60 or after CNY. Cost around HKD0.90 ... at HKD1.30 now. PER was around 2-3 back then, at PER 6 now.

For the benefits of tratles group, I will share with them some ideas of buying into H-shares as the risk is HIGH. We could only share our ideas ... others need to make their own decisions. RISK appetite and TIME frame are two very important factor ...

Many things to be done ... but things getting more exciting this year ... and we must capitalise on such bull-rally .... not in KLSE yet(GE fear) but in other markets or instruments.

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Got to go.

happy weekend


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