Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of Jan

Thursday ... so fast ... I did not even have a pause ... seeing reds.

Yesterday around 12.30pm was a weird hour, I have tooth-ache. Why a sudden? So, I was looking for a dentist!! Arrrrghh ... walking around, finally I found one ... but I need to wait for the dentist to be back. Sigh ... taken off two of my teeth, and more to come. I have to cancel classes but decided to continue with my 4.30pm class. Well ... I should not be wearing a pink coloured shirts, not those red-tones colours, and I shouldnt give blood too ... and bleeding more blood. KLCI following that ... and I have to close my long-positions. Prefer to wait to short now ... wait till more to come ...

Will put my schedules and will like to attend this expo, taking a chance to visit Johore and Spore. It will be good to look for a property in Iskandar too.

Then, when I am home ... my wife told me the orphnage(in Rawang) called us ... to ask for some donations. I can't talk much ... so, I have to cancelled our tratles weekly e-meeting, and went to Mydin for some shopping. I was tired ... but the satisfaction found from doing what you love to do ... is great.

I did not pass the hats around for CNY-charity fund to our tratles group. Well, I know I will be TOO busy to do such things in such short period of time. But it is never forgotten ... I started this charity-fund last year during Raya ... and given to this orphanage home. So, I will be adopting this house as they are abandoned by many.

It is still my dream(personal) for me to form a fund-raising to be distributed to those really needing ones. Hmm ... what should I do this year or next ... ?

This is a good learning pyramid, shared during our meeting and a good reflection on my personal learning curve.

Missing boy : Body found ... sad to know they killed a helpless boy. Sigh.

Elephants : Someone poisioned those elephants in Sabah. Sigh.

Liverpool : Can't even beat a small team ... so, they are not good enough.

Well .. should not be reading newspaper ... sigh.

It is the end of the month ... of new year 2013. For Chinese, they are waiting for a new snake-year. SNAKE is such as curi-tulang ... or cunning to trick others. SNAKE is not getting a positive image ... unlike Dragon.

So ... what sector will be doing well in year of Snake? Green-stocks? Hmm ... buying 4-ekor?

Do learn to long-short FKLI as if we believe KLCI will be retracing much more from current level, holding on to stocks will give us ... heart-attack? haha.

Got to go ... classes till 6pm again.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is car a neccesity?

DOW closed another 70 points higher, reaching 14, 000 feet soon. The air is getting thinner as we are scaling new heights ... we do need to be better prepared ... as when we are reaching 28,000 feet levels, we are certainly needs to weather the rough environment ... it is a new 'norm'.

A123 : Now trading in pink, google code of AONEQ, at 0.0370 ... WAS from USD10+ when I started to look at her(check my posts on her 3-4 yrs ago). It is certainly no longer green, and luckily I have cut-loss on her then. Green-sector is one of the most depressed sector at the moment --- no longer we heard governments talking about solar-wind powered energy ... those clean-indexed buildings, reducing of using of dirty energy resources(such as coals) ... and well, green-car is still a distant future for masses.

My younger bro is driving a green-car, those hybrid kinda cool vehicle. It is expensive, not for average wage earners like me.

BYD (code 1211): It is parabolic ... the 1-yr chart. This week, it is testing that higher again ... in 2008, when green-stocks was hot, BYD shot from below HKD10 to above HKD80, before reality seeped in. Well, WB bought into her, fuelled the needed craziness to have a piece of her. After all, WB could not be wrong, ok? Breaking that line, it is strong uptrend ... yet again. It went to about HKD13 recently. A 100% turn-around, ok? With very high PER(well, this is futuristic kinda thing ... long term investment vehicle), will you trust that more people will be driving cars with green-battery?

So, talking about cars, or transportation in Klang Valley(KV), rather ... it is a must for us to have our own transportation mode. Unlike Singaporeans, where travelling from a place to another is a 'breeze', it is a very stressful in KV. They are building those MRT and extension of LRT ... hopefully, many things could be done smoothly and we could be able to move from a place to anoher without our own vehicles. Well ... that is only a stressful dream in KV. We all knew that well  ... the increase in the populations, job opportunities ... and such, driving those from rurals ... or I shall add, those immigrants(will be localised each time nearing to election --- free citizenships?).

Ok ok ... I dislike driving in KV. So, having a kap-chai to travel to work(5km distance) is still the 'best' of choice. Not all could take the risk and the un-comfort of riding kap-chai, so a car is a neccesity.

Is car a neccesity? Yes, if you are staying in KV(or any part in Malaysia as our transportation system is NOT good at all).

Having a nice, expensive car to drive around is also becoming a status and attention grabbing!! As far as I read those financial books, they told us that car is a deprectiating 'asset'. Yes, once it is out of that show-room or on-the-road, its value starts to go lower ... and lower ... I do remember my best friend won a contest, an Alfa-Romeo 164, a total new one ... barely drove for a month and he sold for 30% depreciation(ok, Alfa does not fetch good sell-back price?).

I m driving the cheapest Proton(won't mind Kancil but my kids growing!!) ... I m a proud owner of the local car, the one that de-listed ... losing money company, remember? Oppss ... it was not de-listed. It was privatised, someone see the great future in Proton brands and bought over for a premium. Great. No no ... was it privitised or wat? I can't recall ... it is vague ... shhh ...

I have no intention to change my car or even buying a second car. Well, we all know too ... most household in KV do have 2(or more) cars. A second car becoming a neccesity too due to our poor transportation system and also our bad local plannings. My wife needs to use the cars to transport our kids ... and I have to come to work, so ... without a second car, how are we going to move around, right? I opted for the cheapest mode ... kap-chai. Since I m just using the kap-chai to travel from home to work, a second hand usable one is good enough. That is what I thought ...

... until someone told me, Hey ... you are a 'public figure' now, you see. You should not be riding on those cheap bike or driving the cheapest car around?  Huh ... now we are talking about 'status'. Like it or not, I have to 'accept' that ... facts? Wait a minute ... who placed such ridiculous status conditions? Who said I am a public-figure ... or someone 'well-known'? I m just a blogger ... enjoying writing here now ... and someone, somehow ... followed my writings. Not many .. but some loyal ones too. Those few ones that followed me for years ... and have somehow knew me 'personally'.

"If you don't know me  by now, you will never never never know me ... huuuuu"

o, for someone of us ... car = status. If you are driving some local cars, you are in lower bracket of levels of income levels. Instalments for a 1.3-Proton is around RM700 but an Accord worth something ... to show. Driving a BMW is a must to show you are successful(of coz, those like Benz, Audi, Volvo ... Porsche, Alfa ... name it). Is that true? Not really ...

Depending on how we define success ... that is subjective and I am not going to go there.

I still have a view that a car is just a vehicle to bring me from a spot to another spot. Well, some safety features will be good. So, I do hope I could maintain my so-called cheap Proton(it is NOT cheaper for normal wage-earners with salary below RM5k, ok?) ... for years to come. Another 3-5 years will be great ... but Proton after 3 yrs(mine) showing signs of wear-tear .. just changed the gear-box, the back wind-screen, repaired the power-window ... tyres. More problems cropping up ... soon.

Well ... time to work again. Wish I could be a 'free' ... and also freely to write blogs!! Will want a photograhy visual kinda blog in future ...

KLCI in slight green .. nothing much. Friday is another off day for KL-lites.

Classes till 6.30pm today.

Berhati-hati di jalanraya ... pandu cermat, jiwa selamat.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Election stocks

Written in The Star, for good reasons.


IT'S been 18 months since Prestariang Bhd was listed.

This provider of information communication technology (ICT) training, certification and software still has big plans in the offing with the opening of its boutique university taking centre stage for now.

Mooted by the Government, the university which will be launched on Jan 31, will provide the company a recurring income on top of its current businesses which include the provision of training, certification and software to clients such as government ministries and local universities, which are among its biggest clients.

It works with top global IT companies in the provision of such services.

Currently, 70% of Prestariang's business comes from the public sector. It enjoys a gross margin of about 40%, superior to that of its other ICT and eduction peers largely due to its ability to do business on a large-scale basis, according to analysts.

Analysts have said that Prestariang, which posted a net profit of RM10.2mil for the third quarter ended Sept 30, is in a sweet spot as the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) continues to unfold itself.

A lot of the objectives set out in the ETP will require much reskilling and upskilling, which is where the company's expertise lies.

The stock disappointed many when it fell 18% lower on the first day of its trading.

The downtrend persisted for a while after that with the share price dipping to as low as 52 sen. It has since recovered to RM1.14 but is still trading at a price earning ratio that is half of its competitors.

Do read and take your own plunge. Good luck.


Sunday, January 27, 2013


To listen to radio online : Found a link.

Sunday morning ... to write about my simple talk yesterday. It is nice ... I was in relax mode, sharing how I started in 2007 till 2013 ... and my plans in future, as a trader and to teach trading!! And glad to know that there was a mixed group, those my e-tratles, from stock-watch and new readers who really joined me after the talk. ghee ... thanks. Well, we just need to be honest and logical with people, guess they could 'judge' it themselves. feel so appreciative for those who came to support.

So, with my cohort-9 planned to start after CNY, my focus could be back to my I could not do things by myself anymore, so I am seeking help from 2 of my tratles who are good in it-skills and also could help me in many minor things. Yes, I always feel so thankful that I got to know so many nice people who have joined our tratles-group and helped me and others. This keep me going ...

Apple : Worth for a rebound?

Dinner : Last night, after the talk ... I rushed to join my bro/sis for dinner at Solaris(Dutamas). It is to celebrate my youngest bro's b-day and also his promotion! He is working in one of the investment bank. Great.

QPR : Lost again ... to small club. What will Tony do ... next? Sell planes to save the club or perhaps, sell the club and focus back to biz in AirAsia?


Sweet Dreams : A song which my gal been dancing for few weeks till she found a new one .. below.

One great show ... incredible!

have a nice ... bouncy Sunday.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Public Sharing

DOW up another 70 points ... incredible. We are in ... bull rally? Any dip is an opportunity to buy into stocks? How about Apple ... lost another 2% plus, touched a low of USD435 at the moment. Well, APPLE not longer the largest company now ... EXXON taken over. Is that one of the reason why Warren Buffett said he dislike to invest in tech-counters as he could not understand the sector?

Alam : When Alam dived from 0.68 to 0.50 in a week, I highlighted her to our tratles-group and started to place in my stock watch to buy at 0.50, selling at 0.55(for 10% profits). It was range trading from 0.50 to 0.55 for 3 times ... before it broken higher and all the way up to 0.68 and above. Since then, everyone is bullish about ALAM ... and becoming one of the hottest stock!!

I will share this ALAM trade with those coming for my short public-talk later(2pm).

Yes ... just a briefing on how I started trading ... lessons I have learnt and basic methods I am using. It is more of a sharing, not teaching.

Winners never quit

I firmly believe that what truly separates the 10% of winning traders from the 90% that lose is the trader’s mindset. The vast majority of traders think they want to trade until the losses hit them over and over and they just can’t mentally and emotionally handle it and end up quitting entirely. I believe the following ten principles separate the quitters from the winners in the stock market.

 How Winning Traders Rebound, make a Come Back, and Never Quit

1. They accept losing trades quickly but it does not define them, they learn and try again. The next trade will be more wise than the last one.

2. They compartmentalize emotions by not blaming themselves but understanding the historical expectancy of their systems returns.

3. They have a bias toward action by constantly doing things that move them closer to their goal of being a rich trader. (Homework, chart study, reading, being mentored, back testing, etc. )

4. They change their minds sometimes, they know when to stop doing something that does not work and move in the direction of trading success through new lessons. They learn what type of trading is right for them.

5. They prepare for things to go wrong through risk management and position sizing instead of just going naively toward their goals they are ready to make adjustments as needed.

6. They’re comfortable with discomfort, they will accept losses and draw downs in their method, they are willing to pay tuition to the markets to get to where they want to be.

7. They’re willing to wait, they patiently improve each day setting themselves up for those winning trades that will be very profitable in the future.

8. They have trading heroes that inspire them to be better than they are now and give them the hope of achieving their dreams.

9. They have more than passion they are on a mission, their desire for success gives them the drive to not quit until they win.

10. They know only time separates them from their goals of success in the markets.

The above will be shared too ... and the 3M in trading will be given, to understand trading. It is never easy ... certainly not what being advertised how many % they gained from their software computerised trading systems ...

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Nice advertisement :Let's go home

Wish for more of such meaningful advertisements.


p/s : This is my #2500th  post.

KLCI to rebound

DOW up again ... as KLCI taken a break yesterday. Today we should be seeing some buying back ... Monday is off day for Selangor, Thaipusam. I have attended Thaipusam long time ago when I was much younger, and I will like to attend again ... some day when I semi-retired ...

APPLE : Closed at USD450.50, lost 12.35% in one trading day. ouch. It may stage a strong technical rebound, so ... I will be watching and see if could catch the rotten apple? Few CWs attached to APPLE, trading in KLSE but too illiquid to trade.

9.03 am : KLCI up 5 points ... Tenaga leads the way, after reports good profits. Great for my long positions. But it might be down again later ... need to take profit and run.

CNY : It is around the corner ... mid of FEB, I was told ... and I am not in any way 'ready' ... but the break will do me good. It is time to be with family ... and time to give 'angpows', instead of recieving. Year of snakes ... will it be a good year for equity-markets? I will be too busy to go for another round ... for CNY-charity fund for tratles-group. I do still have a balance of RM1k, which I could still buy something simple ... this time for old-folks.

Public-meeting : Well, since last week I mentioned I will like to meet some readers tmr for a short talk on 'how I started to learn about trading', only few responded so far. I will continue even there is only 1-2 person came. But, I do think I will have a few to meet ... hope they won't ask difficult questions, and making me nervous. haha.

9.40 am : KLCI still up about 6 points.

Got to go for classes ... till 5pm today.


Daily : Failure

An easy life may lead to loss of self. Therefore,
understanding responsibility is the foundation of character.
Adversity is a test of faith. Therefore,
diligence is the foundation of industriousness in daily affairs.

Have you ever fallen down? You have to stand up from the place where you fell.

In ancient China Xie An was ... read on ...

In world war II, both Japan and Germany were defeated. However, several decades after the war, they became strong and poerful countries due to their excellent national qualities. Taiwan was once an isolated island with low productivity in the past. However, the Taiwan people have worked earnestly and created a strong economy today. The Chinese were once ridiculed as 'the sick man of East Asia'. However, the whole nation worked toegther and is now well respected by the world.

Thus, it is not such a terrible thing to fail, and it is alright to fall down. As long as we keep moving ahead, we can achieve anything in the world. Our willpower can turn rotting wood into a blossoming plant and make fire with the ashes of the cannon. Even if we lose a business due to careless mistakes, we can always work hard and get it back again. So, we should never imagine a onetime failure to be end of the world. Just like the story of Xie An, if we are good and capable, we can retrieve whatever we have lost.

Read, Reflect and Act : It is not such a terrble thing to fail, and it is alright to fall down. As long as we can always get ourselves together and move on, dead wood can also meet spring.

Taken from : 366 days with Wisdom.


p/s : Been days I could not post a 'photo' using this notebook. Surprise!!

APPLE : Time to buy?


Let's not beat around the bush. In several ways, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)'s fiscal first quarter earnings release did leave a little to be desired in some key areas. iPhone units came in below estimates, particularly when considering the optimistic expectations suggested by Verizon's activation figures. Mac units legitimately plunged both sequentially and year over year. Gross margin contracted to the lowest point in two years.

 In after-hours trading, shares reached as low as $457.30, shedding nearly $57, or 11%, from where they closed. That's $53 billion in market cap lost in about an hour.

note : $450.66 is the low at the moment.

 Are you panicking yet?

 On iPhones

The company sold 47.8 million iPhones in the December quarter, 29% higher than a year ago. That was shy of the roughly 50 million that most investors were expecting, and well below the 56 million figure suggested by Verizon's activations.

 The iPhone 5 was constrained throughout most of the quarter, but sales climbed during the tail end as production ramped up. Tim Cook said that iPhone 4 supplies were constrained for the entire quarter. That coincides with the fact that only half of Verizon's iPhone activations were the newest model, indicating strong demand for older models.

 On iPads

iPad units were solid at 22.9 million, driven in part by strong demand for the iPad Mini. That's a jump of 48% over last year. Cook said that the smaller tablet continued to be constrained during the quarter and that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) expects to achieve demand balance this quarter as it ramps up.

Average selling prices expectedly dropped to $467 with the introduction of the iPad Mini, along with the continued presence of the iPad 2. That was a $101 drop in ASP from a year ago.

 On Macs

The total Mac units of 4.06 million were undoubtedly light, dropping 22% year over year and significantly underperforming the broader PC market (negative 6%), breaking Apple's streak. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) no longer reports the mix of desktops and laptops, but Cook attributed most of the shortfall to the "significant" iMac shortages that he warned about last quarter.

for more : click HERE

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily : Encouragement

Adversity trains determination.
Poverty accomplishes strength of character.
Confidence motivates towards the goal.
Ambition is the compass of life.

          In modern society, we can see people putting great effort into achieving their dreams. However, many give up their endeavors once they face obstacles and discouragement ... read on ...

Read, Reflect and Act : Life is like paddling against the current, only hard work and determination can help us to move forward.

I am very glad I have found a very nice book, for daily reading. As I am going to read it in daily basis, I do hope to share the positiveness of these wise words ... and hope it will guide me to be a better person.



Holiday is good

It is an off-day for KLSE ... I only took a peep in HSI, nothing much, dropped 36points but my H-stocks moving lower, under correction now after a strong surge up recently. No stocks much in mind ... had an e-meeting with tratles ... and still focusing in telcos & O&G. It is kinda risky to be in markets now, except for short trades.

Holidays : Today is off ... Monday is off for Selangor. So, it is a long holiday for some as they are taking Friday off.

I read some news ...

Missing boy : I do hope they could find the boy ... and it is spreading across. Someone mentioned ... how about many more kids who went missing? Aren't they deserved the space too? It is a good reminder to parents ... that they have to be very careful. Malaysia is no longer safe ... with so many immigrants. Sigh.

Listen-listen-listen : This is spreading widely too ... incredible how news could spread so fast ... internet. It is a marvelous tool ...  to be used ... or abused, of coz.

Flood : It is still raining ... and many places still flooded. It is 2013 year now ... I hope, the gov (BN or PKR) will do something about it ...

Syed Mokhtar : He is called SM = smart money? Will love to get the book ... and read about him could certainly give us ... idea how he built an 'empire'. He is certainly one of the smartest biz-men around. Well, claiming that he is heavily linked to gov(or someone-someone) ... it doesn't matter to him, I bet. We all still checking his latest moves to privitise TWS and TWSCorp. The speculations around that he might take DRB private too ... with Malakoff listing soon(was privitised) ... we shall watch his counters such as MMC. Hope I could find little time to read few pages from this book.

These are the few latest development I am trying to follow ... I still 'owe' many updates and I m still finding it more 'comfortable' to write here ... so used to it, much more like my dairy ... tho I have limited about things I will want to write.

Blogging is 'natural' times, I could write on-n-on ... and many ideas or issues ... to write about. At times, it is just turn blank. Not everyone could blog ... and I think, most of people just dislike to write a blog, and being seen by others? We all are 'afraid' of being judged ... and especially those who don't know us, who do not follow our previous posts ... and judging us base on few posts?

I could not find the 'flow' ... it is not fluent .. no longer as natural ... as I am attracting 'wrong' audience. So, I am taking a pause in writing about my analysis. But, I do know I do still have some good readers ... following my posts. Thanks ... it is 'trying' time ... at times, to be patient with someone else. We could lose our patience ... easily.

A CNY song ... by a creative and talented colleague of mine. Great job.

Parenting : In yesterday's chat box, some parents are chatting about parenting rather than stocks!! haha ... yes, we are with young kids, worrying about the 'future' for our kids. Yeah ... I do think I need to spend more time with my kids ... and teach my boy "MATH". He is learning to play chess now ... good.

Facebook : "Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and Help me. Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in. 

 To all my friends who are going through some issues right now--Let's start an intention avalanche. We all need positive intentions right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will!! I did it for a friend and you can too. You have to copy & paste this one, no share button, because kindness is an effort given from the ♥ not the press of a button."

This is being shared in facebook now ... spreading good intentions is good. Sharing positiveness in lives ... and keeping ourselves to maintain as positive and motivated.

Maths ... and life.

Ok, I am losing my flow ... dinner time.

Have a nice weekend ahead.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

KLCI to rebound?

DOW standing at 13,700 levels ... up another 60points. Only KLCI in sharp correction mode, due to the rumoured election dates. If we are not preparing for such volatility, we should stay side-way ... do what we need to do ... while check for opportunities. Wait for election ... wait for the results, the dust to be cleared before re-entering markets. Some of investors that I knew have exited KLSE months back ... ignoring the noises, the up-down emotion driven rally. So, are we in mood for rebound?

We could not predict when exactly election could be ... but base on the fear-factor(and will be created again and again), it should be diving further below 1500. While KLCI trading at PER14, higher than regional markets plus many blue chips at high PER valuations, we certainly should not be buying anything now to hold. Not even Axiata that I grabbed when it dived 7%. Some followed by buying into Axiata 2 days ago ... and that is RISKY. We need to understand that it is no longer cheap. REad all we want ... regarding their ventures into Indo-china or Burma ... perhaps, speculating that they might have a piece of Thai/Viet pie ... we do know the stock is over-valued.

Trading is relating to technical charts ... yet, indicators are not even showing 70% accuracy. KLSE stocks lack of liquidity ... and we have to trade those blue-chips or hot-stocks. We need to check on few more factors ... such as news/media, to make some 'guesses' how the stocks will re-act.

If one is too busy to read, and lacking of technical-analysis knowledge, it is becoming difficult for us to identify the stocks that could be in play. Is O&G in play?

Example : Dayang and PEnergy ... with the Shell's news in front page of the Edge recently. Both are in strong uptrend and ... the peers in O&G are also in the move. Checking Perdana's chart ... emmm ... interesting strong rebound and uptrend now. What is the news related or in play for PetraPerdana? Stocks do not move by itself ... if a stock is of not good fundamentals, it is moved by news, played by some 'operators'. Check Perisai, Alam, Pantech ... and even TAS .. Coastal and such. They are said to be in O&G play ... but how about PChem? It was diving further yesterday(luckily one of them in my stock watch group asked me on Friday and sold for profits). Dialog has been abandoned ... sideway till recent dive, giving another opportunity to trade on technical rebound? How about SKPetrol which rebounded yesterday ... from the low of 2.78?

Getting into sector-in-play is very important ... but which sector should we be focusing in? Plantation counters seem to fizzle-out after short rebound. It is not easy ... we need to isolate ourselves from the noises of media ... trying to read as much, to 'feel' the directions and which news will be used to push .. what sectors. Then, we check on those charts .,.. some leading ... and looking into those laggards. I am talking about some good stocks, not too speculative such as KNM or Scomi. Ramunia(Tabung Haji yang berat) is not in my list either.

Time to go ... another 7 hours of classes for today.

Have a nice rebound ahead.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KLCI : Bear Day

This will be the next questions everyone will be asking and trying to predict(again). Can we really tell? We can't but we could do the preparations ... will it go to 1500 OR to 1700 from here?

As it was from 1602, a long tail might be forming today(if it could close above 1630+ ... very volatile. It really kills off many faint-hearted retailers, must be the panic selling at 1602 levels but I missed it. The two days are really good-show. 40 + 40 = 80 points ... cool.

When KLCI at 1680+ levels, someone will said we are seeing 1700 or even 1750 is not far away, telling us about CNY rally coming etc etc. Technically KLCI was overbought and MACD showing bearishness. Today, as it dives ... many started to come out to explain to you why ... the GE-fear news, foreign selling ... err ... read all u wish.

What is next?

4.50 pm : KLCI going to close with looong tail now. They pressed down so much, to kill of the FEAR emotions in the morning ... those buying will see the rebound to be well. Many hammers forming too ... so, good.

FGV ... what a show. I grabbed Axiata yesterday, was thinking to sell for profits and grab PChem or FGV, Then ... someone came to save FGV ... fishing for votes, ok?

Alam, Perisai, Pantech ... even TAS ... rebounded.



Monday, January 21, 2013

KLCI diving : Bear Day

KLCI minus 30 points now ... due to election rumours spreading.

Time to get out? or Buy more?

1pm : KLCI closed 38.17 lower for lunch. cool.

Top Losers in KLCI-linked

Axiata : lost 43cents

PPB : lost 42 cents

CIMB : lost 38cents

BAT : lost 28 cents

Digi : lost 21 cents

UEMLand : lost 11 cents

Astro : lost 9 cents


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday blah-blah

Nice morning ... was too busy the whole week, days after days ... and taking a short break will be good.

Yesterday was another crazy day ... I slept early on Friday night(too tired too) as I planned to donate blood on Saturday. We need to sleep at least 5 hours to be able to donate, and not suppose to take aspirin etc etc. I am a regular donor, so I do know well what is needed and precautions to be taken, keeping myself fit enough to donate!! That is 450ml of blood type A ... dirty blood from my dirty body.

I wish to promote blood-donation to my students last week but was too busy. There are things I wish to do, but I could not now due to my tight schedules ... with my center is opening, there is nothing much I could do but focus in the opening of my centers.

Yes, I am busy with my tuition centers and will be creating a blog to write about it. Talking about very busy ... running my own center, while having so many things to do ... while trading ... is certainly challenging my time-management and organizing-skills.

I am still much more comfortable writing here ... and struggle to use the new dashboard. The familiarity ... and comfort zone ... but I will update some of the pages there.

One week come, next Sat ... I will be trying to organise a public-talk ... to some of my readers who may want to know my stories ... like, how I started to trade and learn well ... it is my story, and my blog is also about my trading-stories ... i am glad to be able to blog, being a blogger ... and away from those nuisance human ... who do not even understand who we are.

Someone told me that my blah-blah blog is still featured in i3? Really? It is up to the i3-admin. I won't bother much anymore as I prefer to blog MY way. haha ... let those making noises continue ... we need to learn to move away, and stand up to what we like to do.

Song of the day ... nice old songs by Wen Chang.

文章 望天


11.30am : Went to do some morning marketing. Mydin USJ has been a great change in new year. Renovations are going on, new shops, new set-ups ... great. They are competing with up-coming new Giant-mall next door. With Da-Men(by Equine capital ... they changed name to Global Oriental ) coming up too, 3 more condo projects is up ... plus the Empire-Remix in place ... USJ1 becoming a vibrant place ... to stay.

I managed to grabbed my apartment at below market price(RM160k ... discounted to Rm155k) last year when the market price was at RM180k. Today ... it is being priced around RM200k. Sigh ... such a steep price for a cheap medium-class apartment? Certainly over-priced!! But ... the prices of apartments-condos ... houses still climbing ... and now we do not see cheap RM100k prices anymore.

Recently, a colleague of mine looking for an apartment near my place and it was priced at RM280k ... furnished and some reno done, still extremely too high of a price. As I said, it is ridiculous ... as we need to pay 30-40yrs of bank-loan for a condo costing RM400k? I certainly can't afford anything above RM200k ... so, I will have to move out of Klang Valley, once I retired. Hopefully a small place like Taiping is still not too expensive to retire?

Dropbox : Learning to use drop-box ... a mobile HDD or something like that. Really such a donkey, dont even know how to use simplest IT-applications!!

O&G : Yesterday I do have a meeting with our second batch of tratles. We discussed on some counters in play such as Alam, Perdana, PEnergy, Coastal, Pantech, SKPetrol, PChem ... but I think I missed Dayang ... didn't discuss KNM or Scomi(too speculative).

3.55 pm : Just came back from a tuition class, and realised that I missed a weeding-lunch(my colleague!!) ... ouch. Hope he could understand ... as he is kinda good friend, we used to go bowling together 2 years ago ... I have stopped bowling due to my tight schedules ...

e-stock-analysis : I do have few more asking to join my Monday's e-meeting with those who wish to see what stocks I m analysing for the week but it is full. I am trying to expand the capacity and will get back to those interested. Thanks.

need to take a nap ...


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday blah-blah

It is nice ... to be able to take a short rest this morning, to have breakfast at home while talking to my wife. Well, as always ... I will share with her the importance of having the right mindset regarding 'money' as majority around us are not aware of its importance ... most of us always think of we want MORE money ... higher salary, extra bonuses ... so that we could buy XXX and more of YYY, thinking of having ZZZ.

In my believe, it takes a GREAT effort to get out of the norm ... and persistently educating ourselves, financially. The word 'saving' is not something we like ... we prefer 'spending'. Of coz i could identify with that ... as I WAS one of those idiots ... trying to squeeze every dollars, to purchase something we may not even need!! The luring sales ... or sales-persons ... enticing us with those gadgets and latest 'toys' ... a serious way to have balance-check each time we intend to buy something, rather than impulsive. Today .... after 7 yrs of brain-washing myself, I m living as frugal as I could ... and finally managed to clear my debts(credit-cards and personal loans) ... and 'forced' myself to save 25% of my salary.

Earn ---> spend ---> save ---> invest ---> earn more --->  spend lesser ---> save more ---> invest more ---> ... and so on. One day, in years to come ... we will accumulate enough 'wealth'. I do still need another 3-5 years of such continuous cycle to reach my 'financial freedom' goal ...

Gamuda : Broken 3.80 ... uptrend should continue. One could consider Gamuda-wd, for higher leverage play.

Public-meeting : I will be seeing readers and those who are interested to know how I started my 'trading adventure'. I will share my stories ... interested? Contact me ...

Got to go ... seeing the contractor ... and have tratles-meeting today. we shall speak about constructions and O&G today.

have a nice weekend.


Friday, January 18, 2013


问 by 陈淑桦

谁让你心动 谁让你心痛 
谁又在乎你的梦 谁说你的心思他会懂 

如果女人 总是等到夜深 
无悔付出青春 他就会对你真 
是否女人 永远不要多问 
她最好永远天真 为她所爱的人 

谁让你心动 谁让你心痛 
谁又在乎你的梦 谁说你的心思他会懂 

只是女人 容易一往情深 
总是为情所困 终于越陷越深
可是女人 爱是她的灵魂 
她可以奉献一生 为她所爱的人只是女人
容易一往情深 总是为情所困 
爱是她的灵魂 她可以奉献一生 
爱是她的灵魂 她可以奉献一生 

Found a gem. nice


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stock Watch : UEMLand

UEMLand : the chart

Broken RM2.15 recently, given to my stock-group and it broken to higher ... as I was too busy, I queued RM2.35 and many in the group who jumped into also sold at 2.33-2.35. Some got it lower than me. Another good trade done. Jan is always a good month to profit. Yeah ... too busy to trade UEMLand-cp, could only share with some of them to take a look.

I was watching GenM yesterday ... ouch ... it flew off today. Incken moving much higher ... insane and crazy now. Missed.

Got to run again for short lunch.Listen listen listen ... to your heart. We all should listen to our inner voice, rather than so much of noises around. So, I do share with others NOT to follow the noisy forums and such ... but listen carefully ... to your heart


American Time Bomb

Debt ceiling will be raised again!!

Morning ... it will be yet another very long day for me ... till mid-night as I do have e-learning tonight. Needing to update some posts ... yet, I m so tied up with so many things ... I do need stay focus ...and making things work. It is about time-management ... getting myself to be much more efficient.

Last night, I had a dinner with a reader(from North) ... he said he is glad to have joined my stock-watch, recommending his son to join my cohort-9. Previously he will buy due to some news/rumours ... and got stucked with many stocks, some with a huge losses. Then, he said he got to know me ... and decided to join my stock-watch recently. At times, you feel so glad that people appreciate your efforts ... to help others to understand why trading markets is VERY risky.

Next Saturday afternoon ... I want to relax, and have a simple session with some of my readers who wish to meet. It will be nice .... just to share with them how I started, answering some questions on learning to trading.

Got to go again Talking about billionaire ... here is a song. haha. We all have a 'price tag' ... it is not all about money-money-money ... as money could buy us happiness!! But ... without money, could we pay the bills ... and keeping up with the inflation rate? haha TEH

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It is 10.30 am now ... busy busy busy ... rushing for classes and MayBank ... yes, Maybank.

ASB : One of a good way of saving for me is to get a loan from MayBank(this time ... the rate is only 4.9%), deduct directly from our bank account to pay the loan ... and obtain higher than 7-8% per annum of interests. It is a sure-win investment ... but it is my saving, not investment. I m paying myself 25% of my salary every month ... accumulating the bullets ... it is for 'emergency' ... and yes, if market is to collapse, this savings will be readied to be push into markets!! When market will collapse ... waiting ... and waiting ... for election to come. And once I grabbed a 10-15% profits, I will move it back to my ASB saving accounts. Great way of saving-investing? That is my 'saving'. GREAT!!

EPF : Another way of us being forced to save. Every month, about 10% from us, 10% from employee ... going into our EPF account. While I have not used my a/c 1 to buy a house(will exercise that in 3-5 years time, and buying a bumi-lot ... with discounts 5-7%). But, recently we are allowed to use our EPF to invest/trade by ourselves!! So ... what should we do again? Wait for the collapse of a good stock ... buy in huge amount ... wait for rebound of 10-15% and take profits. Then, put it back in that 'saving' account. EPF is paying us about 5-6% only ... or perhaps will be lowered. So, I m doing very well ... GREAT.

KLCI down about 6 points, finally. Broken the uptrend line, at 1680 crucial level. Further correction might be expected too ...

I don't know why I could not upload a picture here using this notebook. Will only upload when I am home.

I do have a full-time job .... otherwise, it will be my pleasure to write about what in my mind ... regarding my financial movements ... increasing my financial-knowledge is my greatest move in my life so far ... it is GREAT.

Alam : Bought 0.855 when closing ... was too busy, otherwise, would be abole to catch the momentum at lower levels.

note : Alam sold at 0.895, 0.915 and 0.935 ... all done. Great!

Pantech : Catching the momentum now ... great to be 'free' for few hours to trade.

Cohort-9 : Next Saturday, 26th Jan,  I will have a preview to those in my KIV list of cohort-9 and also open to those interested to join our tratles-group. The preview talk is free .. and to meet my readers too. Those in my e-tratles and stock-watch group are most welcomed. At least I could meet them in person, and this will be one of the few Saturdays I am 'free'. Contact me if you are interested. see ya.

Got to go ...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Failing Education System

It is viral ... it is another sad day for our education system ... when the UUM-case being spread. It is another person, trying to 'ampu' the gov ... and to be elected by their 'boss' showing their loyal and un-divided support. sigh .. mis-placed priority ... personal agenda .. and degrading others, to look good ... it is not accept, support BN or oppositions. To me, it is a disgrace to 'lecturers' and our education system. I thought she was the lecturer in UUM, but she is not even a lecturer there ... an invited guest to host the events?

I dont know what SW1M stands for or what it is all about. It is irritating to have the digit 1 = one, in almost every word we are writing ... 1-Malaysia ... 1-XYZ ... then, came out some smart guys ... with idea of changing the letter I  into digit 1. There ... we have BR1M ... and now SW1M ... dont try to be creative now, I know we could think of many such abbreviations or acronyms ...

I do not wish to dwell too much into politics ... especially the election is nearing. You could see how many of us could be very emotional when we speak our mind about something closed to our hearts ... EXCEPT those politicians ... or those wannabe like Sharifah Zohra ... hmm .. these are endless. No point to bantah against her ... no point of politicking on this issue ... why those politicians are so free? There are many more urgent issues to look into and we do need those politicians to LEAD the country ... to benefit the rakyat ... and keeping to their promises.

Yet, we are flooded by trivial issues ... the media trying so hard to keep update with the wrongs of other political parties. It is fault findings ... and we are going through the circles ... we are too busy keeping up with our daily lives, and that is our majority RAKYAT.

KL112 ... we all took a pause, to voice out that we do care about our de-grading country. Our so-called 1-Malaysia where polarisation is very clear. Gov trying to deny the gap(race) ... but who are we kidding? Will you sit in an Indian restaurant in Brickfields, using your hands ... to eat with our friends, in an indian restaurant? How about having our muslim friends to join us in our activities? Why not?

Rather than posting so much about Rosmah((she is getting too much of pubicity for nothing ... she did not contribute to our country's developments, get it?)). So, we should not talk about the truck-pulling lady, or the cow-lady ... or now .. the SW1M lady, who is trying to swim in the heat of political scenes?

Well ... nothing much to check on stocks ... except for some breakout and those strong uptrending stocks like Tambun, Alam, Boilermac, Pantech, Incken ... many going into new high. Ride on such uptrending stocks ...

Note : This photo was with me for years ... when I started to write this blog, before the forming of the tratles-group ... and my wife put-up the photo of the 'turtle'?

Got to go ... off


Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Blah-blah

Liverpool : It is almost 11 pm ... Liverpool is trailing  and this is the only match I took a glimpse, we are not good enough for this season too ... surprisingly Rafa is back to EPL, heading Chelsea. I do not follow the whole season of EPL ... eliminating 'negative' emotion from my system. Perhaps, I could afford to fly to watch Liverpool vs MU .. at Anfield, one day.

Birthdays : This month is a b-day months for our family ... my sis on 1st Jan, my son on 11-Jan ... and today is my Aunt's b-day ... and end of month is my youngest brother's. So, it is a busy feasting for us family, getting together.

Kids : Been busy with schooling, std one for my boy and second-kinder year for my girl. Well, registration for std one needed to be done this yr for my 5yr-old girl and we have to apply for the 'special' school.

New Items : The only new items I bought for new year are this new desktop(good speed) and a new comfortable sofa(two-seaters). I do need to get a new pair of spec ... oh yes, if I need to include, I do change some of my clothing. Nothing much for a simple me ... and another long year to work .. and fulfilling my goals for the year ...

Election : This is being the most anticipated event of the year ... and especially for those in KLSE, it is the election-fear ... high valuations fear ... and more. Tho many believe 2013 will be good for equities, I wont be so optimistic on KLSE ... it is over-valued. So, with such ... it is only logical diversify away from KLSE. Well, we might be able to trade SGX and SET soon ... and it will be good to look at some blue-chips in Thailand. Keeping in mind, some un-rest or crisis in Thai could give us an opportunity to buy into some good stocks. Will start to do some homework on that ...

Focus : A new magz ... challenging The Edge. Since I do not have time much to read, I will buy Focus for few issues ... before deciding if I prefer Focus rather than The Edge. By the way, I like TM ... and not Astro.

HKSE : Still worth buying into ... seriously.

FKLI : Another way to profit when market expect to retrace during election period ... to short FKLI.

cohort-8 : I have about 16 of them with me for cohort-8, and I am done with them after 3 months!! Even that ... no one could trade by going through a basic trading course. It is not really logical. This batch will be remember for TM-trade as I was trading TM 'with' them .. when sharing in the class. How I cut-loss when I bought at RM6 and RM5.70 ... only to buy at RM5.50 ... and average-down at RM5.40 ... waited a month ... and sold for good profits at RM5.80 and RM5.85.

cohort-9 : So ... now, I could focus back to my KIV list in cohort-9, which some waited for 2-3 months now ... and some quit-ted even before started the class(waiting too long syndrome? hmmm ...) ... need to start do some 'advertising' on my new batch ... and wish to limit it to not more than 10 this time. Also, I have improved in many aspects!! Certainly more rooms to improve ...

I do wish I have time to relax and write a nice lengthy blog. I could not find the inspirations to write when I am always in a rush ... and with tonnes of things to be done, each day ... and more. I have not been updating the as much as I wish to. Hope I could manage to wake up 5am ...

It been a good day today ... to bring my aunties for nice dessert. That is how I 'relax' ... spend some time with my family, tho she nagged me about travelling Kesas-highway from Subang to SriPetaling, to-n-fro ... and the toll is Rm17.20 ... and it is so expensive treat ... blah ... used to it. haha

We will be amazed with what we are capable of ... if only we give ourselves a chance to try ... and with persistence ... determination ... perseverance ... motivation ... we could be amazing too.

have a nice week ahead.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

KL 112

I have been very busy for days, yesterday I was very busy ... I do have a parents-teachers meeting in the morning ... and having my last trading class with my cohort-8. So, I could not join the rally ... I want to be part of the crowd very much, I know it ... but I could not change my tight schedules to be ... THERE.

We had our rally in April last year ... 28th April 2012. It was the 'duduk bantah'. It was a great feeling, to be Malaysian ...

Stadium Merdeka

But there comes a time when one must take position that is neither safe, not politics, nor popular ... but one must take it because it is right.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay positive

I woke up 4.30am today ... too many things in mind ... to be done. Coping is not easy ... but I will try ...

Recently, two 'emotional' events happened ... the first one is an ex-student of mine passed away(due to cancer) and she is only 23-24? Yeah ... I felt so sad ... and I was down. Remembering many of her course-mates ... and I was teaching this batch, about 4-5 years ago ... it is nice to re-call some of them ... and my ex-school in Sabah. As human, we dislike 'death' ... we naturally feel sad if there are such events ...

Personal issue ... We brought our girl to hospital for check-up, and ... spent hours there. Due to learning dis-ability, I have to send my girl to 'special' school ... and applying for 'OKU' card. No parents want to send their kids to 'special' school ... tho in our heart, they are always special. Well, it takes some time for us to accept set-backs in our lives. We could only hope ... and pray.

I am still very busy ... and need to pause a while from writing here. I am still learning how to use my Change is always challenging ... coping could be stressful ... but lives go on ... for a better, for sure.


Maintaining the positive attitudes.

have a nice day.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Busy days and weeks ahead

Wednesday ...

schools : My son started standard one this year. How time flies ... was a young baby, and now an active boy. Going into a so-called Wawasan School, where Malay-Chinese-Indian ... three schools in a compound. I sent him to Chinese school, named after Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

college : starting this week too ... so, tuition starts too ... very busy. : Launched 1st Jan ... but too busy updating my closed page, so hope to find few hours on it, to update on info, contacts etc etc ... I was told that the traffic is good and I need to pay more to increase the bandwidth. This blogspot is free ... wonder if I need to transfer to ... but ok, maintain it for a year and see how. Hope to attract quality readers ... and some advertisers too.

cohort-8 : This Sat will be my 'last' session with them. Some will still continue to be active-tratles.

e-learning : Started last week too ... need to get more notes and updates up. The first session was OK, tho I do think I could do better.

cohort-9 : For those interested to join our tratles-group, please do contact me .... and we shall meet in person at 26th Jan(Saturday 2.30pm - 4pm). I will only start my first class after CNY(long holiday break here).

KLCI : Moving to 1700 from 1688 level soon ... anticipating that.

election : No one tellling when ... so, KLCI has been fed-up with the guessing-game.

off again.


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Plantation in reversal

It is Tues ... crazy days ... one thing after another to look into and 'settle'. Many things to update and monitor ... so, I m too busy to trade. Taken two trades on 'breakout' yesterday ... and wanted to share in my e-meeting with my e-tratles last night, but it is too lengthy. I was re-wind and repeating many of the criteria or conditions for trading. It is a MUST. We must cultivate good habits in trading ... in order to be 'in the game' and coming out with profits. After all, 80-90% of those out there losing money ... even in such bullish markets, right? Also, many of them 'stucked' in many lousy-stocks(losing money counters, waiting for somebody to goreng it up ... one fine day)

It is 8.40pm ... I have done all my queues to sell ... and I have to keep moving after this short post.

---post a chart ---

PPB : Reaching a selling point.

RSawit : Some of our tratles bought into her at 0.80-0.84 levels, I missed ... so, I waited for breakout or retracement.

Last night was interesting talk with my e-tratles as I analysed for them HOW we see KLCI index, relating it to Plantation index ... and using KLK as a leader stock, to show them the laggard such as RSawit ... and to trade her(before it flies ...).

So, sharing with others how I trade and zooming in on what stock to check ... to taking real trades, and going through the whole trades with others, sharing the trading-plans ... and reflecting on our trades. These are being shared. It is NOT easy to share with others what you are looking into, focus in our own trades, tho with a whoole group ... like checking on our trades. And ... to keep the discipline, not to bulge ... not to be distracted ... that is not easy. We are just human ...

Do listen to this simple basic clip :

Got to run again ... don't know if I will have a time to drop few lines later.

Note : KLCI is overbought ... and retracement is expected.


Monday, January 07, 2013

冷眼(cold eye) on NTV

I will maintain my focus on trading good stocks, managing my own trading system and continue to trade consistently well. I do believe I will reach a higher level this year.

I am glad that I have improved a lot. And, will continue to learn from those experienced ones, such as cold-eye.

Do listen to the clip. Without knowledge and experiences, profiting for market is up-hill challenge.


Saturday, January 05, 2013

1st Saturday of the year

This morning I will be free from tuition-classes but next week onward, Saturday will be back to be a crazy day. Hmm ...

I will be having breakfast with 4 of my tratles(seniors) for yam-char ... as it is very seldom I am free for breakfast!! Then, I will come back to update my Three pages to update : tratles-group, stock-watch page and e-learning.

Then ... i will be going for our first traders meeting of the year. Many interesting stocks to analyse and look into. Will also be discussing on change of strategies in our trading in coming months, ahead of the feared GE. It might be pushed to last minute ... in May or June, rather than the anticipated March. So, we need to re-adjust our trading time-frames.

HKSE stocks

I have been holding to three of my HKSE babes for 5-6 months now, and it is in profit positions now. Well, I will like to move more funds to HKSE rather than placing in KLSE. I have written in my blog months ago when I started to move funds to HKSE ... and buying more. The valuations there are much cheaper than many of our so-called blue chips(with many PER above 20). I thought as investors we should be buying when the index going to the lowest points(i have shown too that Shanghai index went below 2000 levels, the 2008 crashing levels ... ridiculous). I thought as investors we should be buying into blue-chips, trading at its lowest PER levels, with good dividends still in place and biz still doing well? That was what I thinking months back ... when I continue to buy into HKSE. Only few of my tratles showing interest back then ... is it too late to show them? Not really ... HKSE is just beginning its steam ... zrrommm

CNOOC ; Bought at HK14.50, at HK17+ now. Still her PER is single digit for such a giant. It is largest oil-counter around.

ZhaoJin : This is my 'gold' trade ... bought at HKD10 when gold prices was depressed some 6 months back, it went to HKD14 but I did not take profits ... at the moment it came down as gold retracing ... still at a good HKD12+ for 20% appreciation(paper gain is NOT a gain)

Qinfa : It is cold-winter in China ... so, normally it Sept ... I will look into coal companies and Qinfa has been my choice for 3 years now. It will rally to recover by DEC-JAN ... as winter is cold. With CNY is nearing, more demands will be there ... and most probably I will sell at HKD1.60 or after CNY. Cost around HKD0.90 ... at HKD1.30 now. PER was around 2-3 back then, at PER 6 now.

For the benefits of tratles group, I will share with them some ideas of buying into H-shares as the risk is HIGH. We could only share our ideas ... others need to make their own decisions. RISK appetite and TIME frame are two very important factor ...

Many things to be done ... but things getting more exciting this year ... and we must capitalise on such bull-rally .... not in KLSE yet(GE fear) but in other markets or instruments.

Do visit me at as my analysis will be there ...

Do add me in facebook, and 'like' my page.

e-mail me at :

Got to go.

happy weekend


Friday, January 04, 2013

KLCI at new high

KLCI at new high yet ... so, profit-taking for me today.

SPSetia : Sold at 3.14, to release my funds ... buying should be around RM3 ... change of some strategies ...

PPB : Place profit taking today too ... when posted for my stock-watch to buy at 11.40 levels. RM13 should be done.

Alam : Was given to stock-watch group at 70cents too ... good trade.

Time to short FKLI again?

Will write again ... if I could find a little time.


Thursday, January 03, 2013

KLCI to break higher

KLCI : Yesterday's drop is to neutralize the last-minute pushed up during the last trading day. That is expected ... so, even as KLCI downed 10points, many counters are bullish.

I have started to buy into mid-small caps as it will give us greater returns into this last leg-rally, with election-fear forgotten for a while .... as DOW up 300+ points and giving a very bullish sentiment. Well, the fiscal cliff fear becoming a past, a joke ... dramatized and over-played by media, as usual.

HSI is doing well too as all my 3-HKSE stocks are profitting well now ... so, I will be sharing with my tratles some information on HKSE, for those who wish to diversify some funds away from election feared-KLCI. That was what I done about 6 months ago, when China-index down below 2000 level. Ridiculously cheap valuation in HSI is ... mis-priced. Well, the high valuations in KLCI is mis-priced too, wondering why we are buying into stocks with PER above 20? There are so so many over-valued counters in our so-called blue-chips. So, I shall move away from big cap ... and looking into strong uptrending stocks ... and some laggards one too.

Please visit me at for updates and more to come.

e-learning : i will be starting my first post today for those in my e-tratles group. Please let me know if anyone wish to join ... well, it is learning at your own pace, at home.

e-mail :

add me :

Thanks and have a good trading day/month ahead.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Change your characters

This is a good one. I have tried to eliminate most of those UN-successful people's characteristics ... and certainly moving much more into the positive region.

Where are you? Still criticizing and blaming everything else?



Tuesday, January 01, 2013

8 traits for Success

1. PASSION :Do it for love ... so, I blog as I love blogging. I teach as I love teaching. I trade as I love trading.

2. WORK : Work hard, nothing comes easy ... and have fun.

3. FOCUS : To keep focus in things most important to us.

4. PUSH : Push ourselves to the limit ... beyond our own self-doubt.

5. IDEA : Be creative and take actions.

6. IMPROVE : Practice, practice and practice.

7. SERVE : Help others to do well.

8. PERSIST : Pick yourself up ... move forward.

Instead of complaining, do something worth your time. Instead of critising, help others to improve. Instead of judging others, try to understand others circumstances.

As ... if we want to be successful, we should not mix with those negative humans. Get out of their negative vibes. Make that a resolution to save your MIND for being poisoned.

THINK(brains needed).


Financial Intelligence II

Reduce your expenses ... increase your income. SAVE by paying ourselves first. Live as frugal as we could. Stop credit-card usage ... pay on time ... do not buy things we don't need.

Simple as that. Just do it, then. What is better to start doing the RIGHT things ... for ourselves, financially.


Financial Intelligence

10 Life Lessons by the Richest People

Rule 72

The 'Rule of 72' is a simplified way to determine how long an investment will take to double, given a fixed annual rate of interest. By dividing 72 by the annual rate of return, investors can get a rough estimate of how many years it will take for the initial investment to duplicate itself.

To me, stock-markets is just an instrument for me to make money works ... it is better than putting our money in banks. Only those without much of financial intelligence(FIQ) will put all their money in banks with little interests as inflation rate is higher than the bank interest rates.

To begin with, a TOTAL change of mindset is needed ... seriously, this is something very lacking in majority of average population.


The 80/20 Rule means that in anything a few (20 percent) are vital and many(80 percent) are trivial. In Pareto's case it meant 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the wealth. In Juran's initial work he identified 20 percent of the defects causing 80 percent of the problems. Project Managers know that 20 percent of the work (the first 10 percent and the last 10 percent) consume 80 percent of your time and resources. You can apply the 80/20 Rule to almost anything, from the science of management to the physical world.

Yes ... this is another very important understanding when it comes to many of our things we want to do. To me, understanding such principle means ... DO NOT be the majority, the herds ... as they are the 80%. How can we be successful duplicating our normal friends ... and do the normal things others will do? Similar in investing-trading ... 80% of them lost and still losing money in stock-markets, why would we want to be like them? What normal newbies in markets will do? JUST dont do that ... do the opposite, the minority ... be contrarian.


There are many books I have read ... to change my idiotic-financial mindset. It has been about 6-7 years now ... and I am glad I have picked up many good pointers from many good books. Personally, when I m able ... I will like to write a book, sharing with others how I m turning myself from a complete financial-idiots(many around me could justify to that facts) ... into the minority. Yes, guiding others and helping others while I am focusing in what I need to do ... in order to be 'financially' intelligent. Do read good financial books .... acquire as much knowledge ... and apply them!


We all need great motivation to do something ... consistently, persistently ... and with great passion. I do think it is much more important than all your knowledge in FA or TA ... or how to build a biz. I am motivated to 'education' ... for example. I love teaching ... seeing others improving in the subjects ... and simple appreciation could motivate me to do better, going further ... and I think it is very essential to be fully motivated in things we are doing!! Can PASSION be taught? Hmm ...

I bought this book recently. Tho I hv different financial-mindset, I still appreciate such books and still buying these books ... for pleasure reading. And at times, I will find good pointers ... and idea.

Do listen the clips below : Dennis Ng(R.I.P)

1. Earn more,  invest your money ...
2. Strong purposes in life ... knowing the directions.
3. Save money rather than have cars, gadgets ... be frugal.
4. Motivation to learn about financial intelligence and mindset.

1. Not the amount you earn, it is the amount you save(after minus our expenses).
2. If you are defensive, it will only be 0 - 0 ... as in football. You will be never win.
3. Must invest ... to have forward. Must diversify to reduce risk.

1. One can start small, longer time frame ... increase your capitals

If one do not have passion to blog ... what close to his heart but to blog because he/she could gain some 'site' income, I think they will not spend hours like me ... blogging for free.

Think. What is PASSION in sharing and teaching? Think of your own passion. Work on that. That is the simplest natural motivation ... we do not need to do things we do not like ... and drag our feet ... we need to be sincere ... to do things we want to do, not because we have to do!!

Got to go ...

have a nice year ahead ...


KLCI at 1688.95

11.25 pm : End of the year 2012 ...

counter(since 1.1.11) showing 632, 200 ... so it is roughly 316.1k page views per year for the past two year ... still less than 1k views per day. I used to have around 1.2-1.5k views per day in 2011 ... but ever since my blog featured in i3-portal, many readers or new readers read my blog form that page. Some of my tratles told me they read my writings thru different ways and no longer click for viewings but many placed under 'bookmark'.

Anyway, the numbers is not important, I do know I have many 'quality' readers ... and many joined our tratles group or stock-watch group. I will just want to maintain them ... and making sure everyone profit-well, and also learn 'not to lose money' in markets.

It is the last half hour of the year ... really ... KLCI reaching new high, last minute pushed up ... and 1688 is a good number(was code for ... and all are bullish now, going into new year.

Reflection on 2012

I have created few groups ... for my trading-sharing purposes. It was great year to know many profitted and many becoming my friends too.

My groups

Tratles : This is the most significant group I have created this year ... a group of traders-investors who came to my ah-pek basic trading class. I started cohort-5 in beginning of 2012 ... and a class will occupy me for 3-months. Yes, it is THAT long ... and to me, 3-months is too short to share about trading, especially if you are newbie. NO WAY you could learn trading in days. So, as the group grew larger ... and many appreciate my efforts of sharing, creating a trader-group ... a 'nest' for the tratles is needed ... with my own place and also ... now, a new website ...

e-tratles : An exploration into sharing about basic technical analysis online ... failed quite badly with cohort-1, so... extend to cohort-2 for 'free' and added few new e-tratles. Doing much better after I was able to post clips in youtube and shared with the group. Then, e-meeting was good ... the response was good too. Many of them continue with me for next year(another 20 minutes time) for another 6 months!! Incredible supports ... and thanks for being so patient with me, as I was struggling to make amend :)

stock-watch : I still remember how reluctant I was to start a group, to watch me trade. It is not a buy-sell call ... but merely for my readers to follow my trades. So, I started cautiously well in jan-feb ... but then market corrected ... down ... and becoming challenging. The loyal ones continue to support, some dropped out along the way. I do trade well in 2012 ... and many witnessed my trades throughout the year!! So, I will like to maintain my focus ... to trade well in 2013(GE in mind). Thanks again ... and with chatbox in place, we get 'closer' as we could chat live while trade(provided I am 'free' ... which most of the time, I got classes). Thanks anyway ... and for majority who still stay with me for next half-year, I sincerely feel thankful.


There are many significant events happened all around the world ... but I did not follow anything much. I was too focused in my own groups and things I have to handle. Well ... I m lost in the world as I do not ... know what is going on around me, not in college ... not in anywhere ... except stock-markets!!

Nest : Another milestone ... where I created a place for tratles to meet ... and we go yam-char whenever we could meet. This will be a place for me to grow my tratles-group ... and hatch some eggs there.

charity : Managed to collect a total of RM6k for Raya and Xmas charity. Still left about Rm1k with me, to be given away ... perhaps together with CNY-charity fund soon!

i3-portal : Well, I was featured in this respectable KLSE-portal. I do thank the admin as from there, few of tratles came to know me from ... i3. Yeah ... majority from i3 are new readers and may not know me well enough.

internet marketing : In beginning of year, I attended an internet-markting course which costed me Rm3k+ ... ouch. I did not apply anything much at all ... as I am still not a marketing person, just a 'cikgu' at heart.


I done that by myself ... first time using 'paint' ... and trying to be creative. Learning new skills? hehe

Resolutions for 2013

So, heard fireworks everywhere minutes ago ... what is in our mind? What are my resolutions? I am one person who do not believe in making resolutions in end of year ... I rather make resolutions in frequent basis ... checking what I have done not so right ... and placing myself back to track? Loooong journey to go in 2013 ... now is only first few minutes of the year!! haha

There are plenty of plans ...

Fitness : Physically, I want to be fit again ... so, find some time to do some exercise? Control on my 'bad' diets?

Emotional : To laugh more often ... build better human-relationships with good and kind people. To do good ... and stay humble, be kind always.

College : To teach better ... and be more organised. To joke more. haha.

Tuition : To increase the number of my classes... to teach better? Improve in my presentation skills? Have better rapport with students?

Trading : To trade consistently with my rules and set-ups and to guide the whole trading group becoming the minority ... the very few profitable trading group. That is the strongest focus at the moment. The tratles-group ...

Website : The start of my own website ... finally... So, in a way, it is like a private-placement ... and one day, will be fully taken private, rather than being public-listed now. Haha

Note : One need to add me in facebook :

It has been a year I am writing this post ... I have been very consistent in writing my own blog, for my own pleasure reading. No matter how I want to explain to others, they will never understand why I would be blogging ... as they are not a blogger. Many bloggers write to profit(internet marketing, advertiments ... etc) and I am still writing for my own personal pleasure.

So ... I will still blog here with more blah-blah stories(haha) and my stock-analysis will be in while others will be my closed pages, for me to maintain.

I have changed in 2012 ... I have changed tremendously in my financial mindset. I am no longer a loner ... hiding in my shell. I am no longer easily upset/sad when encountering bad-people or bad-events. I do think 2012 ... was a good year for me ... a learning year. 2013 ... I believe will be more challenging ... yet, exciting.

Time to zzzzz