Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is nice ... when you could get things off your mind for a while ... and enjoy the company of your own family, occasionally.

I have managed to transfer one group this morning, spent few hours doing that .... from CPTEH to TRATLES. It will takes me another day to transfer them to my site.

Next group to be transferred tonight will my my tratles and e-tratles group. That should occupy me for few days.

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e-learning : I will be starting the e-learning first THU of Jan ... so, in a week time. So, please register asap, and I will finalise the names by next week. So, for those interested to learn basic technical-analysis in the comfort at your own home, through online ... do contact me at

As it will be interactive, it will be 'live' teaching and sharing.

Public-talk : To share how I started in stock-markets ... and about my groups. Those who wish to know more could come for my 'free' online-live public talk, schedule to be this SATURDAY 10am morning!!

This 'Market Cycle' was printed by one of our young tratle to be posted in our meeting-room. Nice.

Merry Christmas ...


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