Saturday, December 08, 2012

Tratles : Profitting from markets

Saturday ... worked half-day in the morning as we have 'Open-Day' where students registering for courses. Now, I need to rest and mentally prepare for my module-3, a 3-hour talk about MACD and Stochastics for my cohort-8(in less than an hour?). I m kinda tired now as I had a long day ... and last night gathering, many of tratles came to discuss about 'future' plans ... where we are forming a traders group. It is to delegate stocks to many and share information. It is at initial stage now ... where we want only those logical and committed ones in the group(rather than sitting around waiting to know what stock to buy-sell). Yes, the whole group has been doing very well for a year now ... and with new tratles joining in, the group growing larger ... and we could have more brains to work together, with similar goals in market ... to profit.

The idea to double our capital in a year. Is it possible? We are talking about RM1k turning into RM2k. Well ... if the capital is only RM1k, it is OK ... to even lose all, right? But, assuming we are reaching 2^7 = RM128k, will you put all your money in a stock, hold for a year and hope it will double to RM256k?

To achieve RM1mil with RM1k, we need 2^10 = 1024. In other words, if one could double in a year the capital and assuming we re-invest the whole capital into markets, that will take us 10years. Heck, who do not want RM1m with RM1k(start-up capital) ... even in 10years? Is it workable and possible? THINK.

Well ... I am a very realistic person. Yet, I do think it is doable, it is possible ... it is all about getting the right stock(s) at the right time ... check the charts of strong uptrend ... were unknown or dormant. Stocks llike QL, Seg, KPJ and many more have doubled(or more, actually). So, we want to work together to have a chance to grab such stocks ... before they became 'hot stocks'. Check Oldtown or Padini, the two hot-stocks ... have they doubled?

It is easier said than done ... but it is still do-able. I am open-minded to accept ideas ... and together we could profit. Yes, the motive of making the group a 'no-lose money group' will checking to go into 'how to profit' ... as the group maturing. Those newbies will not understand how difficult it is to be in markets, the risk too ... and those old-timers will continue to punt/gamble on some 'Tiger-show', hope to get rich quick. I m optimistic ... yet realistic.

At the moment, I m glad that majority of them are nice and logical people in the group, hoping to work together ... many newbies/novices certainly learnt a lot from sharing in the group. Nothing come easy ... providing a platform for traders and investors to meet, and respect each other ... I am glad ... with the current 'growth' and I m glad that I have helped so many of them.

In return, I am glad they are supportive towards my charity drives!! I have RM1.5k donation now after less than a week of sharing with my group my intention to have x-mas donation drives. Thanks alot.

Ok ... it is almost 2pm ... time to get ready as some will be coming soon ...

Happy Weekend ahead.

p/s : The beats of this song was playing in my head while having lunch just now. Don't know why ... but I still like the song very much!!


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