Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Too busy ...

Many things on my plate ... hardly have the time to look into it ... it is year-end where new plans and moves ...

new site: Yes, it is under construction ... my blog will still be free ... after-all, it is a blah-blah empty blog(LOL) in which I will just write whatever I want ... perhaps just change the name ... into blah-blah adventure? I don't know ... or just leave it as it is. Being a blogger, I will still write ... even without a simgle reader, and I do not gain anything from any ads.

I will still write my stock analysis ... placing few stocks our groups are trading and making some remarks, in a view of sharing with others. So, basically ... nothing change much for this blog. But, in my new-site, it will be linked to our tratles closed-groups ... our trader's club I am forming and there will be a few different categories. I will also place a chat-box embed in the site so that all could communicate and share. The best part so far ... majority of nice logical humans in our group

Few e-mails coming in yesterday as some thought I will stop my blah-blah ... no, I hv blah-ed for years, it is part of my lives ... so, it will stay. It is matter what I blog about ... songs? politics? thoughts? finances? teaching? sports? grandma's stories? I dont know ...

Padini : Rebounds ... touched 1.69 low yesterday, closed 1.72 below 1.75 levels ... at 1.80 level now.

Johotin : Reached 1.65 resistance to sell again ... it will still be in-play.

time to run again ... arrghhh


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