Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

Year ending ... world might end. I have so many plans ahead for the year ... for 2013. Will we be seeing the 'light' ... and for coming Christmas?

It is tiring ... rushing here and there .... overseeing many things going on. It is physically tiring and mentally tiring too. Last night ... before sleep, I was emotionally drained too. So, at times ... we wonder what we are doing ... planning and such .... is it worth it? But, I know I need to continue to push forward, if I want to see improvements. So much rooms for improvements ... in my blogging, in my teaching of trading ... in my expansions of tratles-group and yes, on personal ground too. I need to improve in my communication skills, public speaking skills ... dealing with human and people. It is certainly not my strong points, but I have changed drastically ... trying to be a 'promoter' too. I know I done some mistakes, glaring blunders ... but at least, I have tried and changed for a better. More long path to go ...

KLCI : Gapped up yesterday ... time for reversal?

SKPetrol : Broken into new high yesterday ... I posted in my stock watch in the morning when it was at RM3 ... and grabbed SK-ca at 0.27. Many in my group bought into her at 0.265-0.27. As I was busy, I parked at 0.295 ... and went for classes. In the noon session ... it was done ... and I was told it went to 0.31 ... rushing into my platform, I grabbed at 0.32 and queued at 0.345. I thought it was done when I came back home, but somehow my queue was not sent? will need to sell today ...

Sent to my stock-watch in the morning

SKPetrol : Moving above RM3 again. Checking breakout of 3.04 level ... funds will be buying and pushing it higher. Cut-loss : 2.95 or below ...........................................................

Note : I went for sk-ca at 0.27, expiry 2 months. High risk if SK did not breakout.

#1 : Bought 0.27 and sold 0.33

#2 : Bought 0.265 and sold 0.34

#3 : Profitted RM1,600

#4 : Bought 0.27, sold 0.295 ... and 0.33, sold 0.345

#5 : Bought 0.265, sold 0.30 ... and 0.323 and sold 0.335

#6 : Bought mommy RM3.02

There are a few more but did not write on the page(too shy?) ... Normally, I do not ask anyone to tell me their trades. I will only tell others what I buy and sell, I do not ask anyone to buy-sell anything.

Well, we need to be patient to wait for opportunities ... we wait. Many of times, we missed. For example, PWRoot ... I missed the breakout. And I do not chase ...

DOW down 100points after two strong surges. We could see KLCI to re-trace ...

FKLI : I was have a brief talk for my stock-watch group as I will be sharing with them my trades in FKLI next year onwards. With election fear in place, those risk takers should learn how to trade FKLI ... as we could short the index. Well, this could be the last leg up ... prepare to liquidate our stocks. I will only want to learn FCPO ... long it will be good.

Those who wish to join my stock-watch group, please contact me :

Add me :!/cp.tratles

Saturday talk : Do join me 'live' as I will be giving a public talk online ... and the topic will be sharing on how I started my learning of trading in markets, hoping that many will be inspired to be good too.

Also, those who wish to join our tratles-group ... do make that commitment to learn. My cohort-9 is open for registration and class will start end of mid/end of Jan.

Those who are from 'out-station'(other states la), you may join my e-tratles group.

Dedicated to share and teach ...



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