Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Stock Watch : Esprit

It is 12.25 pm ... going into lunch hour.  KLCI up 4 points plus ...

This morning, I fogot to bring my specs ... or shall I say, I don't know where my specs is now. I have been four-eyed since last Dec. Yes, I have good eye-sights till recently ... after years of staring at the monitor for hours per day, blinking from red-green ... arrghh ... I need to get a new specs soon as I hv to zoom 150% to write this post!!

Nothing to trade ... busy with some renovations(year-end) and also new plannings.  Too busy to chat in my chat-box too ... so, what stocks should we be looking at going into Jan?

Plantation : The battered sector at the moment ... and worth to do some work. Need to check the recovery of CPO, which went below 2300 yesterday.

BAT and UMW : Countinue to be used to support KLCI as the 4-telcos lagging behind. Read that UMW going to list their O&G arms, is that true? That news is like .. emm ... years ago? I was very new in market back then.

Astro : Moving back to IPO soon, ever wonder why Astro dropped to 1.60+ levels and recovering strongly to 2.97 today? Ok ok ... they might place Astro into index-link. Ok ok ... they won the EPL rights(vs TM) ... or perhaps the good reports coming out soon. But, why such a huge drop from IPO ... giving many investors a 'fear' feeling ... shaking investors confidence? I have given Astro at around 2.70 to my stock-watch group and asked them to sell when nearing RM3.

Johotin : Resistance was at 1.65 and I asked those in my stock-watch group to sell. Gapped up ... too fast and strong, contra players need to take profits.

SPSetia : Still in depressed mode ... luck for few in my group who managed to sell at 3.17-3.20 days ago. At 3.08 today ... buying at 2.95? Catching a knife? ouch.

I am avoiding penny stocks, call-warrants or even small-mid caps counters. The risk is there .. so, it will be better to sideline, watch for recovery ...

Jaks : At 0.325 today, new low.

Sendai : At 1.29, new low too ... another under-perfoming IPO?

LionInd : Recovering from 0.90 ... need to watch.

Recently, a senior tratle is suggesting to form a group of commited ones, to work together to search for 'gems' and also coming out with plans(long term) on how we could double our capitals. It will be interesting to listen what he has in his mind ... and we are calling for a meeting for tratles who are interested. I m always open-minded to learn ... listen and analyse.

Esprit : At 11.88 today ... nice number, up 3% plus and HSI up almost 300 points. FYI, Esprit came crashing down from peak HK120+ levels ... and could never recover that.

Last Sunday, I attended a tratle's weeding(JT of cohort-2). A table for us tratles, should be 10 of us ... but 2 absent. One of the interesting topic we talked about is SALARY ... as we are from different industries ... well, I always thought 'lecturers' (newly grad) as the most under-paid category (range around RM2k only ... adding around RM100 for each year experience in teaching ... so, guess my salary as I hv been in teaching line for 23 yrs now). An engineer told me ... the new engineers don't earn much either. Unless they have been in the line for 5 yrs or more ... then, there will be great jump in their salary. I do know my cousin bro, as engineer, getting almost double mine!!

Salary always seen as a sensitive issue(I dont know WHY) ... so, i hope I could make a comparison ... to see if it is true to say 'lecturers' salary scale is one of the lowest in private sector!!'.

off ... and will think of how to increase our salary?


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