Sunday, December 09, 2012

Selected 2011-2012 IPOs

Armada : IPO(RM3.15) --- at RM3.80 level now, it is still way above the IPO's value. The high was at RM4.50, and if not mistaken this is another over-valued AK's counter ... with PE x20 when it was listed. So, we need to wait for it to go below RM3.15, giving 20% discount to that is roughly 63cents. So, buying around RM 2.50 or below?

Astro : IPO(RM3)

CSL : IPO (RM0.95)

FGV : IPO (RM4.55)

GasM : IPO (RM2.20)





OldTown : IPO (RM 1.25)

PavReit : IPO (RM0.88)

Presbhd : IPO (RM90)

Sendai : IPO (RM1.70), currently at RM1.33, down by more than 20%. The peak was at RM1.82. The two highlighted was given in Jan-Feb stock watch, to buy at RM1.55 and sell nearing IPO RM1.70. That was one of many good trades. I am still watching Sendai but won't touch it at current level.

SKPetro : IPO (RM2.00)

Smartag : IPO (RM 0.31)

Sunway : IPO (RM2.80)

UOADev : IPO (RM2.90)

hope to continue : re-visit

IPO = its probably over-valued.

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