Thursday, December 06, 2012

My new pages

I am wearing green today ... expecting KLCI to break 1612 ... and reversal seen now. KLCI closed at 1616.89 for lunch ...

It is kinda hectic schedules for me ... rushing from a place to another, overseeing one thing after another. And I m being handicapped by no-specs for second day. I can only see red-green in my screens ... and unclear numbers/ticks. Need to address this asap ... arrgg ...

I got few nice wordings in my facebook today. Very timely and such good reminders.

Now to clarify further a few e-mail from few readers about my new site(it will be tratles-page) ... it is created for tratles. There will be few difference pages there :-

1. The homepage and main-page will only about few stock-analysis or anything about markets, financial etc etc ... and I will submit to i3-admin to change this site with my new site-address. Yes, it will be free ... as it is mainly about what stocks our group traded and for newbies/novices to learn, share and such. You do not need to agree or disagree. It is just what I am checking, but related to markets.

2. This blog will still be there ... as I am a blogger, I still blah-blah ... if one does not like, one could always turn away(don't be dumb, ok? ... don't like, move away la). So, basically ... this blog will write about MY trading adventures, my trading classes, my tratles, my charity drive, my biz-venturing,my financial situations, my blah-blah-blah. It is MY blog, not others to be pleased. Go to #1 for stock-related analysis but I still do not owe anyone anything, right? Of coz this is 'free' as it is my dairy ... I do have many 'ardent' fans who followed my blog for years? Thanks.

3. Tratles page, with weekly analysis and from our monthly meetings, reading materials, sharing of articles, trading ideas, discussions on stock-analysis(FA, TA and NA) ... anything related to our closed group will be maintained here ... and it is closed, ONLY for active-tratles. Those tratles who 'graduated' but no longer joining for meetings and such will not be here. A chat-box for tratles to chat 'live' and trade together. It is very effective and good for learning. Only those active ones ...

4. Another stock-analysis page for 'public' ... besides my tratles, this will be closed-page too ... just checking on my trades and to learn too. Many are here now, tho they do not trade those stocks ... they participate by learning and sharing. Yes, making trading not a loner activity. A chat-box will be created in this forum too. Once I have traded some of the stocks, I will post it in page #1, for discussion and sharing purposes.

5. As I will be continuing with my e-learning, to cater to those out of klang valley readers and those interested to join tratles group ... they will be called e-tratles. The course material will be similar to the one in my tratles but this is thru online ... of coz, coming in person will be more effective, but I m improving well ... and I do have many from all over ... including some in Spore, UK, AUZ ... they are Malaysians staying there. This is a closed group too.

So, I hope I have clarify a little some of e-mails asking to join my forum/group which I do not know what they meant?

For more info : e-mail :

Got to run again.


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