Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

It is end of year ... holiday mood ... as I m getting busier, preparing for 2013. I will take 3 days off for Christmas, to bring my family to 'somewhere' ... and back on 25th to be with my whole family. We will have Christmas at my yoga-bro place. One day, I will get house too and will invite my whole family ... at current moment, our place is too 'small'. It is a nice feeling ...

Public Talk : About 20 of them attended my 2-hour public talk. Well, I talked about how I started from ground zero ... and 'my stories' ... my first public-talk ... and many to come, so that I could improve myself. I do appreciate their attendance, so I will keep them in my list ... for being my first batch of 'audience'. I will certainly improve in near future ... and will like to have more of such talks, to inspire those young ones, inexperience traders to ... becoming good in trading. Do learn simple common-logic and understand how market works.

If I am around, I will plan for another public talk next Saturday 29th. Will post it here.

Merry Christmas!!

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水也 said...

Merry christmas to you as well!

Mr Lonely said...

Merry Christmas