Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Learning is a long journey

It is called a Boxing-Day ... when I was young, I really thought it is a day where boxers will take the rings and ... boxing!!

Our views changed ... when we got to understand terms used better, when we grow ... and maturing. Our perception changed too ... if one is new to trading markets, we really thought we just need to buy and hope the stocks to go higher for us to sell for profits. We were naive ... when we are newbies.

I was a newbie about 5-years ago ... a total newbie, without any knowledge about fundamentals or technical ... don't even know that stocks are controlled, manipulated ... and couldn't understand anything at all. Today, we need to equip ourselves with FA + TA ... also reading some news, announcements, broker reports ... anything about media 'sparingly'.

How time flies ... it was 5-years ago. A consistent learning on how markets work, and the differences between many instruments ... sectors, markets ... and many more. In 5-years, I do see myself learning well, but I think ... few very important MUST HAVE characters in markets are :-

1. LOGIC BRAIN --- learning take time and not random.
2. PERSISTENCE --- never quit attitude with view of improving and progress on.

These two very important ingredients are needed ... to maintain sane and sound, while newbies going into markets ... and without logical brain, they will buy into those too-good-to-be-true software, trading courses, Genneva ... those stones turn into gold stories. They are greed-driven ... and have a thought that market is a place to 'get-rich', take a gamble ... and wait. Well, a reminder ... 80% of them losing money. It is not 50-50, it is 20-80 ... and with the odds stag against us, we would not win/profit from random trade. Our 'luck' will runs out ... somehow, one day.

Got to go ... went to Cameron, came back yesterday ... off to PD for beaches now.

Will continue when I m home tonight?

Happy Holiday ...


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