Wednesday, December 19, 2012

KLCI rushing for new high

DOW up yet another 115 points, to close at 13350 ... and heading for the high at 14k level. HSI is still far from 30k level ... while KLCI is also reaching for new high soon ... will we be breaking 1680 by next week?

Axiata : This is the best performing telco ... even with two bearish candle-stick, it gapped up yesterday to test the new high level. With RSI at 72, we will check if it could break new high today as bullish sentiments in-tact. A breakout in a making ... watch.

One of my first finance website I visited in daily basis was yahoo-finance.

Shanghai Index : Breached 2000 level, and we are in a recovery mode. My HKSE's stocks are doing well as hot-money flowing into HKSE ...

Well, the above chart was used in my initial stage in markets. I do without MACD, only with RSI ... and MA lines. Learning is such a long process ... making it simple, breaking into smaller pieces ... and progress on. I do think discipline and being persistent is very important too. At times, we might be distracted ... de-motivated ... too busy ... so, that is more we need to have a learning-goal, plan for months or years to come ... and knowing what we want to learn. Being logical is one of the most important ingredient I will place ... for learning to trade. What I mean is ... we need to phase out our learning curves ... then, step by step ... we increase our knowledge ...

I will be giving a talk about how I started ... this Saturday. One may add me ...!/cp.tratles

12.40 pm : KLCI gapped up today, but back down .. still 2points plus in green. Axiata down 2% as expected due to overbought and hitting new high resistance. Well ... KLCI pulled by SIME ... and Petgas/PetDag. Some funds buying hugely into SIME today ... KLK recovering too, so ... is plantation about to move?

PPB : Reaching lower ... to 11.20 levels now. The last time I checked her, it was at RM12 ... then rebounded strongly to RM14 ... and retracing lower ... now. Worth watching for rebound again.

page-view : Reached 1.2mil so far ... with many clicks from my own. Haha. This blog is numbered, as I will be moving to in coming weeks, hoping I could get that done and readied by end of DEC.

Got to go ... happy trading.


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