Saturday, December 15, 2012

KLCI overbought, to retrace

It is Sat ... it is college-holiday. I just came back from Mydin for marketing. Food and some basic house-hold items, some toys ... costing me about RM200. I do go marketing at Mydin as it is one of the cheapest whole-saler mart and it is near the place I m staying.

I slept quite late last night as we have short meeting and then we for teh-tarik with two of my senior tratles, listening to some of their comments. One of it is to ignore i3-noises and do what I am doing as I am doing good, focus in what I have in hands, be tactful when dealing with humans ... those majority of tratles respect and apprciated my efforts of helping others, not all who smile to you are your 'supporters'. Some have ulterior motives and .... we have to accept it. Just need to ignore that and move forward positively. Continue to lead the group ... with the new site, be in control and organise. Continue to improve in your teaching of trading, the spread of words is the best advertisement. We may do some mistakes along the way, offend others un-intentionally ... accept that and continue to improve. hmmm .... I am so glad have such good senior tratles(I have 3 whom I appreciate their advices) to point out my weaknesses, improve myself and diverting my focus back into what I need to do.

THANKS, guys.

i3-forum : Someone nice told me that many in i3 still are supporters of mine, and only few of them trying to 'tarnish' my name or intention. Well, I have left i3 for 2-3 weeks now, so I do not know what bad-words being spread and prefer to focus in 'serving' my group. Hence, I will not bother about the noises and take my senior friends advices. If we are clean and clear, we do not need to justify ourselves. There will always be people who won't agree with anything, with anybody. Let it be ... thanks for inviting me back to i3-forum but ... no thanks. I prefer nice people. i3-readers are less than a year reading postings, barely know who I am and what my real intention. So, ignored.

facebook/blog : Those who wish to join my trading-group(free page) could add me in facebook and look for "CP Trading Group". To search for my nick, one may use my e-mail and just ask permission to be added in the group. I do at times drop few lines there ... but my tratles closed group will still be my priority. My new blog will be my main blog and this blog will be more personal blah-blah ... seleceted chart analysis will be posted in main page of while all other things will be 'privitised' .. only for my tratles.

KLCI : At resistance 1652, two bearish candle-sticks seen. Reversal in the making, perhaps for short term profit taking. So, I took a short-position in FKLI. We shall see ...

will continue as I need to go ... we have a meeting for the second batch today.


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